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Madonna News - July 2005

Then and now of the glam brigade

Madonna : She’s the ultimate diva, what with her “~conical bras’ hogging as much limelight as her feminine seductress act in Material Girl. Madonna progressed to sexier numbers and her image changed along with her.
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MSNBC users offer their selections for best album of past 20 years

We asked, and our readers responded and one thing is clear, our readers like their music with a lot of guitar (and maybe even a little cowbell) and they like it loud. In response to our call to send in your picks for the best album of the past 20 years, our readers flooded us with enthusiastic selections. Thank you! Here is a sampling of your picks.

Madonna, “Ray of Light”?
It has to be included in the best albums of the last 20 years. “Ray of Light”? was definitely a comeback album for the “Queen of Pop.”? True fans felt the intimacy of “Ray of Light,”? not seen since 1989’s “Like a Prayer.”? Both albums allowed listeners to peer deep into the life of Madonna. Plus “Ray of Light”? was the beginning of Madonna’s new love for electronic music, which has been featured on each album since. “Ray of Light”? is one of my favorite albums to relax and fall into. ” Jaime San Felippo, San Francisco

source : msnbc

Most wanted Live 8 performances

AOLMusic’s online coverage of Live 8 continues to reap rewards, almost two weeks after the concert itself. AOL has announced that over 8.5 million different people have visited in the week following Live 8, with over 25 million on-demand plays of the performances. With the overwhelming response to the Live 8 broadcasts, AOL will extend the availability of the performances for an extra three weeks, and they will now be available until September 5. Pink Floyd’s reunion performance was the most played, followed by Madonna, U2 and Green Day as the most-watched artists. The most popular individual performances were Paul McCartney and U2’s London opener of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and Coldplay’s team-up with Richard Ashcroft on “Bittersweet Symphony.”
source : fmqb

Billy Steinberg On Meeting Madonna

from : In “Heart & Soul: Revealing The Craft Of Songwriting” by Chris Bradford, Billy Steinberg recalls the moment he finally met Madonna after writing Like A Virgin:
Once you have sold your song ” and in Nashville alone some 50,000 songs are pitched each year to fewer than 100 major artists ” sit back and wait for a hit. It could be a fraught time. Even then, don’t expect much in the way of recognition or thanks from the artist. After writing Madonna’s signature hit, Like a Virgin, Billy Steinberg waited five years to meet her. At a swish Beverly Hills party he was finally introduced to her and her beau Warren Beatty. “I gave her my biggest smile and said, “~Madonna, I’ve wanted to meet you for so long.’ She said: “~Well now you did,’ grabbed Warren and walked away. I was devastated.”?
Heart & Soul: Revealing the Craft of Songwriting by Chris Bradford is published by Sanctuary

Ricky Gervais and Madonna

Posted by Johnnox on MadonnaNation : I met him at the screening of Extras, his new show, and he said the newspaper reports of his meeting Madonna at Live 8 were accurate.
He and his writing partner Stephen are going to wait until they see how the first series goes down with the public before they start writing a second series.
Now Madonna has shown an interest, they will write an episode specifically for her, like they did with all the other starts of this first series. They then submit it to her and its up to her whether she says yes or no.
They’re doing the same with Brad Pitt.
When I interviewed him a few weeks ago, before he met her at Live 8, he said rumours she would be in series one were unfounded as she hadn’t been approached by them.
He said: “She’s welcome to give me a call though.”

Ingrid Says

To some it’s a revolution, to others it’s just evolution. But, whatever you call it, TAI, the nocturnal troika of Tommy Pooch, Alan Roth and Ingrid Casares, has just lost its I. According to Casares, who was with TAI for just over a year, the parting is purely amicable — it’s just that the partners didn’t see eye to, uh, I.
”It’s nothing personal,” she says. “We just want to do different things. No hard feelings.”
Her former partners agree.
”Ingrid is great, and Tommy and I will always care for her. But we just had different directions we wanted to take the company,” Roth says.
On Casares’ to do list: ”I’m working on Madonna’s new album, which is a dance record,” she says. ”I’ll be working on that nationwide.” She’s also doing an MTV Video Music Awards party at the Raleigh with Maverick Records honcho Guy Oseary; Pink, the gay-friendly monthly event at the Raleigh, and she’s reteaming with former Joia partner Nicola Siervo in the restaurant biz again when Quattro opens on Lincoln Road in December.
”I get offers every day,” she says. ”Thank God, life is good.” How can it be bad when you’re BFF with Madge?
source : miami herald

Controversial Madonna portraits to be sold

Two notorious portraits of Madonna painted by a Scottish artist later angrily condemned by the pop star are headed for public auction.
Painter Peter Howson’s portraits — one of a nude Madonna squatting over a grave and the second of the singer in a transparent blouse — are being sold Aug. 29 and 30 by Sotheby’s auction house in Perthshire, Scotland, the Scotsman reported.
The paintings, described by the newspaper as “deeply unflattering,” were first exhibited in Ayr three years ago and purchased by anonymous collectors. A horde of international collectors is expected to attend the auction at Gleneagles resort.
Howson told the Scotsman he painted Madonna’s likeness from “memory and imagination.” Once a close friend of the singer, Howson said he has not heard from Madonna since she angrily condemned him and his work after the Ayr exhibit.
Scotland on Sunday art critic Iain Gale said the paintings will generate plenty of interest now that the formerly racy star is “Mrs. Respectable.”
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Entetainment Weekly Live 8 Review

…But a few hours into the 10-hour concert, the London show really hit its inspirational stride. Geldof took the stage and introduced some Ethiopian famine footage that had been shown 20 years ago. When it ended, he brought out Birhan Woldu, a healthy and beautiful 24-year-old woman who had appeared in the video, and, he said, barely escaped death thanks to funds raised by Live Aid. It was a powerful mooment, and it could have been marred when Geldo immediately introduced, the next performer, Madonna. But, unexpectedly, the juxtaposition worked: Madge and Woldu’s embrace will likely become Live 8’s most enduring image.
As Madonna fought back tears, she quickly launched into her set opener, a gospel-fired rendition of “Like a Prayer” that built a solemn moment into a truly uplifting performance. That joyous mood was sustaind by dance-pop hits “Ray of Light” and “Music,” which she extended into an epic vamp that had most of the crowd clapping and singing along…

Live 8 DVD follows big Live Aid

Going by sales for the Live Aid DVD, EMI is betting the Live 8 sequel should also hit a high note.
Released through Warner Music Group’s Warner Strategic Marketing, the Live Aid DVD, shipped more than 500,000 units to retail since its Nov. 2004 release. That’s hefty for a music DVD, most of which are fortunate to do half that business.
And now EMI has agreed to a relatively huge advance and royalty rate in order to lock up the worldwide Live 8 DVD rights. Well-placed sources said EMI is paying Live 8 organizers an advance worth north of $5 million to distribute the massive concert, where blue chip acts played simultaneously around the globe July 2.
EMI also apparently signed onto a 35% royalty rate off DVD sales, which kicks in after the label makes back its advance.
EMI spokesman Adam Grossberg declined to provide details about the DVD negotiations but said the label did pay a “multimillion-dollar advance to the Live 8 organization, which helped make the July 2 concert possible. Once we break even [after resulting sales], there will be future contributions. It was an exceptionally generous royalty rate.”
Discs tailored to different countries are expected to land at retail in November. Starring talent should include Madonna, Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd and Elton John.
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MTV, VH1 To Air Live 8 Performances Uninterrupted

Responding to viewers and critics, MTV Networks has announced that it will broadcast 10 hours of Live 8 performance footage ” including sets from Jay-Z, U2, Paul McCartney and others ” commercial-free on MTV and VH1.
MTV and VH1 will each offer five hours of uninterrupted performance footage with differing artist lineups on Saturday. VH1 will air its Live 8 highlights from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, while MTV’s batch of highlights will roll out from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.
“At MTV and VH1, we’re in a constant and candid dialogue with our audience, and in the wake of the live events last Saturday, our viewers have resoundingly told us online they want to see full-set performances from their favorite artists,” MTV Networks Music Group President Van Toffler said of the move. “As a result of viewer demand and thanks to the Live 8 organizers and performers, MTV and VH1 will air 10 consecutive hours from one of the most important musical events of our time.”
MTV has also announced plans to roll out a half-hour special on the issues behind the Live 8 event on Friday at 9 p.m. “Live 8: Next Steps” will re-air at 8 p.m. on Saturday immediately following the Live 8 highlights.
source : mtv

Rumour : New Remixes

from Peter Rauhofer messege board : According to sources in Warner, Huerta and Madonna’s team has contacted Basement Jaxx, Jacknife, Superchumbo, Rauhofer, Jan Driver, and Fierce & Coppola about re-mixing Madonna’s new single. They sent a copy of the first single to them. They are not confirmed yet. Again Madonna hand picks each remix.