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Madonna shows us her collection


Madonna is to lend two of her most cherished works of art to Tate Modern for an exhibition, it was revealed today.
In June the Tate will hold the first ever British exhibition dedicated to Frida Kahlo.
The eccentrically moustached Mexican painter was the subject of an Oscarwinning film Frida in 2002, starring Salma Hayek.
It sure beats a night in the cells, Pete
The Tate Modern exhibition will star more than 70 of her 144 paintings – including Madonna’s canvasses Self-Portrait with Monkey and My Birth.
Madonna’s art curator, Darlene K Lutz, has said of the self-portrait: “The Kahlo painting is so powerful and enigmatic that we hope people will get beyond its personal history, as Madonna has, and see the artistic genius … it is the number one love of her collection.”
Surrealist innovator Kahlo began painting in her teens as she convalesced after a road accident. Her work is rich in Mexican and Aztec imagery but is also autobiographical.
The artist, who died in 1954, was married to fiery Mexican painter Diego Rivera, had an affair with Leon Trotsky and counted Andre Breton,
Paulette Goddard and Sergei Eisenstein as close friends. Other landmark paintings in the show are The Little Deer, in which Kahlo paints herself as a wounded, hunted animal and The Two Fridas, one of her largest and most ambitious pieces.
Self-Portrait with Monkey is one of the most cherished pieces in Madonna’s art collection and has pride of place in her London home.
The singer receives up to 10 requests a year to lend her works – which include paintings by Picasso, Leger, Salvador Dali and Man Ray.
She presented Martin Creed with the Turner Prize in 2001 for his light bulb that switched itself on and off again.
Frida Kahlo

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Gossip : Madonna promoted in Kabbalah


Pop superstar Madonna has been promoted to the highest level at the controversial Church of Kabbalah she can achieve without being ordained.
The singer, who has followed the mystical offshoot of judaism for some years, was anointed in secret to an upper category of Kabbalah followers in a ceremony conducted by Kabbalah Centre founder Rabbi Berg.
A source reveals, “Her teachers think she has reached the pinnacle of spiritual understanding. To Madonna this is the best achievement of her life.”
Since joining the Kabbalah Centre, Madonna has recruited her husband Guy Ritchie as well as a number of new celebrity followers, including Demi Moore and Britney Spears.
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Brotherly love


Madonna’s brother Christopher Ciccone talked for the first time last week about the reported rift between them.
We asked Her Madgesty’s creative sibling whether it was true they’d had a falling-out when she didn’t invite him to art-direct her last tour, as he had in the past.
“Our relationship is in very good standing; we speak to each other all the time,” the jewel-eyed designer told us. “You know that every large family has its ups and downs, and we are no exception.”
Besides, Ciccone doesn’t need his look-alike sis to toss him any work. He’s part owner of the West Hollywood restaurant Central and is designing a celebrity suite for producer Ryan Black’s Oscar bash at the Pacific Design Center.
As for speculation that Madonna’s devotion to kabbalah, a mystical branch of Judaism, fueled the now-healed split, Ciccone says it can’t be: He’s into it, too.
“I practice kabbalah,” he told us, “in my own way.”
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Top TV Debuts


Controversial 1970s punk band The Sex Pistols’ first appearance on British TV has been voted the most important music debut in history.
The first airing of the group’s anthem Anarchy In The UK on the So It Goes show in August 1976 beat out competition from Nirvana’s performance of Smells Like Teen Spirit on The Word in November 1991, which came second in the ITN Archive poll.
The list is made up of landmark moments when legendary artists were first seen by a wider audience.
Rockers Oasis came third for their performance of Supersonic in 1994, also on The Word, followed by a then-25-year-old Madonna singing Holiday on seminal music show The Tube in January 1984.
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Madonna sues her Art Consultant


Pop icon Madonna is suing her longtime art consultant Darlene Lutz, claiming she is owed $265,000 for a painting sold by the adviser.
The summons, filed in New York City’s Manhattan Supreme Court, says Lutz owes Madonna the money based on a settlement agreement made between the two women in May (04).
Madonna’s spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg says, “The lawsuit is based on a breach of contract agreement.” Rosenberg has yet to release details on the name of the painting or the artist.
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Gossip : Madonna to star in Movie for free?


Pop superstar Madonna has signed up to play a prostitute in a new movie – and was so desperate for the role she waived all payment.
The Material Girl has finally secured the chance to play cross-dresser Candy Darling, after chasing the part for years, writes British newspaper The Sun.
Darling starred in a number of Andy Warhol films and provided Lou Reed with the inspiration to write Candy Says and Walk On The Wild Side.
An insider says, “Madonna has been desperate to make a film where she can earn respect for her acting abilities. She is still trying to shake off the bad publicity from the movie Swept Away. She sees this as her big chance.
“She has wanted to play this part for so long because she feels so strongly about the character.
“She said she would do anything for the part and has agreed to work for free.”
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