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Madonna is a right Cowell


Madonna is on course to claim Simon Cowell’s crown as the world’s toughest talent-show judge.
The Queen of Pop is stepping into Mr Nasty’s high-waisted trousers in a new US star-search programme to be fronted by hip-hop singer MISSY ELLIOTT.
Madge got the thumbs-up from producers after destroying hopefuls during a screen test with some of the most biting criticism ever seen on a talent show.
Many of her comments were so strong they made Simon Cowell sound like Snow White, so we’ve used some computer trickery to turn her into the scourge of showbiz.
A source close to Madonna told me: “She doesn’t suffer fools gladly. She will have no patience with the have-a-go heroes trying to make a name for themselves.
“If someone walks into the room the wrong way she’ll say “no” before a note is sung and that will be their chance gone.
“She will reduce people to tears because she is so direct.
“Her comments really find their targets, they don’t go flying past and hit the wall. There is no pantomime about her performance.
“She plays the role of a judge as she is in real life. There is no showing off like there is with Cowell.
“Only real hopefuls will get through to be judged by her. She is brilliant at separating talent from over-confidence and the best thing is that nobody can argue with her verdict.”
Madge filmed her screen test for the show in a London studio a month ago after she finished her Re-Invention tour.
She was given tapes of hopefuls and the producers recorded her reaction.
Missy Elliott personally asked Madge to collaborate on the show after they got to know each other while making a series of Gap adverts together.
They became so close they have given each other nicknames.
Madonna calls Missy “Miss Lissa” and Missy calls Madonna “Mad.” The new talent show, which has a working title of The Road To Stardom With Missy Elliott, has been pencilled in for launch on American television early next year.
I am told Madonna also expects it to be broadcast in Britain soon afterward.
source : sun

Elton John avoids confrontation with Madonna


Sir Elton John refrained from going to Donatella Versace’s bash hosted in honour of pop queen Madonna, and sent his partner, David Furnish instead, reports the Sun.
Elton John who rebuked Madonna for miming during her re-invention tour, at last weeks Q awards avoided an awkward situation by abstaining from the party, in which Madge was the guest of honour.
“Elton’s just lucky that he had a sacrificial lamb to send to the slaughter. There was an uncomfortable atmosphere and there were lots of intense stares coming from Madonna’s table,” a source was quoted as saying.
However, David looked a bit uneasy and sat far away from Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie.
source : ANI

Rowling, Beck and Madonna write ‘thumb-size’ books for charity


A number of British celebrities, including the likes of ‘Harry Potter’ creatorJ K Rowling, Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney, football ace David Beckham and pop icon Madonna are doing their altruistic bit by writing a series of 23-books for poor and homeless children.
The series, which is an initiative of London’s 999 club, is to be autioned soon and Rowling’s book which she has illustrated with witch’s hats and Harry Potter’s glasses herself and Sir Paul’s book, which has the lyrics of the Beatles hit ‘Hey Jude,’ are expected to draw some of the highest bids, reports The Sun.
source : ANI

Madonna is praying for a child


Pop icon Madonna has revealed that she visited Israel recently to seek blessings for another baby.
The ‘Material Girl’ singer, who already has two children and is a known advocate of the Jewish faith of Kabbalah, let this piece of information out at a party at her house, which was attended by the likes of Victoria Beckham and actress Demi Moore, reports the Star magazine.
“She talked about how the trip would renew their lives, and the hope was that being blessed by holy people would make her wish come true,” an insider was quoted saying.

Madonna Tops Field For Billboard Touring Honors


Madonna leads the finalists for Billboard’s inaugural Backstage Pass Awards. The veteran performer is contending in three of the six artist categories.
The awards recognize the top achievements in touring, according to box-office data gathered from Billboard Boxscore reports between November 2003 and September 2004. They will be presented during the Billboard Backstage Pass touring conference, set for Nov. 8-9 at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York.
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Matthew Vaugh – The Director’s Cut


Creative partnerships have a tendency to become strained, however, and none more so than those in the film business. In spite of being friends – Vaughn was best man when Ritchie married Madonna – they have had major disagreements. The notorious Swept Away almost brought them to blows. Ritchie wanted Madonna in the role of the heiress trapped on an island with her chauffeur while Vaughn preferred Penelope Cruz. Ritchie believed that Vaughn was implying that Madge wasn’t up to the job. In fact, he was taking the line of a producer which was simply that Cruz would sell the movie more easily to investors. Ritchie got his way, however, with the result that we have seen.
Clearly, Vaughn’s got the chops to continue producing movies in the UK, a terrifyingly difficult thing to do even with a successful track record. And while he produced Layer Cake, having acquired the rights from its author J J Connolly after meeting him on a train to Belgium, the opportunity to direct the movie has given him a taste for the creative side. In the four years it took to develop Layer Cake, Guy Ritchie pulled out of directing the film and Vaughn was reluctant to give it to anyone else.
“I had put so much effort into it that I wasn’t willing to let it go,” he said. “I thought, I am not going to run around town and find some director who will start doing things I wouldn’t want. I knew every shot of this movie. Why go through the hell of giving it to someone else?”
In the closed and jealously protective world that is the British film industry, Vaughn and Ritchie are still regarded as rogue upstarts, cinematic spivs who got lucky. But now that Vaughn has shown himself capable of being both the money and the talent, his detractors are going to have to start taking him seriously. Goodbye Mr Schiffer. Hello Mr de Vere Drummond.
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Madonna fans hit back at angry Elton


Madonna’s legion of fans have launched a vigorous defence of the singer following Sir Elton John’s recent verbal assault.
Sir Elton’s expletive-strewn tirade against Madonna at the Q Awards accused the singer of miming in her concerts.
However, Madge’s friend Rupert Everett has waded into the war of words, accusing Elt of being “bossy and cranky”.
And on Madonna’s website, fans have lined up to criticise Elt, one of pop’s elder statesmen. They label him a “fat frog” and dub him senile.
Speaking about Madonna’s nomination for Best Live Act, Sir Elton said anyone who lip-synchs at a L75 per person concert “should be shot”.
He said: “Madonna, best f****** live act? F*** off. Since when has lip-synching been live? That’s me off her f****** Christmas card list but do I give a toss? No.”
A spokeswoman for Madonna said Sir Elton remains on the star’s Christmas card list “whether he is nice … or naughty”
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Rupert Everett Defends Madonna from Elton John


Rupert Everett has accused Elton John of being “bossy and cranky” after he criticised his pal Madonna for lip-synching on her re-invention world tour.
The British actor became close friends with Madonna when the pair teamed up in film flop The Next Best Thing and he has stepped in to defend her after Elton attacked the singer during the Q Awards ceremony in London.
Bitchy Elton slammed Madonna for charging fans upwards of $75 (GBP41.60) to see her perform and then lip-synching certain songs – criticism Everett has taken to heart.
He fires back, “I don’t understand what he’s got against her because this is the second time he’s stuck into her a bit. That seems really unfair to me.
“Listen, any singer who dances all the time, you don’t have the breath to sing all the time. Everyone knows that. It’s unfair to make it a point. If you do a heavy dance routine, at some point you’re going to do a bit of lip-synch. But everybody does that.
“Madonna sings everything she can sing but, if she goes into a dance routine, she’s got to dance; you can’t breathe and dance and sing at the same time. She doesn’t lip-synch her whole performance.
“I bet Elton has lip-synched moments of his performance, even though he’s at a piano all the time.
“He’s very bossy these days, I think. I mean he’s lovely but he’s a bit bossy and he does seem a bit cranky.”
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