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Madge needs body double in video

Madonna needs a body double for her new music video because it’s too painful for her to dance.
Filming has been put back while Madge recovers from a broken hand, collarbone and cracked ribs she got from falling off a horse. Producers are considering hiring a lookalike to perform the rigorous dance routines planned for the promo of her new single Hung Up.
Madonna took a tumble while out riding on her 47th birthday last Tuesday. She had been doing promotional work for her new album Confessions on a Dancefloor, due out in November. But an insider said: “This is a club-friendly album, very dancey – and she wanted the video to reflect that. It hasn’t been shot yet, so they’ve gone back to the drawing board to rethink it.
“Madonna’s got her arm in a sling and her hand is plastered. She’s not going to be dancing for a while.”
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