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Madonna News - May 2005

Le Bon still disgusted by Madonna and Spears’ lesbian kiss

Duran Duran star Simon Le Bon lost all respect for his idols Madonna and Britney after they shared a lesbian kiss at 2003’s MTV Video Music Awards.
The 1980s star was disgusted by the pop beauties’ shock embrace, because he’s convinced it was a shameless publicity stunt to increase their fortunes.
He complains, “It worried me when Britney snogged Madonna. It looked a bit fake. It screamed ‘We’re in this for the money.'”
source : contactmusic

Madonna film ‘Truth or Who Cares’?

Madonna may have found inner peace – but will her kabbala-induced serenity put movie audiences to sleep?
Last summer, Her Madgesty hired Swedish director Jonas Akerlund and a small army of cameramen to make a documentary about her Re-Invention tour. Word is she saw the film as a sequel to “Truth or Dare,” the 1991 concert film directed by her previous instrument, Alek Keshishian.
Madonna and Akerlund have spent much of the past six months editing the film, which tentatively has the catchy title “The Re-Invented Process.”
Cannes Film Fest officials turned down a rough cut of the film – which doesn’t surprise some who’ve seen it.
“More than half of the film is about how the kabbala has enriched her life,” an insider tells us. “People do not want to see this from Madonna. They want to be shocked. All of the juicy stuff – like Madonna and [husband] Guy Ritchie arguing – was cut out by Madge herself because she wanted to show how much the kabbala has changed her.”
The Cannes committee seemed to want to make it up to Madonna by inviting her to be a juror, but she reciprocated their rejection. Some say the whole experience has put her in a foul mood.
“Guy has been getting the Madge attitude 2-4/7,” claims our source.
Madonna rep Liz Rosenberg says that, according to one person who saw the “Re-Invented” film, “There really isn’t that much kabbala in it. The movie has terrific performance footage. And how could it be like ‘Truth or Dare’? Her life is so much different now.
“She’s already back in the recording studio. Her tracks are said to be incredible. Believe me, Madonna’s never been one to wallow in depression.”
source : nydailynews

New album rumours

Superstar Madonna has already named her forthcoming new album – the disc will be called Defying Gravity.
The Material Girl’s last album American Life – released in 2003 – was critically panned due to the songs’ strong anti-Republican content, and only three singles were released from the CD.
But Madonna, 46, has written eight tracks so far, including a single of the album’s name, and hopes she will be more successful this time.
An industry insiders tell Britain’s The Sun newspaper, “Madonna has played her new material to Warner label bosses and they love it. “There is a rockier edge and the usual electronic influence. The label are really excited and believe it is full of hit singles.”
source : contactmusic

Liz Rosenberg slams rumours

Madonna has hit out at reports she is undergoing fertility treatment to conceive a second child.
British magazine Star today claimed the Material Girl was trying out “Indian fertility treatments” to help her become a mother for the third time at the age of 47.
Madonna is quoted in the magazine saying, “I’m going to have fun with my husband and see what happens.”
But a spokesperson for the star insists, “There is absolutely no truth to that story.”
source : contactmusic

Madonna joins stars at premiere

Madonna made a surprise appearance on the red carpet at the UK premiere of Sin City, leaving one of the film’s stars speechless.
The singer turned up at the Empire Cinema in London’s Leicester Square with film director husband Guy Ritchie.
The thriller Sin City stars Brittany Murphy, Mickey Rourke and Clive Owen.
Murphy, who was signing autographs for fans outside the cinema when the famous couple arrived unexpectedly, admitted being star-struck.
“She’s my idol,” said the 27-year-old, who also appeared in 8 Mile with rapper Eminem.
“If I meet her at the party I will shyly and meekly shake her hand.”
Madonna and Guy Ritchie were reportedly a late addition to the Sin City guest list.
The film, based on a novel by comic book writer Frank Miller, was up for the Palme d’Or prize at the Cannes Film Festival last week.
Sin City director Robert Rodriguez and actors Jessica Alba and Michael Madsen were also at the screening.
source : bbcnews

Eve curious about Madonna’s closet

Hip-hop beauty Eve finds her own style so contradictory, she often fantasises about raiding Madonna’s closet.
The Satisfaction rapper, who has her own clothing line called Fetish, admits Madonna’s style has always fascinated her.
She says, “Some days I look like I’m a schoolteacher and some days I look like a whore, so I’d be amazed to see what (Madonna) has (in her closet).”
source : contactmusic

Madonna The Coffee Trader

Madonna has been turned from Material Girl to African coffee trader to help a campaign to boost fair trade.
The amazing transformation is the result of hours of work by digital artists to morph Madge into real-life coffee trader Alivera Kilza.
The image, together with ones of Richard Branson and Bill Gates as fellow coffee traders are being used to promote a pop concert at the London Eye on June 21st.
The event, called Flight 5065 is being put on by CafeDirect to help raise awareness so that growers of coffee and their communities get to SHARE in the profits of their labor.
Each of the 32 capsules on London’s giant wheel will play host to artists and performers while the 20 passengers in each capsule watch in amazement.
There will be a different show in each capsule with exclusive live performances of music, theatre and comedy, including Damon Albarn, Beth Orton, Turin Brakes, as well as actors from the National and Royal Court theatres.
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Madonna as an African coffee trader

source : skynews