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Madonna on The Early Show (CBS) 2


In a rare interview, Madonna talks to CBS News’ The Early Show anchor Harry Smith about how she really feels when performing on stage, and how Kabala helped her learn to forgive and get better at being married.
Madonna tells Smith that when she’s on stage “it’s like a war inside me…. What’s going on inside me on stage is I’m gasping for breath, I’m trying to remember everything that I’m supposed to… the words to the songs, the notes on the guitar, the steps. I’m thinking about the pain in my back, I’m trying to get enough oxygen, I’m looking at people’s faces – some people are desperate, some people are so full of love – it’s so extreme, and I always think when I go out on stage that I’m going into battle.”
Madonna also talks about her study of Kabala and how it helped her embrace the concept of forgiveness. “I’m getting better at not being bothered by things, I’m getting better at not taking things personally, and I’m getting better at being married and living with somebody who, for lack of a better phrase, irks me sometimes. I can disagree with what he says but I don’t love him less. I’m getting better at loving my husband unconditionally.”
*UPDATE* Part 1 will air on Monday 20 December at 7:39am, and Part 2 will air on Tuesday 21 December at 7:39am

Madonna wins pheasant tax battle


Pop legend Madonna has won her battle against animal rights activists who accused her of evading tax laws by breeding pheasants on her land in Ashcombe, England, without paying the required rates.
Animal Aid issued a press release yesterday (15 Dec 04) claiming the Material Girl was breaching tax requirements by failing to pay commercial rates on the land where she shoots the birds.
But the pressure group withdrew the claim just two hours later when they realised she buys the pheasants so is not required to pay the non-domestic land tax.
An Animal Aid spokesperson says, “We’ve now discovered Madonna buys in pheasants rather than breeding them. Since she doesn’t manufacture birds, she doesn’t have to pay non-domestic rates.”
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Ritchie urges Blair to join Kaballah


Madonna’s director husband Guy Ritchie plans to talk to British Prime Minister Tony Blair about Kaballah, the mystical offshoot of Judaism. The Snatch film-maker has reportedly contacted Blair to arrange a meeting to discuss the healing properties of Kaballah Water, which he believes would be useful in treating the injured in Iraq, British newspaper the Daily Mail reports.
A close source explains, “Guy wants to tell the Prime Minister about the fantastic healing powers of Kaballah Water, which could instantly cure wounded soldiers in Iraq. “Madonna said it even cured Guy’s verrucas.”
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‘Santa Baby’ Considered Too Suggestive for School Program


Don’t look for a group of eighth-grade girls to perform “Santa Baby” at a school program.
Greenbrier Middle School deemed the Christmas song too sexually suggestive.
The song was pulled from the program after a parent complained and Principal Jean Infantino agreed that the song is too risque.
The humorous song, recorded by Eartha Kitt in 1953 and re-recorded by Madonna, features a woman asking for expensive gifts because she’s been “an awful good girl.”
Instead the kids will perform a skit, rather than sing.
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Seymour Stein goes to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame


Seymour Stein – The Chairman of Sire Records, Stein co-founded the label in 1966, and has been one of the most successful and influential executives in the music business. His ability to discover new talent led to signings of many groundbreaking artists such as The Ramones, Madonna, The Pretenders, Talking Heads, Seal, Depeche Mode, Ice-T, The Cure, The Smiths, kd Lang and Barenaked Ladies. The label is still going strong after nearly 40 years and still innovative with recent singings including The Von Bondies, HIM, Regina Spektor, The Fags and The Veronicas.
other inductees this year: U2, the O’Jays, the Pretenders, Buddy Guy,
Percy Sledge, Frank Barsalona
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New Magazine Cover


Madonna is on the cover of German “Exberliner” Magazine.

Madonna on the cover of Exberliner

Madonna – the richest female artist


On ABC’s “Life Of Luxury” which aired on Dec. 13th Madonna was named the richest female artist with a estimated fortune of $613,000,000. Behind Madonna was Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand.
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Versace campaign confirmed


From : We have been quiet on this topic, but for the record, we can now officially confirm that the Madonna has agreed to appear in Versace’s 2005 Spring / summer print campaign. Mario Testino, who also took the pictures when the Madonna appeared in ads for Versace in 1995, shot Madonna just outside of London on November 25th.Stay tuned to for pictures from this shoot and scans of the adds this Spring.