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Madonna tops finalists for Billboard Touring Awards


Madonna leads the field for the 2006 Billboard Touring Awards with mentions in four categories, including top tour and top draw, respectively award th the top-grossing and top ticket-selling tour. The awards will be handed out Nov. 9 at New York’s Roosevelt Hotel, capping the third annual Billboard Touring Conference.
The awards are based on actual box-office achievement based on data reported to Billboard Boxscore, as opposed to a popular vote. The period covered by the awards is December of 2005 through September of this year.
Madonna’s run at London’s Wembley Arena makes her a finalist in the hotly contested top boxscore category, which goes to the top-grossing single engagement. Also a finalist in that category are Luis Miguel at Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City and Billy Joel’s record-setting stand at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

Bon Jovi, Have A Nice Day
Madonna, Confessions
The Rolling Stones, A Bigger Bang

Bon Jovi
The Rolling Stones

Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden, New York
Madonna at Wembley Arena, London
Luis Miguel at Auditorio Nacional, Mexico City

Angela Becker and Guy Oseary (Madonna)
Front Line Management
RPM Management/Borman Entertainment

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Madge gets into the groove


Loving mum Madonna dances for joy with locals in Malawi after adopting African tot Davie Banda. The megastar’s delight is plain for all to see and even seems to spread to the crowds flocking around her. For Davie, the future suddenly seems full of hope.
Whereas now his home is a fly-infested thatched mud hut in one of Africa’s poorest nations, he will soon be whisked away to the opulent world of his adoptive mum.
And in one luxury flight, the 13-month-old will exchange life in one of the Third World’s most disease-ridden and hunger-ravaged countries for a mansion in London’s plush Marble Arch.
Madonna, worth £248million, chose Davie from a clutch of smiling youngsters at the church-run Home For Hope orphanage.
Davie’s new mum, fresh from her raunchy Confessions tour, is one of the world’s most outrageous stage performers, while his adoptive dad Guy Ritchie also in Africa for the visit is a Hollywood director.
His new family will include a brother and sister with trendy celebrity names Lourdes, nine, and six-year-old Rocco.
Home for baby Davie will be Madonna’s luxurious six-storey townhouse near Marble Arch, worth £5.7million.
The pop star gave the house a £1million overhaul after she bought it in 2001. She also snapped up the two mews houses next door.
Weekends may well be spent at the singer’s £9million country estate, Ashcombe House in Wiltshire.
He will also have the run of her £8million mansion in Beverly Hills.
It’s all a world away from Lipunga a collection of 30 mud huts on a dust-blown Malawian plain where little Davie’s father Yohane still lives.
Everyone in the village in this desperate land lives hand to mouth.
He was given a home there when his mum, Marita, died of fever a week after his birth.
Now he is set to trade a nation where many struggle for their next meal for a childhood of pop tours and dodging paparazzi. Visit The Sun to read the full article.

Madonna in MalawiMadonna in MalawiMadonna in Malawi

Madonna’s little ray of light


The desperately poor father of the African tot being adopted by Madonna last night declared he was “so happy”? the child was being whisked into a world of wealth.
Yohane Banda, 32, earns just a few pounds a month growing potatoes and onions in a mud hut village in Malawi.
But now his 13-month-old son David, also known as Davie, will grow up in luxurious splendour with the pop superstar who has a fortune estimated at £248 million.
Yohane, whose 28-year-old wife Marita died of complications a week after giving birth to the boy, said: “I’m very happy. As you can see there is poverty in my village.”?
The dad has not met Madonna, who chose Davie during visits to the orphanage where Yohane sent him.
But he was told his son who he could not afford to bring up was being adopted by a “famous US musician”?.
He said: “I know he will be very happy in America. We are told David will be coming back regularly to know his roots.”? Visit The Sun to read the full article.

Madonna's little ray of lightMadonna's little ray of light

source : the sun

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates

Rui Paes'”Lotsa De Casha” exhibition


On the 16th of October 2006, an exhibition of the original illustrations by Rui Paes that were used in Madonna’s “Lotsa De Casha” book will open at the Teatro Nacional de SALo Carlos, PraA newsletter


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Rumour : Madonna adopts Malawian boy, his father says


Madonna has adopted a 1-year-old Malawian boy whose mother died a month after childbirth, according to the baby’s father who said Tuesday he was happy his son was escaping poverty.
“I am the father of David, who has been adopted,” Yohame Banda, 32, told The Associated Press on Tuesday. “I am very, very happy because as you can see there is poverty in this village and I know he will be very well looked after in America.”
He said his wife, Marita, died a month after the baby’s birth from childbirth complications and the child had been cared for at the Home of Hope Orphan Care Center in Mchinji, a village near the Zambian border.
Banda said his son left the orphanage on Monday and was taken to the capital, Lilongwe, where Madonna and her entourage were staying in an upscale ranch.
Malawian government officials said last week the pop star planned to adopt a Malawian boy while she is in the impoverished African nation visiting projects she funds for AIDS orphans. However, they declined to comment on Banda’s claim that his son David had been adopted by the singer.
Madonna has made no public comment since her arrival. Her publicist, Liz Rosenberg, said in a statement last week that the star was on a private visit working on projects for children, and dismissed statements from Malawian government officials that she and her husband, film director Guy Ritchie, planned to adopt a boy.
Madonna has visited the orphanage at least once during her visit. Its director, Rev. Thompson John Chipeta, has refused to speak to the media.
Madonna arrived in Malawi October 4 to visit her Raising Malawi project, which is setting up an orphan care center to provide food, education and shelter for up to 4,000 children. It will have projects based on Kabbalah, Judaism’s mystical sect, which counts the 48-year-old singer among its devotees.
Madonna and Ritchie have a son, Rocco, 5, and the singer also has a daughter, Lourdes, 9.
Banda, a farm worker who lives in Lipunga, a village about 50 miles from the orphanage, said he had been told that David would make regular visits to Malawi.
“He will know his roots,” Banda said.
The child’s grandmother, Asinei Mwale, said she learned about the adoption from Chipeta.
“The director of the orphanage came here yesterday and told us that David has been adopted by a famous American singer,” Mwale said. “I am very glad for him because having grown up as an orphan myself, I know how tough life can be.”
Malawi is among the poorest countries in the world, with rampant disease and hunger, aggravated by periodic droughts and crop failure. About 14 percent of its 12 million people are infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, and an estimated 1 million children have been orphaned. In many villages, grandparents or older siblings struggle to feed orphans.
International adoptions questioned
In an open letter to Madonna released Tuesday, the private Malawian child advocacy group Eye of the Child welcomed her concern for Malawian children, but questioned whether foreign adoptions were in the best interests of children.
Jackie Schoeman, executive director Cotlands, a South African organization that cares for children affected by HIV, said the first choice for orphans should be a place in a local family.
In Africa, orphans usually are take in by their extended families, but AIDS has affected many of the people who might have traditionally provided support.
“If the only other option is for them to be in a long-term institutional then we would consider international adoption,” Schoeman said.
source : cnn/ap

Gossip : Madonna’s baby Luca could be home in a week


Pop Queen Madonna is adopting an African baby boy called Luca, The People can reveal.
And the multi-millionaire mum of two could even bring the year-old orphan back to Britain this week.
Madonna, 48, has repeatedly denied plans to adopt during a visit to poverty-ridden Malawi.
But sources say her hubby Guy Ritchie has made up to four secret trips to the southern African country in the past six months to smooth the way.
And the singer has already had emotional meetings with Luca on Wednesday and yesterday.
She is expected to visit him again today – Mother’s Day in Malawi.
The couple have also hired a top lawyer in Malawi’s capital Lilongwe in a bid to speed up the adoption process.
Government officials revealed they were instructed to draw up a list of 12 boys for Madonna.
And she picked out cute little Luca when she met them for the first time last Wednesday at the Mchinji Mission Orphanage.
She and film director Guy, 38, were mobbed by smiling youngsters as they toured the centre, which is home to 100 babies and 300 older children.
Dressed in white linen trousers, a white shirt and a safari hat, Madonna looked relaxed and happy as she lovingly cuddled a dozen babies before choosing Luca.
An onlooker said: “The visit was kept firmly under wraps and no one knew she was going.”
Yesterday, Madonna and Guy returned to the orphanage – which the couple are supporting with a lucrative donation.
The megastar waved and smiled as the children sang her songs and applauded.
An onlooker said: “It was amazing – she’s bringing such happiness to these sad children.
“You could tell by their faces how delighted they were.
“She may be adopting just one child but she is helping the whole orphanage and they are all very grateful for that.
“The money she is giving will make a huge difference to them.”
Hundreds of cheering locals lined the route as the entourage left later.
Madonna – who already has a daughter Lourdes, nine, and son Rocco, six – hopes to fast-track the adoption plan so she can take Luca with her when she leaves Malawi on Friday.
She and Guy have instructed top Malawian lawyer Alan Chinula to take on the case.
Mr Chinula confirmed: “I am due to meet with a representative of Madonna concerning the adoption soon.”
But the Material Girl faces a tricky legal battle to collect Luca in the next few days.
Adoptions in Malawi usually take at least six weeks and she may have to get a magistrates’ court to approve the move.
There could also be problems getting the tot a passport. A local source said: “At the moment the immigration office has run out of stationery and is unable to produce any official documents.
“And the couple may have to become foster parents for 18 to 24 months before they can finalise the adoption – although that would enable them to take him home immediately.”
The source added: “To get it all sorted in one week is pretty unlikely.
“But anything can be done if you have enough money and know the right people.
“It is all about finding the right lawyer and the right social welfare officer.
“It is possible to cut corners if you go about it the right way.”
Madonna had hoped the best way to cut corners was through Acting Head of State, Chimuntha Banda – who can rubberstamp adoptions – and she ordered aides to fix up a summit with him on Friday. Speaking before the meeting was due, Mr Banda said he was baffled by Madonna’s refusal to confirm her plans.
And he revealed she had refused his plea to hold a press conference about them.
He said: “I can’t understand why it is so under wraps.
“This ‘s a good opportunity for her to express herself and to promote understanding for the problems we are facing here.”
He added: “Adoption is definitely on the agenda and when we meet we will be discussing it.”
But Madonna later infuriated Mr Banda by trying to reschedule her meeting with him – and later postponing it for several days.
Meanwhile, the singer has given almost £2million towards building another orphanage in the country for up to 4,000 children as part of her Raising Malawi charity project.
As The People revealed last month, Madonna and Guy decided to adopt an African baby in a bid to save their troubled marriage.
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Madonna visits 3rd Malawi orphanage


Madonna visited another orphanage in Malawi on Saturday amid persistent rumors that she plans to adopt a boy who lost his parents to AIDS. a