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That’s no lady, that’s Madonna

Madonna is the new Audrey fforbes-Hamilton, albeit more To the Manor Bought than Penelope Keith’s dowager. She has been shot in jodhpurs (only with a camera, not a 12-bore) enjoying British aristo pleasures and wafting grain around the lawn of her Wiltshire pile wearing a catwalk gown.
Her transformation from one who played the pop ho to one who might bank at Hoares is complete. So if I were her husband I’d be very nervous. Guy Ritchie might have anticipated retirement as a squire as his film career nears the end of its reel, but how long before the old girl wearies of green wellies? The chanteuse has talent, above all, for reinvention; the material girl is a mercurial woman. When she masters one look, she is soon shopping for the next. By the time toffs pile round for the start of the pheasant season she may even have adopted peasant chic ” as long as it keeps her in the manner to which she has become so very accustomed.

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