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The First “Arthur and the Minimoys” ad


First ad for “Arthur and the Minimoys” movie is published in a new issue of Variety Magazine.

Arthur and the Minimoys ad

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Madonna’s dance teacher gives gym classes for all

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The choreographer who put Madonna and Ricky Martin through their paces is now offering fitness classes to all at a Los Angeles gym.
Jamie King, who most recently choreographed Shakira’s sexy new dance routine for her latest video La Tortura, is showing the health conscious how to shake their booty at Los Angeles’ famous Crunch gym.
King’s classes, the nike rock star workout, specialise in dance moves from his ancestral Brazil.
He says, “If you like the way Madonna and Rocky move when you see them, then these classes are for you. They’re also a great way to shape-up.”
source : contactmusic

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates

Boy George slams “ruthless


Veteran pop star Boy George has hit out at Madonna for her ambitious streak – and insists the Material Girl is as cold as ice. George, 43, has a bitter and long-running feud with the famously business-minded Madonna, and has previously admitted to being jealous of the megastar. He says, “If Madonna were a drag queen, she would be called Ruth Less. “I don’t think the word ‘warm’ comes to mind with Madonna. Ice is the word that springs to mind.”
source : contactmusic

Tony Ward on Madonna

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from Madonnalicious : The May issue of Attitude magazine (issue 133) features an interview with Tony Ward. Tony was Madonna’s boyfriend around 1990/91 and appeared in the Justify My Love and Erotica videos, and was also in the Sex book.
In the interview he was asked about his relationship with ‘that lady’….
That lady – I was never a fan. I saw her in that silly Lucky Star video in the early days of MTV, and I knew I would be reunited with my mother/ lover/ teacher/ friend/ bitch/ cheater/ liar/ goddess/ student/ poetess/ angel/ pain/ tears/ broken-heart/ inspiration/ intrigue/ and human awe.
We fell hard immediately too much, too soon for the both of us. In the end, when you love something, let it go.
Madonna as a talent? Superior to all; she is a classic. I wish she would sing the standards. That is what her voice is made for. When she would sing around the house, I would close my eyes and melt. I was so privileged to be there.
She never knew how I really felt with her, and to put all the stories straight, those unauthorised biographies are all full of lies. You dummies don’t buy it. I was not her toy-boy, or a gift to her from her brother, Chris. We just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I love you always, lady.

Entertainment highlights for May 1-7


1990 – Madonna kicked off the U.S. leg of her “Blonde Ambition” tour in Houston.
source : associated press

Madonna recruits Henshall for her new movie


British designer Scott Henshall is Hollywood’s new darling since designing costumes for Madonna’s new film.
The 29-year-old style guru is famed for his glamorous creations for the rich and famous – including the stunning $9 million (GBP5 million) diamond studded dress worn by Samantha Mumba at the premiere of Spider-Man 2 last summer – so he was the first choice to work on the pop queen’s movie Material Girls.
He says, “I’ve just got back from designing the outfits for Madonna’s new film, Material Girls. “She’s producing it and decided to get me involved. It stars Hilary Duff and will go on general released later this year.”
But he admits the excitement of Hollywood has made his life in London seem boring.
He adds, “It feels weird being back. London seems really dull in comparison.”
source : contactmusic

Rumour : Live Aid II going ahead?


A second Live Aid concert is rumoured to be going ahead, according to a report in The Sun today.
The newspaper claims that organisers hope acts such as U2, Coldplay, Madonna and Robbie Williams will sign up to perform at the concert. Sir Bob Geldof is being tipped to organise the event.
A source told the newspaper, “Everyone is working toward a possible date in the summer. If it comes off, the biggest names in music will be taking part. Sir Bob has been asked to step in and put the concert together. He thinks it’s a great idea but knows it is a race against time to get it organised – and there’s a chance it won’t happen.
“Bob would want the event to be really special if it goes ahead. There is no point in a poor sequel to the original, so it is touch and go with these plans.
“It is no coincidence to try and time the concert around the G8 summit when world leaders have the chance to help fight poverty in Africa.”
source : digitalspy