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Madonna Adds New Wembley Dates


Two further Wembley Arena shows have been added to Madonna’s Confessions tour after the first dates sold out in under an hour this morning.
The tickets went on sale at 9am, and the performances scheduled for August 1 and 3 were snapped up in around 50 minutes. Not bad going when you consider that Wembley Arena can pack in 10,000 fans for each night and prices range from £80 to a whopping £160 for a ticket. Three further dates were then announced for August 9, 10 and 12.
Madge will also head to Cardiff for a single date at the 60,000-capacity Millennium Stadium on July 30, but tickets will not go on sale until April 21.
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To sing, Madonna needs lots of notes


Madonna fans who’ll shell out up to $384.50 a pop for her June shows at Madison Square Garden can at least take solace that the do-re-mi is going to a good cause: Madge’s creature comforts on the road.
The tireless terpsichorean, who rehearsal spywitnesses say at 47 is in better shape than ever, will perform crowd-pleasing classics like “Ray of Light” and “Like a Virgin,” and hits from her 1.4 million-selling “Confessions on a Dance Floor.” And she’ll puddle-jump between 21 cities from L.A. to Amsterdam, in a private jet, natch.
Kids Lourdes, 9, and Rocco, 5, will be running around the world’s finest hotels like Eloise at the Plaza, since the diva has insisted they and hubby Guy Ritchie and nannies need an entire floor wherever they go.
Every one of her dancers and band members down to the last maraca player will wear couture by Stella McCartney and Jean Paul Gaultier, with numerous costume changes. And she’ll need those oxygen facials every day, along with a team of skin specialists in tow, our sources say.
The profits will also go to prophets: The Artist Occasionally Known as Esther has demanded 40 free tickets for rabbis and fellow kabbala-following pals at each venue, with 50 more for celebrity schnorrers, er, friends, like Gwyneth Paltrow and Lindsay Lohan. She also wants 15 cases of Kabbalah water for every show, sources say.
But all this is just a drop in the bucket from what her shows are projected to earn. Her 2004 “Re-Invention” tour – the concert tour of the year – raked in $125 million.
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Madonna Tour Store now online


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Madonna Tour Store

Madonna on Billboard – Updates


Hot 200 Albums :
73 (75) Madonna – Confessions On A Dancefloor

Billboard Comprehensive Albums :
75 (76) Madonna – Confessions On A Dancefloor

Hot 100 Singles :
91 (82) Madonna – Sorry

Hot 100 Singles Sales :
05 (03) Madonna – Sorry
15 (14) Madonna – Hung Up

Pop 100 :
70 (66) Madonna – Sorry
75 (72) Madonna – Hung Up

Hot Dance Music/Club Play :
10 (06) Madonna – Sorry

Dance Radio Airplay :
03 (03) Madonna – Sorry

Hot Dance Singles Sales :
02 (02) Madonna – Sorry
04 (04) Madonna – Hung Up

European Top 100 Albums :
08 (09) – Madonna – Confessions on A Dance Floor

European Hot 100 Singles :
10 (03) – Madonna – Sorry
42 (27) – Madonna – Hung Up

Madonna to rough it in California desert


Madonna’s not in the habit of performing at rock festivals. In fact, the Material Girl’s never played any festivals. So it’s understandable that the pop diva’s recent addition to the April 29-30 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in southern California might’ve caused a double take or two.
“I did get a few calls (asking) ‘Are you sure it’s the Madonna?” Paul Tollett, co-founder of Los Angeles-based promoter Goldenvoice, says with a laugh. Not that the Indio, Calif., festival – about 130 miles east of Los Angeles – hasn’t had its share of name-brand acts. Recent years have seen such mainstream bands as Coldplay and the Red Hot Chili Peppers emerge as headliners. This year’s main acts include Tool, Depeche Mode, Franz Ferdinand and Daft Punk. But the inclusion of a top-40 staple like Madonna has set tongues wagging in the indie music world – a fact that page after page of debate on the festival’s Internet message board will attest to.
It’s all a far cry from 1999. That’s the year Tollett and his late partner Rick van Santen raised the curtain on Coachella – and almost brought it down just as quickly. The inaugural festival sold just 38,000 tickets that October and was, as Tollett flatly states, a money loser. “It almost put us out of business,” he recalls. “But we just toughed it out. The next year drew something like 48,000. So we could see that it was growing.”
It was a gamble Tollett and van Santen, who died in December 2003, had been eyeing since 1993 when they promoted a Pearl Jam concert in Indio (current pop. 59,000). Maybe it was the view from the sprawling Empire Polo Field, with its mountain-range backdrop, but as Tollett puts it: “That place was aching for a big festival.”
Now in its seventh year, Coachella saw some 100,000 visitors come through the turnstiles last year. Single-day tickets for the event — which features continuous music across five stages – go for $85, but Tollett estimates that 85% of the tickets sold are of the two-day, $165 variety. Two-day passes mean overnight stays, of course. And with that comes the inevitable problem of accommodations.
With every available hotel room and house for rent booked well in advance, about 10,000 of this year’s attendees will be spending $35 each to camp at a Goldenvoice-operated site adjacent to the festival. It’s a fact that Tollett says is born more of pragmatism than anything else. “We wish there were twice as many hotel rooms,” Tollett says. “Whereas you’ve got festivals like Bonnaroo (outside Nashville) that are more of a full camping experience, (Coachella) is more like . . . there’s no place to stay, so you camp.”
And what kind of music fan will you likely find occupying those tents?
While the age of the average attendee varies, Coachella appeals to “more of a twentysomething crowd,” says Billboard staff writer Todd Martens, a four-year veteran of the festival. “Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo draw more of a hippie crowd. I think Coachella tries to tap into the more musically adventurous.”
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Peter Rauhofer on Madonna


There’s so much afoot in Madonnalandthe release of the limited edition vinyl version of her Confessions On A Dancefloor smash, her April 30 DJ gig at the West Coast alt rock nirvana Coachella, and her “Confessions Tour”? beginning May 21 (with dates at the Garden set for June 28-29)that even though we’d initially dismissed her latest record as more “Grandma’s got up into the eggnog again”? shenanigans designed to sell Motorola cell phones, we thought it might be worth a second listen.
Of her upcoming DJ gig, Madonna says, “I’ve never performed at a festival, and I’m especially excited about playing at Coachella before I start my own tour.”? That’s funny; I seem to recall her at both Live Aids, but whatever. We decided to check in with our own local legend, DJ Peter Rauhofer, fresh off opening last month’s Black Party, to get the skinny on what it’s like to work with a legend.
Rauhofer, who cultivates a reputation as a bit of a diva himself, immediately sets the record straight: “I never work off instructions.”?
“Sometimes people call me and say, “~Wow you remixed Madonna; can you remix my track to sound like what you did with Madonna?’ I only remix stuff I really like and I have an idea for, but I don’t want to copy something for somebody,”? the Grammy-winning mixologist says of his coveted tracks. “They don’t need me for that. They can hire someone else that is copying me.”?
The Austrian native (who now resides in SoHo) also wants to clear up another misconception about DJs who drop more names than tracks. “Believe me, anyone that tells you that the artist calls them, it’s not true at all,”? Rauhofer says. “The artists are not at all involved in that, they have other things to care about. And these days, five different DJs are remixing a cut. Do you think the artist calls up everybody? No way. Really, it’s not a fact. People who say that only say it because they want to feel important.”?
Surely those rules don’t apply to Rauhofer, I mean, look at that picture!
“You maybe meet Madonna or Cher at a concert or a party,”? Rauhofer admits. “You get introduced to them by the record label people, but otherwise the artist never calls you.”?
Someone called Rauhofer on the eve of Dancefloor’s release as Madonna made an appearance at Rauhofer’s now-defunct Roxy Saturday night performing her first single “Hung Up,”? but their relationship goes back much further than this current release.
“The first thing I did for her was “~Nothing Really Matters,'”? Rauhofer explains of the pair’s first remix collaboration. “The funny thing is I did five different mixes because it was my first Madonna mix. I thought, I don’t want to give her one remix. What if she doesn’t like it? Then I’m not getting any remix on the package. So I did five different remixes and said she should choose what she likes. I confused them so much that they released all five remixes because they didn’t know which one was the best. Some mixes were similar, but they were not meant to be. They were supposed to choose, but they just went ahead and released everything, which was funny because on one record I had five different remixes.”?
Given both artists’ reputations for “temperament,”? what happens when Madonna wants a track remixed that Rauhofer isn’t crazy about?
“When you get Madonna, you have to live with it,”? Rauhofer confesses. “You can’t say, “~I don’t like this.’ They’ll think you’re crazy. They believe in it, they release it as the first single, and then the stupid remixer comes along and says, “~I don’t like it, give me another one.’ You can’t do this, you know, it’s Madonna! But the album is great. A lot of people bitch about the new album, but I think it’s excellent. It’s a long-lasting album. All the tracks are very radio friendly. I think the more you listen to it, the more you discover it and the more you like it.”?
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We want Madonna


Madonna fans have been urged to petition the singer to include Australia on her upcoming Confessions world tour.
The pop superstar yesterday launched the US and European legs of her world tour with “additional dates forthcoming”, prompting eager fans to deluge her fan forum with pleas to tour here later this year.
“We are doing everything in our power to encourage Madonna to include Australia on her Confessions tour,” a Warner Music Australia spokeswoman said.
The tour kicks off in the US on May 21 before heading to Europe and Japan. “If I go to Japan I’ll go to Australia, I promise!” Madonna said last year.
Madonna has not played in Australia since 1993.
Molly Meldrum, one of her greatest Australian supporters, last night joined the call saying: “Madonna, your Australian fans are your most loyal and they’ve been waiting a long time to see you.”
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At GBP160 a seat, the Material Girl lives up to her nickname


Madonna is charging British fans up to GBP160 to see her perform this summer. The singer promised to “turn the world into one big dancefloor”? after releasing the first dates for her Confessions world tour.
Just three British dates were revealed but her younger fans will need to start saving pocket money. The cheapest tickets are £80, rising to £160 for the best seats. “All tickets are subject to a booking fee,”? her promoters also reminded fans.
British fans may be paying more than their European counterparts. Top price tickets for her September Amsterdam Arena show were advertised yesterday for €98 (£68).
Madonna has side-stepped the Wembley Stadium chaos by booking two nights at the neighbouring Arena, which reopened last weekend after a £35 million refurbishment. But its new capacity is 10,000 and fans are expected to queue around the block when tickets go on sale at the box office at 9am on Friday for concerts on August 1 and 3. Madonna will also perform at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, on July 30, which has a capacity of 60,000.
The Rolling Stones charged up to £150 for guaranteed pitch-seating on their stadium tour in August. But, as with the Stones, hospitality companies will offer Madonna packages promising the best seats for a figure several times the ticket face value.
Britain is a booming live-music market for the big hitters of rock and pop. However, Billy Joel settled for a £75 top ticket for his Wembley Arena show, the same price as a close-up view of the Eagles at Twickenham. Take That sold out six nights at Wembley Arena for a top price of £35.
Madonna is giving fan club members an chance to buy tickets through her website today and further dates are certain to be announced after the initial batch sells out.
For their £160 tickets, Madonna fans are promised a spectacular show featuring costumes designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier and a selection of her classic hits mixed with material from her recent Confessions on a Dancefloor album.
And, if the pop icon is accused of being greedy, she can claim to have performed a 30-minute free show for 1,000 fans in London last year.
Tickets are available to buy in person at Wembley Arena Box Office and Cardiff International Arena Box Office. Also online at or from 0871 2305441.
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