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Madonna considers motherhood

Life just doesn’t seem to stop for pop’s iconic queen.
Madonna, three months after finishing her grueling, super-successful Re-Invention Tour, has just published her fourth children’s book, The Adventures of Abdi, and now says that she won’t mind getting pregnant again.
In an interview with People magazine, the 46-year-old singer said she isn’t making any definite plans, but says, ‘I’m going to have fun with my husband and see what happens.’
Married to director Guy Ritchie, Madonna also talked fondly of her friends Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney, who’ve made her feel welcome in her relatively new English habitat.
She seems to be loving writing for young readers, and is currently focused to continue work with them. ‘My focus is to turn The English Roses (her first children’s book) into a world of adventure and inspiration for girls,’ she says. ‘I want to turn it into a film. I want there to be an English Roses column where girls can write in and ask questions. I want to be able to help girls and, in the process, help myself.’
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