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Madonna News - October 2004

Missy Elliott snubs Madonna over Kabbalah

Missy Elliott snubbed Madonna when the pop queen tried to convert her to the Kabbalah. The rap star, 33, has admitted the ‘Material Girl’ offered her the religion’s signature red bracelet – worn by stars including Britney Spears and Demi Moore.
But Missy declined because she’d been raised a Christian.
She said: “I love Madonna – we became friends after the Gap advert. She introduced me to Kabbalah and gave me a red bracelet. I’m Christian, so I didn’t join – but we’re still close.”
Meanwhile, Missy has confessed her mother scolds her for her raunchy songs.
The star – whose tracks include ‘Get Ur Freak On’ and ‘Toyz’, an ode to vibrators – claims her mother complains she can’t boast about her daughter’s success to her friends – because her songs are too offensive.
She said: “Mom’s very religious and calls me up to tell me off about my songs.
She says she can’t even tell people at church to go and buy my records because my lyrics are so rude.”
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Madonna Accused of Teaching Kabbalah to Children

Pop queen Madonna’s latest book has infuriated Kabbalah critics, who claim it brutally forces the mystical offshoot of Judaism “down the throats of innocent children”.
Madonna’s new kiddies book branded Kabbalah propaganda aimed at children
The Material Girl’s fourth children’s tome THE ADVENTURES OF ABDI tells the story of ABDI, a young boy who has to deliver the most precious necklace in the world to the queen, and overcomes numerous obstacles “through the power of spiritual certainty”.
Religious cult expert Rick Ross tells American news site MSNBC.COM, “The book is just more Kabbalah preaching disguised as a kiddie book. The character survives ‘through the power of spiritual certainty’
“It’s just pushing Kabbalah down the throats of innocent children.” The book will hit book shops in November.
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Tour Documentory Rumours

Madonna’s tour documentary, which chronicles her Reinvention Tour and the “new” Madonna, among other things, is now tentatively projected to hit theaters by this spring, her spokesperson said. Jonas Akerlund is directing.
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Madonna is the most successful woman in German charts

German TV station RTL broadcasted the “Ultimative chartshow – most successful female singer” in German over the last 40 years, based on how many weeks (more than 1 week) their singles spent in the Top 10 of the German charts. In total 73 female singer were listed.
No.1 was Madonna.
They showed several short video clips (interviews, Madonna’s first live performance with “Holiday” on German TV , music videos) and stated:
Madonna had 19 Top 10 hits in Germany, spent 136 weeks in the Top 10 with “La Isla Bonita” being the most successful single of her. Each one praised her for her talent, strength, and permanent Re-Invention.
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Madonna Plans Jazz Duet

Pop superstar Madonna is planning a duet with African jazz singer Cesaria Evora.
Fans of the 63-year-old Cape Verdan star were surprised to see the Material Girl in the crowd at a concert Evora gave in London last week.
But sources say Madonna is a huge fan and desperate for the pair to collaborate.
An insider reveals, “She’s a big admirer of Cesaria’s. As far as I know, nothing’s been signed yet, but I think they could be singing together soon.”
And a spokesperson for Evora’s record label Bmg admits a duet isn’t out of the question: “A collaboration wouldn’t surprise me. Cesaria has an immense global following.”
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Elton John not sorry for slagging off Madonna

British pop star Elton John held back on Tuesday from apologising for his recent foul-mouthed attack on Madonna, whom he accused of miming during live performances, saying she is an “artist of the video age”.
“I do regret hurting her feelings because she’s a major artist,” John told Television New Zealand from Las Vegas where he is performing.
However, he appeared to qualify his regret by adding: “But she’s a major artist of the video age and she’s not the same kind of artist as U2 or Springsteen or Prince or Sting, or someone like that.”
Picking up a songwriting award from Q music magazine in London earlier this month, John publicly attacked Madonna when he heard she had been nominated for best live act.
“Anyone who lip-synchs in public on stage when you pay, like, 75 quid to see them should be shot,” he said, referring to London ticket prices for her Reinvention tour.
“Madonna, best f*cking live act? F*ck off,” John said loudly.
Asked by the TV New Zealand interviewer if Madonna is still speaking to him, John said: “Well, she’s probably not actually, which is a shame, but I’m going to have to rectify that.”
He said he does not regret saying it “because I have a bee in my bonnet about live shows”.
Her show isn’t totally live, he said.
“Madonna is a great artist — I hate to hurt her. I don’t like slagging people off.”
The pop star added: “It was in the context of a very rowdy lunch. Sometimes when you say something and then it’s written down on paper, it looks totally different.
“But I do think she’s a good person and I will try to rectify that.”
The American pop superstar rejected John’s charge at the time, saying she does not lip-synch or criticise other artists.
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Interview with Dabbie Harry

Debbie Harry and Edinburgh were made for each other. Like the city, she is iconic with a certain arctic hauteur and a tendency today towards a venerable cragginess. And like its Morningside inhabitants, she has also been known to parade about with no knickers.
Despite a number one hit with “Maria”‘s jangly pop a few years ago, most of Harry’s fans braving the Hogmanay hoar will be in their thirties and forties, a generation who still remember Harry’s late-70s heyday as sex on a record; the result of some weird chemical experiment involving Nico, Michelle Pfeiffer and a big bottle of bleach. More knowing than Marianne Faithful, less self-exploitative than Madonna, she was in her thirties when Blondie had hits with “Denis” and “Sunday Girl”. Surrounded by the gaucheness of punk, and possessing cheekbones you could hang coats on, the age factor added to her alluring image of mature sexuality. Her habit of wearing skirts with no beginning probably helped too.
An adopted child who grew up in New Jersey dreaming that her real mother was Marilyn Monroe, Harry has said that when she first started singing in groups, she would sometimes wonder if her birth parents were out in the audience, watching her. Yet she never tried to trace them. Instead she threw her energy into gaining wider attention: “In those early days, I was obsessed with fame and fortune. I really wanted to be noticed and adored. It was a big motivating factor and it got me through a lot of bullshit I would never have stood for otherwise.”
As an adventurous teenager in New Jersey in the Fifties, she listened to the liberating rhythm and blues of Fats Domino and Bo Diddley. “I had a boyfriend who was hip. We’d go to the Village to see bands. Back then, there was that sense that everything was up for grabs. Kind of like punk later on.”
She moved to Manhattan and worked as, among other things, a waitress and a Playboy Bunny girl. She sang in bands; rumour has it she became a groupie, hanging out on the New York punk scene with the Ramones and Iggy Pop and dabbling with narcotics from heroin to LSD and cocaine.
A former cohort of Andy Warhol, Harry was singing with an all-girl trio called The Stilettos when she met Chris Stein. They became inseparable, forming a group together called Angel and the Snake which later became Blondie.
“Every night you just had to watch where you walked,” she recalls of their journeys home from gigs in the early days. “And all you’d get was a couple of beers for playing. We had been playing there for six months with the bikers shouting: “Hey, Blondie”. One night it clicked. I thought: “That’s it – let’s call the band Blondie.”
Blondie’s first hit, “Denis”, a pop-punk remake of the 1963 original, made it to number two in the British charts in 1978. That same year, the band’s album, Parallel Lines, became a million-seller. From then until the mid-Eighties, Blondie were a bombshell to be reckoned with, and far more musically ambitious than they needed to be. Although nobody thanked them for it at the time, Harry was the first to introduce rap music to a mainstream, white audience with their 1980 hit “Rapture” “and then you’re in the man from Mars, you go out at night eating cars…”).
But of course a large part of Blondie’s commercial success was centred on Harry’s sexiness, as was much of the criticism that followed. Long before Madonna’s more hard-nosed hard-sell sexuality, Harry was going on stage without any knickers, acting out the part of an assertive blonde bombshell. She attracted condemnation even for a jokey picture where she pretended to lick a record.
After a long series of Blondie hits, however, she took a break at 38 to care for Stein, her lover and guitarist, who had been afflicted with pemphigus, a rare and often fatal skin disorder. Stein slowly recovered, but at the expense of their relationship and Harry’s career. “At that point, I never thought I would have a viable pop career again,” she noted later. “I thought I was finished. I was tired and disillusioned, burnt out.”
She was also physically falling apart; in her forties and early fifties she hit her “ice-cream years” and had her widely discussed weight problems. Then after two decades of peroxide, she went bald in her forties, so she gamely got a crop and a selection of wigs for outdoor wear. “Now that I am a middle-aged woman,” she said bravely, “I have become like Cher.” Cher, however, had not recorded now-ironic hits such as “Eat To The Beat” and “Die Young, Stay Pretty”. And yet Harry has weathered the years better than, say, Mick Jagger or Ronnie Wood, and at 59 is now back in shape thanks to diet and surgery.
Harry is still on the road at venues such as the Edinburgh Hogmanay bash because Blondie made her famous but not rich; the band being one of the last of that foolish breed of rockers who apparently signed recording contracts without consulting lawyers. Consequently their 25 million sales went largely to the record company. It says something about Harry’s strength of character that she refuses to whine about this, or the other disappointments she has had along the way.
When she went solo she changed her name to Deborah, but found the fans only wanted Blondie. Despite a hopeful hit, her record company had also lost interest. “French Kissing” was a massive success, but my relationship with Warners was over by then. They were too busy pushing some other blonde. I felt overshadowed by their commitment to Madonna, and this feeling that I was being viewed as some sort of competitive thing that they couldn’t devote much time or energy to. Those songs sort of happened on their own.”
She claims not to feel any real resentment towards Madonna, despite the fact that the younger woman effectively stole and coarsened her act. “But she did it so well,” she says, without bitterness. “She’s a very smart woman, actually. I really respect her.”
However, even Harry could not dig up a generous response to Atomic Kitten, who covered her hit “The Tide is High”.
A film career Harry hoped might blossom, obstinately refused to germinate beyond bit parts in Hairspray and Videodrome. And while Stein has gone on to marry, twice, and have a child, Harry is unmarried and alone. “I don’t feel frustrated,” she has said. “If I want to have children I can always adopt. Or I can go out and steal them.”
Old pop stars never really fade out, they simply re-release. The onward journey may not carry much dignity but there’s no mistaking Harry’s determination and willpower in pulling herself back to life so many time, professionally and personally. “In some ways it’s pretty preposterous that anybody my age is doing what I do but I don’t feel bad doing it,” she said recently, “and I feel like I’m doing a good job.” Debbie Harry may have outgrown her sex kitten stylings, but she has matured into a woman altogether more substantial and formidable.
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