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Madonna News - September 2004

Madonna To Add Extra London Tour Dates ?

Madonna enjoyed playing at London’s Earls Court so much last month (August), she wants to return later this year for another three dates.
The Vogue superstar – who made $1.8 million for each concert she performed at the venue – was overwhelmed by the warm response she received in the capital, and hopes to treat British fans to some more shows next month (October).
A source says, “It’s still in the planning stages, but Madonna can’t wait to go back to Earl’s Court.”
“She’s hoping the shows will take place next month, we’re just waiting to get confirmation.”
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Madonna’s university challenge

There are a few challenges left for Madonna, and a university degree is one of them.
Having pretty much conquered the world of pop, Madge is now set to read Literature at Oxford University.
The Material Girl is to further her knowledge of British literary greats such as Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy and Jane Austen, by studying for a Bachelor of Arts.
But undergraduates should not get too excited about sharing halls of residence with her, she will be doing the course from home.
A source says Madonna was always frustrated about having to sacrifice her education when her music career took off.
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WIFLFAG on a new compilation

Madonna’s song – What it feels like for a girl, remixed by Stephane Pompougnac is featured on his new compilation – Best Of Costes.

Best Of Costes

Madonna’s honeymoon invite

Despite the ‘are they or aren’t they married’ Britney Spears debate, Madonna has invited the happy couple to the UK for their honeymoon.
How sweet.
Why not come and play at my Wiltshire country estate and we can teach that young Kevin of yours how to eat with a knife and fork?
Or shoot birds?
Either way, we’ll have to sort out his wardrobe.
According to reports, Madge sent the couple a Kabbalah text as an engagement present.
Er, we’re not sure if it was a text message along the lines of, “You idiot! Hope you know what you’re doing?”, or an old Kabbalah text book.
Either way, Spears loved it.
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Time for calendars

The European version of Madonna’s official 2005 calendar is ready to reach stores.
The calendar licensed to Danilo is manufactured in the usual ISO A3 European format (approx 29.8 cm x 42 cm) and it’s not squared like the Us version as you can see in the image below.
Some little changes in the graphics were done to adjust the content to the new bigger format.

Madonna Official Calendar

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Madonna’s new song ?

DrownedMadonna can reveal that during some European rehearsals for the Tour, Madonna rehearsed a new song but she never actually put it in the show. Her management wanted her to do it for the DVD taping but Madonna didn’t want to waste it in the RIT DVD. The song is an electro-pop ballad. As for now it’s due in 2005.
…the song has been already recorded, and even if it is due in 2005, at this stage it’s too early to state that it will be THE new single, although insiders say that Madonna is strongly determined to have a Number 1 single again. Apparently the song was written by Madonna and Patrick Leonard, produced by Guy Sigsworth and mixed by Stuart Price.
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Portugal DVD Chart

01 Drowned World Tour [2001]
16 Ciao Italia – Live From Italy [1987]
17 The Immaculate Collection [1990]
21 Live Down Under – The Girlie Show Tour [1993]
source : True Hectic (madonnaNATION Forum)