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Madonna News - September 2004

Madonna gets $10 million not to play

Madonna’s feeling highly insulted the CBS network has pulled the plug on broadcasting her Reinvention tour. The network didn’t like the anti-war propaganda, the gay content and the constant plugs for Kabbalah. But it’s not too bitter a pill for the Material Girl to swallow — she’ll still get a $10-million cancellation fee.
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Madonna high on the Holy Land

Madonna says she’s happy she made her kabala pilgrimage to Israel. Despite being dogged night and day by the media, she tells us in an e-mail, ”I felt very safe and very welcome… . From my perspective, (the trip) was a smashing success.”
She does allow that, though she tried to strike some poses for photogs as she visited holy sites, ”the paparazzi in Israel are the most volatile and ferocious I’ve ever witnessed… . (They) make the Italians look like pussycats.”
Madonna isn’t the only one who wants to visit Israel. New York Gov. George Pataki told new Israeli consul Arye Mekel that he wants to go back for another visit. (Pataki accompanied New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani in 2002 for a 16-hour trip after a wave of terror there.)
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Movie gossip

Undettered by failures past, Madonna is apparently making a new movie, nd this one features a French Shih Tzu.
A Paris boulevardier told the Telegraph of London: “My friend was walking along with her little Shih Tzu, Ulysse, when she was stopped by a woman who said, ‘You’re going to think I’m mad, but your dog is exactly the one that Madonna wants for her new documentary.’ That weekend two members of Madonna’s band took Ulysse on a filmed tour of Paris, but they wouldn’t let on about the film, except that it’s due to premiere at Cannes next year.”

X-STaTIC PRO=CeSS in London

Steven Klein and Madonna’s X-STaTIC PRO=CeSS exhibition will be on show in London from 15-30 October at Scout gallery. The gallery sent this press release:
This collaborative project between Madonna and renowned New York photographer Steven Klein was based around the loose narrative of ‘a performer in her rehersal space where she creates and brings her ideas to life or death’. Scout will be screening the film and also showing editioned photographs not seen before in the UK that capture this idea of the creative process.
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ReInvention Tour DVD Rumours

While every Madonna fan can’t wait to buy the official Dvd of the re-Invention tour, we add another piece of info to the cauldron of speculation. Our collaborator from Portugual Silly Thing got infos from a reliable source from Portuguese Radio who says the DVD will probably be released in March 2005. The working title is now “The Re-Invention Tour – Live In Lisbon”. As usual these are the cases to just wait and see.
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Top concert grosses reported the week ending

01 Madonna / Paris, France / Sept. 1-2, 4-5, 2004 / $7,357,529 / Attend : 68,000/68000
02 Madonna / Arnhem, The Netherlands / Sept. 8-9, 2004 / $6,759,661 / Attend : 73,300/73000
03 Madonna / Meath, Ireland / Aug. 29, 2004 / $6,575,339 / Attend : 62,275/70000
04 Madonna / Lisbon, Portugal / Sept. 13-14, 2004 / $3,286,166 / Attend : 33,460/33,460
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Parliament forbids the entry of Madonna into Egypt

Egyptian Parliament members have submitted an order to Government demanding that American singer Madonna be prohibited from entering Egyptian soil. Parliament members also included a number of other international singers on their list of people forbidden from entering Egypt and called on all their embassies abroad to not grant any of them visas into Egypt or be allowed to shoot any of their music videos on Egyptian soil.
The demand came after Madonna announced that she will celebrate the Jewish New Years in Israel and that she had converted to Judaism. On a similar note Arab Parliament member, Ahmad Al Taibi, in the Israeli Knesset turned down an invitation from Madonna to an event she held after she showed inconsideration for the sufferings of Palestinians, especially children, under the occupation of Israeli soldiers.
Ahmad had stressed that he wished the singer would try and learn from other international stars like Richard Gear and Julie Christie who came to the occupied lands and showed their support for the suffering of Palestinians.
Madonna had announced that she has changed her name, which has become a marker throughout her career, and now demands to be called by her new Jewish name Esther. The singer who has adopted the Jewish sector “Kabbalah”, revealed that she has become so affected by her religion that she felt she must change her name to go with her belief. The well known Material Girl was named after her mother who died when the singer was young and said she wanted to be attached to the “energy” of a new name.
During an interview in the United States, the Catholic born singer said that since following the teachings of the Jewish mystical faith Kabbalah – whose principles she said were very “punk rock” and anti-establishment – Madonna has learned to follow new directions.
Adopted by gurus of popular culture, the Kabbalah, an ancient Hebrew mystical system of thought, embodies the mystical side of Judaism and teaches one to embrace small sparks of daily experiences and the seemingly insignificant moments of life.
Madonna stressed that she will not answer to her old name and will only accept being Called Esther from now on. One of the key changes to date has been her name, “I was named after my mother. My mother died when she was very young, of cancer, and I wanted to attach myself to another name.
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Madonna’s naughty ensemble up for grabs

A sexy piece of pop history, once worn by none other than Madonna, is one of the many items fans can pick up at a Christie’s music memorabilia auction next week.
The exotic black leather one-piece outfit, sported by Madonna in her 1992 book Sex, is one of the prize lots up for grabs, expected to fetch upwards of GBP6,000. Comprised of a backless bra and thong connected with a network of straps, the naughty ensemble is signed by the pop star, along with an affectionate XOXOX, in a not-so-discreet spot.
Madonna’s risqu, leather costume joins decidedly less racy items going under the hammer on September 29 in London. Other standouts for sale include an elaborate Black Sabbath stage cape worn by frontman Ozzy Osbourne in 1974 , estimated to bring in GBP4,000, as well as a 1960s-era striped satin jacket owned by Rolling Stone Keith Richards, a steal at GBP500-700.

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