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Rumour : Documentory to premiere on TV ?

For a variety of reasons, Madonna’s documentary feature did not go to the Cannes Film Festival, and it has become clear that it’s not going to be screening at the Venice cinema jamboree either.
So where will it get shown? Um, television.
The singer and her many associates have decided, or rather been advised, that the film – which is a behind-the-scenes and in-front- of-the-scenes look at her last tour – would work better on the small screen.
At one point, the Cannes czars were going to give Madonna a place on the jury and show the documentary as a work in progress.
Cannes festival boss Thierry Fremaux told me he had seen three hours’ worth of footage but, in his view, “it wasn’t ready”.
Others have seen more footage, and it appears that wasn’t ready, either.
Documentaries about artists’ exploration of their work often come across better on the box than on the big screen.
One tends to want to doze at the cinema, whereas at home one can hit the pause button while pouring a glass of cranberry juice to stay awake.
One wag commented last night: “What’s happened to Madge? Is she too busy feeding her chickens to sort this thing out?”
Some films that will be at the Venice Film festival include Proof, which stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Jake Gyllenhaal, and Casanova, with Heath Ledger and Sienna Miller.
Sienna is hoping to attend the festival for Casanova’s world premiere screening on September 3, but first she will have to work out whether it would be feasible to miss a performance of As You Like It, which is running at Wyndham’s Theatre in London’s West End.
While I’m on the Sienna topic, it’s worth remembering that Jude Law is one of the few actors in this country whose work has been honoured with Oscar nominations.
And by the way, the producers of Casanova want to know if they are booking a suite in Venice for one, or two.

source : dailymail