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Madonna News - June 2005

Get into Madge’s groove

When the queen of pop isn’t busy dressing like a Sunday school teacher and plugging her latest kid’s book, Madonna is heading back to her dance roots.
Never one to follow fashion, Mad’s has decided to team-up with some top producers for her forthcoming album, rumoured to be out late November.
“It’s all dance music,” she recently blabbed. “No ballads, no slow songs.”
Which is a shame, because we know there’s another This Used To Be My Playground in there, just waiting to get out.
After surprising her critics in 1998 by working with William Orbit and releasing the excellent Ray of Light, Madge went all semi-dancey on us and brought French producer Mirwais Ahmadzai onboard for both Music and American Life.
Stuart Price (a.k.a. Jacques Lu Cont), her musical director on the Reinvention Tour, who co-wrote X-Static Process on American Life is also said to be involved.
While Swedish producer-songwriters known as Bloodshy & Avant (Christian “Bloodshy” Karlsson and Pontus “Avant” Winnberg), who wrote and produced Britney’s Toxic hit are also lending a hand.
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Madonna Returning To Dance Music On Her Next Album

Madonna wants to go back to her roots, so she’s planning to get into the groove on her next album. “It’s all dance music,” she revealed recently. “No ballads, no slow songs.”
The Material Mom has been working on her 10th studio album with several collaborators, some of whom have lent a helping hand before, such as French producer Mirwais Ahmadzai, who lent his retro-electro style to both Music and American Life, as well as Stuart Price, her musical director on the Reinvention Tour who popped up on American Life by co-writing “X-Static Process.” His ’80s electro-pop sound will be showcased even more prominently on the upcoming, still-untitled album, she said, because she did “a lot” of it with Price (a.k.a. Jacques Lu Cont).
But Madonna isn’t just tapping into the well of the tried and true ” she’s also borrowing a bit from Britney by experimenting with a duo of Swedish producer-songwriters known as Bloodshy & Avant (Christian “Bloodshy” Karlsson and Pontus “Avant” Winnberg), who made a name for themselves by writing and producing Spears’ “Toxic.”
Madonna’s album is due in late November, and she plans to tour by next summer.
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Rumour : Madonna vetoes Rick Astley party

Madonna reportedly vetoed Guy Ritchie’s plan to hire Rick Astley to liven up one of her husband’s parties.
Guy wanted the 80s crooner to sing at the wrap bash for his latest film, Revolver, reports the Mirror.
The paper quotes a source as saying: “Guy and the production staff on the movie thought hiring Rick would be a cool thing to do for his cast and crew, who had worked so hard on the gangster flick.
“They were discussing how to make it a bit different and somehow came up with the idea of hiring Rick.”
The cast thought it a great idea and were already looking forward to dancing to Never Gonna Give You Up – until Madonna vetoed the idea.
“She wasn’t into the idea at all and didn’t find it amusing… No one can understand why Madonna didn’t approve of him being the star attraction.”
The Mirror speculates Madge is still harbouring a grudge from 1987 when his cover of Nat King Cole’s When I Fall In Love outsold her The Look Of Love.
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Madonna Continues Tending ‘English Roses’

Madonna has produced five children’s books in the past 18 months in a deal with Callaway Editions, and the fifth, “Lotsa de Casha,” was supposed to be her last. But now she has decided to do a sequel about the tween girls who starred in her first book, “The English Roses.”
It’s already written and illustrations are under way, she says. The expected publication date is September 2006.
She decided to revisit the young girls who were jealous of a beautiful yet insecure classmate because it was the book closest to her heart — and it’s the favorite of her daughter Lola, she says.
“When I first started out (writing the books), I knew what the first book would be about, jealousy and envy, which I did in ‘The English Roses.’ … Girls can be especially hard on other girls,” Madonna said in a telephone interview.
Publisher Nicholas Callaway said Madonna still has many stories to tell. He also pointed out that “The English Roses” was on The New York Times’ list of best sellers for 18 weeks. “Lotsa de Casha” has also made the Times list, debuting at No. 3.
“She identifies with the English Roses. She wants to help guide girls through that crucial stage of life,” Callaway said.
All of Madonna’s books, however, teach a little lesson, and they’ve all been inspired by her own life.
“Mr. Peabody’s Apples” was about the downfall of a rumor monger. “The whole idea of gossiping, speaking badly of each other and spreading rumors is a subject that’s very near and dear to my heart,” she said.
And in the new “Lotsa de Casha,” a wealthy Scroogelike greyhound finds happiness only after he is forced to work for a living. He sees the other half lives a rich life without gold or jewels.
The former “Material Girl,” who sold millions of records and became one of the most powerful women in the music industry, is the right person to tell that story, she said.
“The ideas for all the books ultimately came from my own life experiences. This one was my realization that material things don’t buy you happiness. … If you don’t have great success, how could you come to this conclusion? I had to go through this, and there were times in my life where I was perceived to have everything, yet I didn’t feel fulfilled,” she said.
What has brought her happiness, she said, is her family — Lola, son Rocco and husband Guy Ritchie. Raising children has taught her how to share and take chances for the greater good, which aren’t always at the forefront in the minds of most celebrities, she said.
“You have to be a lot less selfish. For me, real sharing and the growth of sharing is when you do something … outside your comfort zone.”
The children’s books embody that philosophy for her, she said, noting that she doesn’t take any money for writing them, instead she makes a donation to the Spirituality for Kids Foundation, an education and outreach arm of the Kabbalah Center.
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Madonna’s new album is expected to be released late November this year. We can confirm that the album will be an all dance record! Madonna also hopes to go on tour again by next summer.

Madonna on the cover of “Now” magazine

IPC Media’s women’s weekly magazine Now is publishing a Live8 pull-out in its 22 June issue to support Bob Geldof’s campaign to cancel the debt in the world’s poorest nations.
The 12-page section will feature interviews with Madonna, Status Quo and Bob Geldof, plus a detailed programme and gossip section.
Editor Jane Ennis said: “Now readers will be hugely interested to get the inside track leading up to the event and this brilliant preview covers everything from the concert line-up and gossip to interviews with the stars and people behind Live8.”?
Live8 is part of a day of action which is taking place across the world and kick starts The Long Walk to Justice, calling on the leaders of the world’s richest countries to act when they meet at Gleneagles, Scotland, on 6 to 9 July.
Performers at the London Live 8 concert include Madonna, Robbie Williams and Coldplay.

Madonna on the cover of Now