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Madonna Library – 130+ Madonna Interviews and Articles

Few days ago finally went through a much-needed facelift / redesign.
I’m still fixing some bugs here and there and if you have any issues with how something works here, please drop me an e-mail at [email protected]
Anyway, now it’s time to start adding some fresh new content here!
The first part of the site that went through a major upgrade is ‘Interviews & Articles’ section, now renamed to Library.
Half of the article weren’t available here before, so check them out here. :)


Madonna Library


Site News: Comments are back! commenting system has finally been upgraded!
We’re now running disqus, platform that is being widely used on websites like CNN, Rolling Stone and Time.
Old comments are still here, except for small number of those containing explicit/offensive language.
You can still comment anonymously, or you can register with disqus, if you wish to keep your username.
You can also login using your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ accounts… and tweet/share your comments on these social networks.


Madonna Gallery is back!

Our gallery page is available again at!
All of the ‘photos of the day’ and fan tour photos are there.
Video and movie caps and movie promo pictures will be added in the next few days.

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8 Madonna Interviews & Articles added

American Film (July/August 1987) *
Entertainment Weekly (May 11 1990)
Interview (June 1990) **
Newsweek (November 02 1992)
Entertainment Weekly (November 06 1992)
NME (December 02 1995) **
Entertainment Weekly (July 27 2001)
Sunday Times Culture (September 20 2009)

read over 70 more interviews here

* Thanks to Pud
** Thanks to Acko

Send us your magazine scans, mail them to [email protected]


Site Problems and New Server

Due to heavy traffic since the tour started and constant overloads, we had to do an immediate upgrade to a new server today.
During the process, some of the latest comments were lost and there still might be some smaller technical problems.
Please be patient, hopefully everything will be back to normal very soon.


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