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Madonna & William Orbit


Madonna announced this month that she, too, is back in the studio during breaks from her photo shoots for an ad campaign promoting the spring Versace line. The woman responsible for unleashing the annoying Kabbalah trend is said to be working with William Orbit again, the producer behind her critically acclaimed and Grammy-winning “Ray of Light.”?
According to the online rumor mill, she is also working with Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore on new material. No official word on whether this is for a new album or part of the soundtrack for hubby Guy Ritchie’s new film.
There’s also the reported spring release of her “Reinvention”? tour on DVD to get fans through the cold winter months ahead.
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New Songs


Madonna has completed two tracks with Stuart Price they are titled “Haunted” and “If You Were Here”. This is in no way confirmation that these tracks will appear on her pending album currently under the working title “Project 05″, simply that the songs have been written and printed.
The collaboration with Missy Elliot was on a track titled “Cali Dreams” and is about the cost of fame. If the track is included, Madonna’s only contribution are background vocals….this will NOT be a “Me Against The Music” type thing. It was rumoured to be called “Liquid Dreams”.
Madonna has also reached out to an AMERICAN producer for her next album, tapping Emilio Estefan Jr. to crank out a demo for her. Madonna wants a latin track for her next album and is a big fan of Estefans work.
Also…talks for “Streets of Paris” are warming up some. However, word is that Cate Blanchett is also interested in the role Madonna has her eyeson…and Modino is no longer in the running to be director.

Madonna discusses her relationship with her father in the song “Haunted”. The track which is a string sweeping ballad mixed with a slight Moroccan percussion. The tracks lyrics address her perception of her father while she was a child and now. It is almost as if the track Mother and Father from American Life was simply a jumping point for Madonna’s theme of speaking about her father. Some of the lyrics are:
“And I’m haunted/by the visions in the grieving room/daddies working hard/never saw the clouded doom/eclipsing his broken heart”
The song “If You Were Here” is a hard bass driven dance track unlike anything Madge has recorded. The track is very techno acid but with a trip hop twist.
“If you were here/everything would be much easier/If you were here/Damn I’d be happier/If you/If you/If you were here”

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Madonna, Guy renew their vows [Part 2]


Fellow songstress Madonna spent the holidays with her family in England, and now people are saying the original pop diva took time out to renew her vows — but don’t you believe it. Reps say that reports Madonna received a $190,000 dollar ring during a Kabbalah-based ceremony are untrue.
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Madonna for Versace – 4th Picture


4th Versace Pic

Madonna Versace ad in Vanity Fair


Madonna for Versace

Hollywood bigs rush to aid tsunami victims


Sandra Bullock and Leonardo DiCaprio were the first to step up to the plate.
Other A-list celebs are likely to follow with their own large-scale donations to tsunami relief efforts in Africa and Asia.
The American Red Cross said yesterday several celebrities already have made anonymous donations in response to the Dec. 26 disaster.
But most stars prefer to dish out their millions in the camera’s eye.
“Hollywood is not a citadel of humility,” said Los Angeles-based celebrity publicist Michael Goldman. “Very few people give anonymously, and even fewer give anonymously in Hollywood.”
The entertainment community is expected to generate international fund-raising buzz Jan. 15, when NBC and its sister networks air a prime-time relief telethon featuring “Sex and the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker, singer Clay Aiken and “Will and Grace” star Debra Messing.
Country singer Willie Nelson will headline a tsunami-relief benefit concert Sunday night at Austin Music Hall in Texas, and the 1985 African famine-relief benefit song “We Are the World” is being revived for tsunami relief efforts in a new Chinese version featuring Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung and other top Hong Kong stars.
Earlier this week, Bullock donated $1 million to the American Red Cross. DiCaprio followed with an unspecified “large donation” to UNICEF to help children in Thailand.
The “Miss Congeniality” star impressed fans three years ago when she donated $1 million to Sept. 11 relief efforts along withJim Carrey, Rosie O’Donnell, Michael Jordan and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Topping that, Madonna, Julia Roberts and Britney Spears gave $2 million apiece for relief efforts after the terror attacks.
It’s no secret that attaching a celebrity name gives a charity an immediate fund-raising boost.
Richard Gere, Aerosmith, Jane Fonda, Gloria Estefan, Peter Jennings and Robert Redford are just a few of the celebs who have created foundations named after themselves.
The most generous stars in Hollywood? Here’s a few recently listed in BusinessWeek magazine:
Oprah Winfrey: The talk-show goddess is the only celeb who ranked on BusinessWeek’s 2004 list of the nation’s Top 50 most generous philanthropists, contributing $175 million to educational and other initiatives.
Steven Spielberg: The filmmaker’s charitable giving now exceeds $96 million, including donations to children’s initiatives and Jewish causes.
Michael J. Fox: Diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1998, the “Spin City” star has raised $50 million to fight the disease through his foundation.
Angelina Jolie: The “Alexander” star recently donated $1 million to aid Afghan refugees, and pledged another $5 million to establish a wildlife sanctuary in Cambodia. Jolie gives a third of her income to charity, according to BusinessWeek, which didn’t specify the annual dollar amount.
Bill Cosby: The legendary comedian has donated more than $20 million to educational causes, including numerous college endowments and scholarships.
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Chat’s the way to mark anniversary


Archived interviews with music legends including Madonna, John Lennon and Eric Clapton will be dusted off to help celebrate Radio Forth’s 30th anniversary.
Bosses at the city-based broadcaster are planning to raid their vaults and showcase exclusive chats with some of the biggest names in show business.
Rod Stewart, Ozzy Osbourne, Sir Mick Jagger, Joan Collins and Liza Minnelli are some of the stars to have appeared on Radio Forth since it began broadcasting in January 1975. Station chiefs today unveiled plans to open the archives for the first time since the interviews were originally broadcast.
Among the station’s other memorable guests are Billy Connolly, Sir Cliff Richard, Jon Bon Jovi, Kylie Minogue and Sir Paul McCartney.
Forth – which covers the whole of east-central Scotland – says it has been working for months to produce special features, programmes and promotions for the weeks leading up to the actual anniversary on January 22.
As well as the interviews, the station is to re-live the way it covered major news and sporting events over the last 30 years.
Former presenters such as Jay Crawford, Bill Barclay, Tom Steele and Alison Craig will be returning to the airwaves for guest appearances.
Steve Hamilton, the station’s first on-air presenter, and Richard Findlay, the original programme controller, whose voice was the first to be heard on Forth, will also make comebacks.
Mr Findlay went on to head up Forth’s parent company Scottish Radio Holdings.
Adam Findlay, managing director of Radio Forth, said: “There is no doubt at all that it is a major achievement for Radio Forth to hit this milestone.
“Forth was one of the first commercial radio stations to be launched in the UK and there are very few that are still going strong.
“We want to revisit a lot of the interviews Forth has carried out with celebrities over the years, as well as getting some of our best-known characters and personalities back on air.
“It’s been great fun going back over the last 30 years and it’s been a great project for everyone to get their teeth into.”
The station has been divided between the FM and AM frequencies – now known as Forth2 and Forth One – since 1990.
It will also offer listeners the chance to play their own part in the celebrations by sharing their special memories of Forth on air. Major cash giveaways are also planned.
Bosses at the station – which has been based in Forth Street since its launch – are also planning to throw a major party for its 90-strong workforce.
Forth was launched with just GBP300,000 being spent to put the station together, including its newsreaders, DJs, administration staff and technicians.
A spokeswoman for Forth added: “While our researchers are piecing together the interviews and archives the one important piece of the Forth’s history which is still missing is the memories of people living in Edinburgh and the Lothians.
“We’re appealing for people to come forward with their memories of Forth from the past 30 years which will become a special part of the celebration programmes.”
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Madonna, Guy renew their vows


Pop diva Madonna has renewed her wedding vows with film-maker husband Guy Ritchie at a secret ceremony four years after they tied the knot, the Sun newspaper reported on Tuesday.
They swapped rings and vows in a low-key Kabbalah-based ceremony at their Ashcombe country estate in Wiltshire, in the west of England, the popular tabloid said, quoting an unnamed source close to the couple.
“Christmas is a special time for them because they originally tied the knot on December 22 four years ago” at Skibo Castle in the Highlands of northern Scotland, the source was quoted as saying.
Ritchie (35) reportedly gave Madonna (46) a ring worth GBP100 000 ($190 000) from Parisian jeweler Fred, while Madonna reciprocated with a ring she ordered more than six months ago.
The Sun said the couple decided to renew their vows after a stressful year in which Ritchie put his career on hold to accompany Madonna on her 55-date international concert tour.
“Madonna and Guy are closer now than ever before,” the Sun’s source said.
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