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Donna De Lory talks about Madonna

Interviewer: Then you went on to do demos and of course, that’s how you ended up touring with Madonna….with ‘Open Your Heart’.
Donna: Madonna….yeah….you’re like, ‘With Madonna….?’ (Laughs) Yeah, I did this demo. A boyfriend of mine at the time Garner Cole wrote this song, he gave it to her with his voice on it, and she said ‘No’ and then he went to me and said, ‘Will you sing it?’ so I sang it, did my thing, and then she took the song, made it a huge hit – which was good for him because it made him a millionaire. And then….in return for that I got an introduction to her producer Pat Leonard and got to meet her and tour with her.
Interviewer: OK, so here you are, every night, with thousands of fans screaming and yelling and going nuts, and then you come and you play these great shows, you know, at Yoga places….for you, is the charge almost kind of the same or is it a totally different kind of thing, because you’re still performing.
Donna: It’s so different different, really, because it’s my voice and my expression, and, it’s a totally different experience. As far as that I’m singing and I get a chance to touch people and reach people and do what I love to do, that’s the same. I felt like, you know, my voice is obviously more powerful on my own. In her….I mean, there are so many elements to her show and I’m just one of them, which is great because it’s nice to be part of something so amazing. I mean, I love both, you know? It’s a great day job! (Laughs)
It supports me being able to bring my band out and play these clubs and rent a big white van and do all this and promote myself, so it’s kind of – they work together. And it’s interesting because definitely Madonna’s influenced me. I started doing yoga a few years ago and she was always there doing poses and she was an inspiration, definitely.
Interviewer: I see you have the….
Donna: Red string, yeah. (Laughs) Now, how do you know about this red string?
Interviewer: Now, it’s supposed to protect you from ‘The Evil Eye’?
Donna: Yeah, I think it’s more of….to me it’s more of a reminder of protecting from the negativity….my own negativity. So, it’s kind of a reminder to be positive and just seeing the light in everything.
Interviewer: I saw some people even at the concert wearing that and I thought, ‘Now were they into that before….?’
Donna: ‘….wait a second, where they trying to impress her’….yeah….(Laughs)
Interviewer: (Laughs) Is that what it is? (Laughs)
Donna: (Laughs) No, no no – no, not at all….I know….people have said that. I mean, who knows? To each his own and if that’s someone’s path….these are teachings that she’s studying right now and she shared them with us and they’re great teachings. You know, I appreciate the truth in all kinds of forms and many paths, so, I check it all out – it’s great.

Madonna with Donna De Lory

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