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New “Easy Ride” Remix


“I’m very pleased that together we completed severl original projects which will soon be announced”, says the Dj on her official website… “We worked together on one remix project, Madonna’s Easy Ride, which you can hear in our sets”. – DJ Tracy Joung
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From Madonna to the Mod and beyond


A clarsach player who entertained the pop star Madonna at her Scottish wedding swept the boards at the Royal National Mod in Perth yesterday.
Jennifer Port, from the village of Golspie, north of Inverness, won four medals in what was probably the most impressive individual performance of the day.
A graduate from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, the 23-year-old hopes her success at the Mod will help to establish her career as a professional clarsach player.
“At the moment, I suppose you could say that I am a full-time freelance musician. I am just gigging all the time. I spend more of my time in the car than anything else.”
There are few ordinary people, like Ms Port, who have come into personal contact with Madonna. Ms Port performed when the pop icon was married at Skibo Castle four years ago.
Ms Port said that Madonna was impressed with her clarsach-playing abilities.
“It was a bit different to playing in a Mod competition, but, yes, I spoke to her and she did seem to really like my playing,” said Ms Port.
Meanwhile, the Lord Provost of Perth, Bob Scott, said that judging by the talent on show at the junior competitions on Monday and Tuesday, he would have no problems in supporting further Gaelic music events throughout the year.
“The Mod has been very, very well received by the people of Perth,” he said. “The business community has also benefited, and they have taken full part in the Mod.
“You certainly know that there is a Mod in Perth.
“I have been very, very impressed by the talents of the young competitors at the Mod.
“In fact, I would say that I would have no problem in putting such concerts on at the Perth Theatre or the Pitlochry Theatre at any time.
“If the Gaelic language is going to survive, then the young are the key and we are willing to support that.”
Angus MacDonald, the president of Mod organisers in An Comunn Gaidhealach, said he was heartened by how the week had gone.
He said “We have been very impressed with Perth. There is a real buzz about the place, and I am quite sure that as the week goes on it will only get better and better.”
Today will see the conclusion of the individual adult solo singing competitions, with much of the attention expected to focus on the performance of Wilma Kennedy in the traditional event.
Ms Kennedy is one of the most familiar names on the Gaelic music scene and already has the coveted gold medal under her belt after picking up the award back in 1991. Now she is aiming to join the exclusive club of Gaelic singers who have captured both of the top solo prizes.
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Elton says sorry to Madonna


Irascible rock star Sir Elton John has admitted he may have been unfair in comments about Madonna’s supposed miming on stage.
At a charity fundraiser in Los Angeles he said: “It was probably a bit unfair because there are people who lip- sync worse and whole shows are lip-synced. Her show is not wholly lip-synced.
“Madonna is a great artist, a great performer and a great writer.”
He had erupted over her nomination for best live act at a London awards ceremony earlier this month, saying: “F*** off ! Since when has lipsyncing been live?”
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Merchandising Program for Madonna’s the English Roses in stores


Signatures Network, Inc. (SNI), the entertainment industry’s leading merchandising and licensing company, announced today that Madonna’s The English Roses(TM) collection is currently launching in select Nordstrom stores, department stores and boutiques. Select items are also available on SNI signed and developed the product lines for the premier licensees for The English Roses, Madonna’s hugely successful debut children’s book. The licensing program for The English Roses(TM) features Girl’s Apparel, Footwear, Rainwear, Collectable Dolls, Teas and Hot Chocolate, Tea Sets, Jewelry Boxes, Charm Bracelets and Necklaces, Calendars and more.
Beginning in October, Nordstrom will create an extensive in-store program around The English Roses(TM), including fashion shows and tea parties.
“Nordstrom is thrilled to carry many items from The English Roses(TM) collection in our stores,” said Marci Scott, VP of Kids’ Wear at Nordstrom. “We’re looking forward to events in our stores for our young customers, giving them the opportunity to see this fun, new merchandise.”
The licensees include:
AccessorLee for Belts, Hair Accessories and Lapel Pins
Alexander Doll Company for Collectable Dolls and Dolls’ Accessories
Andrews McMeel for calendars
Enzo Shoe for Slippers and Fashion Shoes
Harney & Sons for Teas and Hot Chocolate
High IntenCity for Charm Bracelets and Necklaces
Kidorable for Raincoats and Umbrellas
Lipstik Clothing for Girl’s Apparel
Schylling Associates for Tea Sets and Jewelry boxes
“Signatures is delighted to be partnering with Nordstrom and our other launch retailers to debut this exciting program,” said Matt Hautau, VP of Licensing & Marketing for SNI. “We’re very excited about the incredible group of licensees that we’ve assembled for this program. Madonna is a true artist of many dimensions, and this line is another extension of her creativity.”
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More on the Auction of Miniature Books


…JK ROWLING has written her smallest ever Harry Potter book – for a charity auction.
The tiny tome is full of magic Potter facts such as a list of the books Harry needs for spells, the clothes he wears plus JK’s own drawings of broomsticks and witches’ hats.
The wizard author is one of 23 big names who have each written an inch-tall book to help the homeless and needy.
Madonna, Sir Paul McCartney, Lady Thatcher, Muhammad Ali, David Beckham and Bill Clinton have also put pen to paper to produce their own mini-manuals.
All the books are bound in leather except for ex-Beatle Paul’s. He is a vegetarian and insisted on a different cover for his hand-written Hey Jude lyrics.
And boxing legend Ali’s paper had to be slightly bigger because he has Parkinson’s disease, which affects his ability to write and draw in miniature.
His book features a series of matchstick men sketches showing him fighting Joe Frazier.
The books will be auctioned at Sotheby’s in London on Monday, November 1. The unique Potter publication alone is expected to fetch five figures.
All the money raised will go to the 999 Club charity, which offers emergency support to disadvantaged people living in Deptford, South East London.
JK said: “I wanted to support the 999 Club because of the nature of the way it works – supporting people from local communities and run by people from the local community.”
Geordie Greig, editor of society magazine Tatler, who got the celebrities on board, said: “The 999 Club came up with the idea of thumb-sized books and approached me for help. The response has been fantastic.
“We have had calls from all over the world about JK Rowling’s book.”
Tickets for the auction cost GBP30.
Madonna's Miniature Book
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Madonna is a right Cowell


Madonna is on course to claim Simon Cowell’s crown as the world’s toughest talent-show judge.
The Queen of Pop is stepping into Mr Nasty’s high-waisted trousers in a new US star-search programme to be fronted by hip-hop singer MISSY ELLIOTT.
Madge got the thumbs-up from producers after destroying hopefuls during a screen test with some of the most biting criticism ever seen on a talent show.
Many of her comments were so strong they made Simon Cowell sound like Snow White, so we’ve used some computer trickery to turn her into the scourge of showbiz.
A source close to Madonna told me: “She doesn’t suffer fools gladly. She will have no patience with the have-a-go heroes trying to make a name for themselves.
“If someone walks into the room the wrong way she’ll say “no” before a note is sung and that will be their chance gone.
“She will reduce people to tears because she is so direct.
“Her comments really find their targets, they don’t go flying past and hit the wall. There is no pantomime about her performance.
“She plays the role of a judge as she is in real life. There is no showing off like there is with Cowell.
“Only real hopefuls will get through to be judged by her. She is brilliant at separating talent from over-confidence and the best thing is that nobody can argue with her verdict.”
Madge filmed her screen test for the show in a London studio a month ago after she finished her Re-Invention tour.
She was given tapes of hopefuls and the producers recorded her reaction.
Missy Elliott personally asked Madge to collaborate on the show after they got to know each other while making a series of Gap adverts together.
They became so close they have given each other nicknames.
Madonna calls Missy “Miss Lissa” and Missy calls Madonna “Mad.” The new talent show, which has a working title of The Road To Stardom With Missy Elliott, has been pencilled in for launch on American television early next year.
I am told Madonna also expects it to be broadcast in Britain soon afterward.
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Elton John avoids confrontation with Madonna


Sir Elton John refrained from going to Donatella Versace’s bash hosted in honour of pop queen Madonna, and sent his partner, David Furnish instead, reports the Sun.
Elton John who rebuked Madonna for miming during her re-invention tour, at last weeks Q awards avoided an awkward situation by abstaining from the party, in which Madge was the guest of honour.
“Elton’s just lucky that he had a sacrificial lamb to send to the slaughter. There was an uncomfortable atmosphere and there were lots of intense stares coming from Madonna’s table,” a source was quoted as saying.
However, David looked a bit uneasy and sat far away from Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie.
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Rowling, Beck and Madonna write ‘thumb-size’ books for charity


A number of British celebrities, including the likes of ‘Harry Potter’ creatorJ K Rowling, Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney, football ace David Beckham and pop icon Madonna are doing their altruistic bit by writing a series of 23-books for poor and homeless children.
The series, which is an initiative of London’s 999 club, is to be autioned soon and Rowling’s book which she has illustrated with witch’s hats and Harry Potter’s glasses herself and Sir Paul’s book, which has the lyrics of the Beatles hit ‘Hey Jude,’ are expected to draw some of the highest bids, reports The Sun.
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