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Madonna’s Collapse Part II

The singer reportedly collapsed and had to be looked after by her aides after a gruelling two-hour performance in Anaheim, California.
An onlooker is quoted by MSNBC as saying: “After she thanked the crowd, she fainted backstage in full sight of those sitting way above the stage.” A backstage worker is quoted by Britain’s The Sun newspaper as revealing: “She claims she’s OK but there are real fears she is over-working. She is pushing herself really hard – and she’s not been sleeping well. She’s very fit but she’s not as young as she used to be.” The mother-of-two’s personal doctor has now been ordered to accompany her during the rest of her ‘re-Invention’ tour and her nutritionist has also revised her strict diet to ensure she is eating well-balanced and vitamin-packed meals.
The star’s spokeswoman played down any health worries but did admit Madonna is exhausted, saying: “Madonna didn’t faint but she was certainly suffering from exhaustion.”This is the second time Madonna has fallen ill during her world tour, which started last month in Los Angeles.
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