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Madonna News - August 2004

Madonna’s Millions

This documentary has no redeeming features. Writer and director Max Flint sets out to uncover how much Madonna is worth, using a corny cash register graphic to tally his spurious calculations. It’s cheap, bitchy and dull. Financial planners, ex-managers with axes to grind, sad fans and alleged “friends” offer a series of worthless insights, while Flint takes us through a house in which Madonna once lived and makes an unsuccessful fly-over of her current abode.
We learn nothing about Madonna; in fact, we barely see her. Just a couple of unflattering stills, one early interview and some grainy footage that supposedly shows her auditioning for a New York dance school. There’s not even any of her music. That would have cost $6000 a minute, Flint explains. So instead the soundtrack is provided by Kylie, Dido and a string of other female singers.
At the conclusion of this tawdry exercise, Flint’s “exclusive finding after months of research” is that Madonna is worth $US213 million after tax. So now you have absolutely no excuse to watch.
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River warning for Madonna fans

Madonna fans were told to keep clear of the dangerous waters of the Boyne River today by the owner of Slane Castle.
The Irish coastguard unit Gardai will patrolling the flooded waters to ensure there is no trouble as 80,000 fans gather for the queen of pop first ever concert.
Lord Henry Mount Charles, the owner of the historic County Meath Castle said: “The Boyne is a hungry river, it is reputed to claim 12 lives a year, not I might add, on concert days.
“Though we have had some very unfortunate incidents.
“People look at it and admire it, but don’t go near it. At some of the previous tragedies people have had tickets in their pockets and that is just crazy stuff.”
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Madonna and m-Qube have made it possible for the star’s North American fans to download polyphonic ring tones and other licensed mobile content from her official Web site, across most major carriers and without the need for a credit card.
The mobile company said this was the first artist-driven online store of its kind.
“Madonna sees the future of the music business tied intimately to the wireless space and doing this deal is the first step of many to utilize the robust capabilities of mobile phones,” Madonna’s manager Caresse Henry said.
Visitors to can purchase the handset-personalization products just by providing their mobile phone number and handset type. The charges appear on their wireless bill.
Andrew Miller, m-Qube’s senior vp business development, said being chosen by an artist like Madonna validated his company’s mobile storefront strategy and the importance of cross-carrier premium billing solutions.
“It’s Madonna’s music, so the store is going to be her way, on her terms,” he said. “This is not through the label. This is working directly through the artist. When fans think of Madonna, they will think of the music and her Web site, not their phone company.”
This approach is not suitable for all artists, he added, but is particularly appropriate for someone of Madonna’s iconic stature. Participating in her own store also gives her a larger share of the proceeds because there is no label involvement.
Direct premium billing means that consumers who do not have or choose not to use a credit card are able to purchase the products. “In some territories we offer customers both credit card and carrier-billed options, and about 90% choose carrier-billed,” Miller said.
M-Qube is headquartered in Boston with offices in Redmond, Wash., and Toronto. The company’s strategic wireless partners include Verizon Wireless, Cingular Wireless, Sprint PCS, AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile USA, Nextel Communications, Cincinnati Bell Wireless, Bell Mobility, Rogers Wireless, Telus Mobility, Microcell, SaskTel, MTS and Aliant Mobility.
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Mary Had A Little Amp Features Benefit CD

Mary Had A Little Amp Features Children’s Songs by Madonna, Dixie Chicks, R.E.M., Maroon 5, Dave Matthews, Bonnie Raitt and Others.
On October 5, Epic Records will release Mary Had A Little Amp, a special collection of songs children love performed by sixteen renowned artists. All proceeds from Mary Had A Little Amp will benefit People For the American Way’s Project Kid Smart and People For the American Way Foundation’s Start Smart America, projects working to ensure preschool education for all American children.
Featuring new takes on children’s classics like a rare version of Graham Nash singing “Teach Your Children,” the Dixie Chicks’ new rendition of “Rainbow Connection,” original songs by Moby and Rosanne Cash, contributions from Jack Johnson and Maroon 5, and unique collaborations between Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson and between Dave Matthews and Blue Man Group, Mary Had A Little Amp will be the perfect addition to any parent’s, child’s, or music-lover’s collection.
“This CD is the result of the efforts of many artists and activists. We asked the Dixie Chicks to help us make preschool education a national priority and they stepped up to the plate. The Dixie Chicks’ involvement in this project was enormously important to our outreach to other artists,” says Project Kid Smart Director Julie Burton, explaining the origin of this unique CD compilation.
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Madonna’s Father Surprised by daughter’s ‘wife’ role

Pop legend Madonna’s father Silvio Ciccone is proud that his daughter has changed her ways and settled down with a family.
But Ciccone still finds it hard to believe the middle-aged mother-of-two is the same girl that he raised in Michigan.
Ciccone says, “It’s true, she’s a good wife. When I see her with Guy Ritchie, I can’t get it in my head that she’s the same girl I raised. She was hell on wheels when she was younger.
“Now she’s got this marriage and I’m proud that she’s been able to keep it going this long.”
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Madonna and Kabbalah ‘Is this the End’

Madonna is reportedly becoming disillusioned with The Kabbalah Centre, an insider has been reported as saying to the Star newspaper.
The source is quoted as saying that Madonna is upset that they have apparently been marketing off of her.
The source was also quoted as saying that she is also tired of them constantly coming to the well for money, and she was furious they leaked she was to visit to Israel.
The insider said that Madonna and hubby Guy Ritchie have had enough of it feeling leaders have become too intrusive in their lives.
It was reported recently that during rehearsals for a performance Guy Ritchie was so angered with the constant interruptions that he ended up scuffling with one of the Kabbalah rabbis.
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Rupert Everett about Madonna

British actor Rupert Everett has leapt to the defence of famous friend Madonna over her conversion to the controversial Kabbalah faith.
Madonna began studying the controversial offshoot of Judaism in 1997 and has managed to encourage her film director husband to embrace the mystical teachings.
Her attempts to convert the spiritually confused Britney Spears seem to have failed, but Madonna’s Next Best Thing co-star and pal Everett can see the positive affect her new found faith has had on the MUSIC superstar.
He says, “It’s made her much, much softer.”
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Madonna treats fans on her birthday

Madonna decided to give her Los Angeles fans a special treat on her 46th birthday – a treasure trove of her personal items.
The city’s weekly promotion Tigerheat, which marks the Music singer’s August 16 birthday annually, celebrated her big day on Friday last at the Hollywood Athletic Club.
And to give her fans an extra treat, Madonna, who celebrated her birthday in London with husband Guy Ritchie, waded through her closets and gave lucky guests a selection of her personal items.
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