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Madonna News - September 2004

Madonna’s Father Slams Reports

Madonna’s father Tony Ciccone has dismissed reports his daughter gave him nearly a million dollars to bail out his wine business as ‘totally untrue’.
Ciccone Vineyards in Michigan – owned and run by Ciccone and his wife Joan

Madonna’s fans send death threats to website manager!

Madonna’s recent show at Wembley Arena turned chaotic as the police had to be called in when 70 fans, who had spent hundreds of pounds on tickets, found that there were no seats for them.
Michael James, the manager of said that 20 customers did not get tickets because of a mistake, and added that furious fans turned on him and two other firms before they had time to buy tickets from touts.
“I feared for my life. I have received death threats. But we are not a fraudulent company,” The Mirror quoted James as saying.
Lawyer Alain Gavin, meanwhile, revealed that he had paid an agency 150 pounds to see the pop diva’s performance but had to return back disappointed.
“Some of the people had flown in from far away and they were very disappointed. Some paid 1,700 pounds for three tickets. There were kids of seven or eight-years-old who were most disappointed,” added Gavin.
source : ANI