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Madonna’s new movie !

Madonna will play the gunslinging 1920s movie star Texas Guinan in a new musical being produced by Martin Scorsese.
She will fill the leather chaps originally occupied by Courtney Love. The troubled rock star was cast as Guinan and even wrote a number of songs for the film before being dropped following her recent drug problems, according to the Sun.
The film, Hey Sucker!, takes its title from the infamous catchphrase which Guinan always delivered at the start of her baudy stage shows. The silent movie star was a legendary horseback rider who appeared in a wide range of Hollywood westerns and also became a prohibition-flouting nightclub hostess.
Madonna, who bought the rights to the film in 2001 through the movie arm of her production company Maverick, will co-produce with Scorsese. She will also take on Love’s songwriting duties.
It will be directed by Jeremy Scott, the music promo director who made Madonna’s high-profile anti-war video for her single American Life.
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