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Rumour : Madonna to produce a movie about Dusty Springfield

Madonna and her quest for movie success continues at a fast pace… but she is now planning to hit the screen as a producer. While she may have been the undisputed star of the recent Live 8 show in London, as far as movies are concerned, Madonna’s star doesn’t shine so bright.
But she plans to rectify this by making a big-screen version of the life of Sixties singing legend Dusty Springfield – who scored worldwide success with tracks like I Only Want To Be With You. Madonna told my mole: “In order to work at the level I want in movies, I have to create my own vehicles. This is a story I can relate to well.”
Not only will she produce the movie, but she’s also hinted that she will take a small role… that of Dusty’s manager. Fans of Musical Madonna, take note that her new album – provisionally called Confessions Of A Dance Floor – will be out towards the end of October this year.

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