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Internet auction site eBay have refused to sell a pair of knickers once worn by Madonna.
The owner of an Aberdeen lap-dancing club tried to flog the silk girdle-style pants worn in the star’s film Body Of Evidence.
But the internet site banned the sale because the underwear had been used.
Tony Cochrane paid £800 for the pants, which were won by the star during a steamy sex scene in the film.
He kept them in a glass case on the wall in his Private Eyes club, alongside an autographed picture of the famous scene.
But when he decided to sell them during a club refit two weeks ago, he was shocked to discover that eBay cancelled the auction.
Tony said: ‘We bought the pants in 1998.
‘We thought they would be good for the club, as we had a picture of Madonna wearing them.
‘They fitted in with the theme of the club.
‘Our customers were thrilled to see them alongside undergarments from Striptease, Showgirl, True Lies and Baywatch.’
Tony said he was flooded with offers when he put the pants up for sale on the net.
He said: ‘After five days, we had an offer of £1000 from a buyer in the US.’
But his plans were scuppered when he received an email saying that the auction had been terminated, as the site ‘does not permit the sale of any used undergarments’.
He said: ‘I don’t even think we can wash them and put them on sale. But we have received a private offer to buy them.
source : daily record