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Brotherly love

Madonna’s brother Christopher Ciccone talked for the first time last week about the reported rift between them.
We asked Her Madgesty’s creative sibling whether it was true they’d had a falling-out when she didn’t invite him to art-direct her last tour, as he had in the past.
“Our relationship is in very good standing; we speak to each other all the time,” the jewel-eyed designer told us. “You know that every large family has its ups and downs, and we are no exception.”
Besides, Ciccone doesn’t need his look-alike sis to toss him any work. He’s part owner of the West Hollywood restaurant Central and is designing a celebrity suite for producer Ryan Black’s Oscar bash at the Pacific Design Center.
As for speculation that Madonna’s devotion to kabbalah, a mystical branch of Judaism, fueled the now-healed split, Ciccone says it can’t be: He’s into it, too.
“I practice kabbalah,” he told us, “in my own way.”
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