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from : A few moths back I announced the upcoming release of my newest project, the compilation “Dance Culture”. I am curently in the process of finalising my tracklist. The CD’s sheduled release date on Ferosh Records is May 31, 2005.
It will exclusively feature my remix of Madonna’s “Easy Ride” among other unreleased productions I have been working on …

Prince tops cash charts


Prince reclaimed his pop throne in 2004, banking $US56.5 million ($73.8 million) to place him firmly at the top of Rolling Stone magazine’s annual list of top earning music acts.
“With $US90.3 million in ticket sales, Prince returned to centre stage after a decade in the commercial wilderness,” the magazine said in its latest issue.
Prince also sold 1.9 million copies of his comeback album Musicology.
The mercurial pop star, who once changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol, beat out another icon of the 1980s in Madonna, who banked $US54.9 million on the back of her Re-Invention Tour and American Life album.
Despite playing only fifty-six concerts in 2004, the Material Girl hauled in more money on the road than any other artist, charging as much as $US300 a seat.
Although she grossed more cash than Prince, Madonna had to make do with second place because of the “monumental” production costs of her tour show.
Rolling Stone bases its annual list on ticket and record sales, publishing and other related revenue.
Rounding off a 1-2-3 finish by the comeback kids, was the heavy metal band Metallica, whose Madly in Anger with the World Tour helped push their earnings up to $US43.1 million.
The musical old guard was well represented in the top 10, with Elton John, Rod Stewart and Phil Collins all making the list.
But the real veterans were Simon and Garfunkel, who put their harmonies back on the road for the first time on 20 years, earning $US24.9 million in the process.
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Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates

Scissors Sister Rules Out Madonna Song


Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears has ruled out a future collaboration with Madonna, because his celebrity pal Kylie Minogue would “kill him”.
The flamboyant LAURA singer wrote and produced Minogue’s latest hit I Believe In You last year (04), and claims he’s too loyal to the diminutive Australian to work with her chart rival Madonna.
Shears says, “I think Kylie would have my head on a plate if I worked with Madonna. Really, I’m not interested in collaborating with her, I love Kylie too much.
“We had a real ball and I have a massive crush on her. She’s just a really amazing, funny person and really cool. I didn’t meet her until we went in the studio but we hit it off. Now I’m planning to go to England to watch her tour.
“I haven’t met her boyfriend (Olivier Martinez) yet, but I hear he’s gorgeous.”
source : contactmusic

Madonna urges fans to please donate to Red Cross


From : The Tsunami in Southeast Asia has cost over 230,000 deaths. On January 16, 2005 Madonna performed John Lennon’s Imagine at Tsunami, A Concert of Hope Event which has raised over 18 million dollars. Please continue to give to this cause. You can donate by going to the American Red Cross by calling 1-800-HELP-NOW or going to Or you can donate by downloading Madonna’s performance from the Tsunami, A Concert of Hope by going to

Gossip : Madonna takes up Karate


Superstar Madonna is following in her husband Guy Ritchie’s footsteps, by taking up karate. The British director is a black belt in the martial art and has encouraged his famous wife to join in during practice sessions. A friend says, “Madonna has been taking her classes very seriously. “Guy is into karate and Madonna’s daughter Lourdes has taken classes. “In the past, Madonna has worried about being bruised before videos or photoshoots but she hasn’t got any planned at the moment.”
source : contactmusic

No Madonna in Revolver


from Empire Magazine (interview with Guy Ritchie)
…there’s also no truth in the rumours that Mrs Ritchie, aka Madonna, has a cameo ?
‘No, she’s not in it,’ he insists. So the stories are made up? ‘Completely made up.’ He laughs. ‘That’s rare, isn’t it ?’
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Thriller Voted Top Video


Michael Jackson’s Thriller has been voted Britain’s favourite pop video of all time.
The 1983 classic, which sees the singer turn into a zombie, beat offerings from Madonna and Queen in the Channel 4 poll.
The King of Pop, who is currently facing trial charged with sex abuse, has two videos in the Top 10, voted for by TV viewers.
Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer (1986), revolutionary for its computer animation, is second in the list.
A-ha’s Take On Me (1985), which sees a comic book hero come to life, is third and Queen’s seminal Bohemian Rhapsody (1975) fourth.
Madonna’s controversial Like A Prayer (1989) – including the star’s infamous kiss with a black Jesus – is fifth while Robbie Williams’ Rock DJ (2000) is sixth, and another Jacko hit, Billie Jean, seventh.
The Verve’s Bitter Sweet Symphony (1997), which sees Richard Ashcroft march down a London street barging into everyone he meets, is eighth.
Madonna has a second placing in the Top 10, with Vogue (1990) in ninth and Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit (1991) – where cheerleaders dance in the gym, while Nirvana fans reach such a frenzy they trash it and tie up the janitor – is 10th.

The top 50 Videos:
1. Michael Jackson – Thriller
2. Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer
3. A-ha – Take On Me
4. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
5. Madonna – Like A Prayer
6. Robbie Williams – Rock DJ
7. Michael Jackson – Billie Jean
8. The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony
9. Madonna – Vogue
10. Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit
11. Coldplay – The Scientist
12. Michael & Janet Jackson – Scream
13. Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall
14. Christina Aguilera – Dirrty
15. REM – Everybody Hurts
16. OutKast – Hey Ya
17. Blur – Coffee & TV
18. Beyonce – Crazy In Love
19. Madonna – Material Girl
20. Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood
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