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Penn: ‘Madonna Marriage was miserable’


Hollywood actor Sean Penn has only bad memories of his stormy marriage to pop superstar Madonna – he can’t remember ever having a proper conversation with her.
Oscar-winning Penn endured a turbulent relationship with the Material Girl, now married to British film director Guy Ritchie, in the 1980s.
He recalls, “It was a miserable marriage. I don’t recall having a single conversation in four years of marriage.”
Madonna and Sean Penn
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ReInvention Tour DVD Extras


from Madonnalicious : News is coming in to madonnalicious that these extras are being considered for the Re-Invention tour DVD due out in October/November this year:
– 20 minute featurette entitled: Jamie King: Creating a Re-Invention
– tourbook gallery
– And most interestingly something that is described as 5 Stage Film Features…. could this be the background videos we all want to see? Let’s hope so!

Madonna ‘receives special treatment’ at Kabbalah center


Pop superstar Madonna has come under fire from her fellow Kabbalah devotees, who claim she receives special treatment.
Madonna has been studying the mystical offshoot of Judaism since 1997 and has introduced several stars to the following, including her husband Guy Ritchie and Britney Spears.
According to, during a Feb. visit to the New York City Kabbalah Center, Madonna infuriated other devotees with her tardiness.
“She arrived late for Friday night Shabbat services,” said one Kabbalah follower.
“But not to worry, a section of the front row had reserved signs on it, and ‘Her Madgesty’ sat in between Monica Berg, wife of Kabbalah Center founder Rabbi Michael Berg, and popular teacher Ruthie Rosenberg.”
The follower claims Madonna arrived even later for the following Saturday afternoon services and was the only person allowed to participate in the Mayim Achronim (Last Water) ceremony.
The source explains, “(It’s) washing one’s fingertips with water from a cup after eating, bread in this case. Not everyone got the bread, either.”
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Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates

Madonna in Amfar’s Photoshoot


from Liz Smith’s column (published in NY Post) : Kenneth Cole, the handsome, smart new chairman of the board of AmFAR, was out in Hollywood last Oscar weekend. We ran into him at Elton John’s jammed-to-the-rafters fete. But Kenneth, accompanied by his terrific wife, Maria Cuomo, wasn’t there simply to party. He was networking and corralling stars for his big idea – a photograph, which will be published in December on World AIDS Day, of all the prominent scientists and activists who have given time, money, heart and soul to the cause. Mark Seliger is taking the pictures.
So far Kenneth – who is putting his own money into this effort – has snared Greg Louganis, Tom Hanks, Rosie O’Donnell, Elton John and David Furnish, Desmond Tutu, Dr. David Ho, Dr. Suniti Solomon, Harry Belfonte, Sharon Stone and, but of course, Miss Elizabeth Taylor, the woman who started it all back in 1985 when she co-founded AmFAR with Dr. Mathilde Krim. Madonna is in Cole’s sight-line, among others. (Stars who can’t get together at the same time will later be digitally joined in the massive picture.)
Kenneth Cole is working to attract a young, hot star to AmFAR’s cause. AIDS infection rates have risen alarmingly among young people who don’t remember the bad old days, and think, absurdly, even if they are infected, drugs can ‘cure’ them.

The Re-Invented Process – coming soon


from : News is coming in from Warner France that Madonna’s Re-Invention tour documentary is provisionally called The Re-Invented Process and that a premiere of the film is currently scheduled for Saturday 21 May at the Cannes Film Festival. Premieres in London, New York, Los Angeles and Paris are hoped to follow in June.

Britney credits Madonna


Britney Spears has defended often-ridiculed celebrity religion Kabbalah, claiming her spiritual dabbling in the ancient Jewish teaching has helped her through some tough times since becoming a married woman.
In a posting on her website on Friday, the pop superstar tells fans the last few months have been trying for her, but her belief in all things Kabbalah have helped her cope.
She explains, “There came a point where not even my family or my advisors had the answers I needed. “The answers I was looking for were all in my heart. Through Kabbalah, I was able to look within myself, clear all the negative energy and turn my life around.”
In the Internet message, Britney credits old pal Madonna for turning her onto Kabbalah and she urges all her fans to take time to pray.
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Christina Milian talks about Janet and Madonna


The sexy Latina unveiled her dyed tresses last year as she raced up the charts with her hit single “Dip It Low”. And she admits she was drawn to the new look after observing “Nasty” singer Jackson, who is one of her idols.
She says, “The best part of being a girl is dress-up. You can change your look and look different whenever you want.
“People that I admired growing up were Janet Jackson and Madonna. They were constantly changing their image. So I (thought), ‘When did I like Janet Jackson the most?’ It was when she lightened her hair.”
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Madonna Wanted By Sri Lankan Musicians For Tsunami-Relief Album


A consortium of Sri Lankan musicians is trying to recruit the likes of Elton John, Madonna and Ricky Martin to lend their support to the tsunami-relief effort in the form of song contributions that will appear on a benefit album already in the works.
Funds raised through sales of the record will aid rebuilding efforts in countries devastated by the December 26 catastrophe, The Associated Press reports.
Asoka Gunawardena, a spokesperson for United Artists of Sri Lanka, told the wire service that the group is eyeing a March 26 release date for One Nation, One World, One Love. The album would hit store shelves exactly three months after the disaster occurred.
“This album is produced as a tribute to all those who passed and all those who came for our help in this worst natural disaster,” Gunawardena told reporters Wednesday.
The assemblage of Sri Lankan artists has reached out to several U.S. music label representatives for contributions, the AP reports. The 18-song album will also feature singers from Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Somalia and the Maldives.
Gunawardena said that sales of the compilation will support the construction of schools in the recovering region, as well as the erection of a memorial in Sri Lanka, one of the hardest-hit areas.
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