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Madonna News - August 2005

Simpsons win family accolade

TV host Jonathan Ross is perceived to have the happiest home life of all.
Chef Jamie Oliver’s family came second in the happy stakes, followed by footballer Jamie Redknapp, his singer wife Louise and their baby son.
The Beckhams were tenth in the survey of 2,000 Britons, with only one family set-up thought to be more fiery, that of the fictional Slaters in EastEnders.
TV cartoon The Simpsons came fourth, followed by TV chat show hosts Richard and Judy.
The Osbournes, famous for their bust-ups on their MTV show, came sixth ranking above newlyweds Prince Charles and Camilla and the Blairs.
Madonna and her film director husband Guy Ritchie are ninth in the poll, which was carried out for Norwich Union.
1. Jonathan Ross 29.3%
2. Jamie Oliver 21.7%
3. Jamie Redknapp 12%
4. The Simpsons 10.8%
5. Richard and Judy 9.7%
6. The Osbournes 5.1%
7. Prince Charles and Camilla 3.4%
8. The Blairs 2%
9. Madonna and Guy Ritchie 2%
10. The Beckhams 1.2%
11. The Slaters (EastEnders) 0.7%
12. Other

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Old pictures of Madonna featured in a new book

Want to see Madonna with bright pink hair? A forthcoming photo book called “Maripolarama” features Polaroids taken in New York’s Lower East Side during the early ’80s of the scene’s emerging artists ” including the future Material Girl as well as Debbie Harry, Cyndi Lauper, Gloria Estefan, Grace Jones, Sade, Naomi Campbell, Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Klaus Nomi, Vincent Gallo and even David Lee Roth. Designer Anna Sui wrote an essay for the collection, due in November. … Another trip down memory lane is in store with the book “Where They Were at 22,” which profiles celebs such as P. Diddy, Pam Anderson, Bill Murray and even Karl Rove and shows where they were at this turning-point age. The essays will be compiled by Court TV editor Brad Dunn for publication next spring.

Maripolarama book coverMadonna photographed by Maripol

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Madonna featured on Sire Box Set / Seymour Stern on Madonna

Seymour Stein co-founded Sire Records in 1966. His philosophy then is his philosophy now: Find good artists with good songs. That simple directive helped Sire build a roster that has featured the likes of Madonna, the Ramones, Talking Heads, Lou Reed, the Pretenders, the Smiths, My Bloody Valentine and k.d. lang. With the three-CD, one-DVD box set Just Say Sire: The Sire Records Story (due September 13th), Stein — who was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this year — chronicles his label’s storied history.

What was your first meeting with Madonna like?
There was this great DJ, Mark Kamins, who I would follow around to whatever club he was playing. He wanted to become a producer, and I said, “Look, I could introduce you to some of my artists, but you have no track record so they’re not going to want to work with you. You better go out and find the acts yourself.” So I gave him some money, a budget enough to make six demos by six different acts. And the third or fourth thing he brought me was Madonna. I was in the hospital at the time, and I had an infection. It was not life-threatening or anything, but I had to stay in the hospital and be on a penicillin drip. When I heard Madonna’s demo that he made of “Everybody” I got so excited, I said, “I want to sign her right away. I want you to bring her to the hospital.” He said, “I can do it tonight. She really wants to get signed.” I got off the phone, and I looked at myself in the mirror. I was wearing the hospital garb, with the slit up my ass, and I needed a haircut, a shave and a good shower. I got a barber to come cut my hair, and I got my secretary to come with a pair of pajamas and a bathrobe. I wanted her to look at somebody who she thought would be around for a few years to help guide her career — not somebody who was in hospital on the way out. I managed to get it all together by the time she got there. But, to my amazement and disappointment, as anxious as I was to sign her, she was just as anxious to jumpstart her career. If I was lying in a coffin on top of the bed and could get my hand out to sign a contract, she would have been happy. I’m glad I made a presentable appearance, but it was absolutely unnecessary.

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Gossip : And Madonna in Mumbai?

Word has it that a Sri Lankan group called the United Artists of Sri Lanka is in talks with the Indian Performing Rights Society to bring down Western artists of the calibre of Madonna, Sir Elton John and Ricky Martin for an event that is aimed at giving musicians from all over Asia — in this case Indian musicians — a platform to meet Western artists.
The idea is “to give Indian music a boost and a wider reach,” says US-based Sri Lankan Asoka Gunawardena, a member of the United Artists of Sri Lanka who was recently down in Mumbai on a business trip. “People all over Asia can name a litany of Western stars. But if you go to a kid in America and ask them whether they’ve heard of composers from here, no one really knows about anything apart from the odd bhangra track. Hopefully this will go towards changing that equation more in our favour,” continues Asoka.
He met up with Rakesh Nigam of the Indian Performing Rights Society (IPRS) for this purpose. “He wanted to bring down artists composers, artists and musicians from all over Asia for an event over here, perhaps a benefit concert or some kind of a quasi-cultural ceremony. Things are in its infancy, but we have a firm plan in place, it can be done as it’s a good idea,” ends Rakesh.

Spiteri : ‘I Like Madonna’s Style’

Texas frontwoman Sharleen Spiteri is impressed by Madonna’s directness when she wants to get to know somebody, because she simply phones them.
The Ray Of Light superstar hates relying on celebrity parties to meet new pals – she prefers to invite stars she has admired from afar to an evening of fine cuisine and conversation, and Spiteri was on her list.
Spiteri recalls, “Madonna just rang up and said, ‘Do you want to come to dinner?’ and it was either a yes or a no and I said, ‘Yes.’
“That’s just an easier way for her to meet people she thinks she might want to meet because there is always such a fuss around her when she is in a public place.
“I enjoy her company, her conversation. She’s lovely.”

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Confessions on a Dancefloor – Album Update

A few weeks ago reported that Hung Up is going to be the first single off the new album. We are now happy to tell you that Hung Up will debut at radio on October 17th!
Not only that, but is pleased to announce the release date for Madonna’s new All Dance Album. Madonna fans all over the world can rejoice, because the album release date is currently scheduled for November 15, 2005! Put your dancing shoes on and plan a date with your best friends to the clubs, because October & November are going to rule!

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Liz Smith on Madonna’s new album

Who are the happiest music executives in the land these days? The big guys at Warner Records. All who have heard Madonna’s coming CD, “Confessions on a Dance Floor,” have been blown away. (Including WR’s movie-star handsome CEO Tom Whalley.) “Confessions” is entirely a dance-driven pop disc. No message. No ballads. All fun. These days M seems serene as the chatelaine of an English manor, feeding the chickens, riding, tending to her children, etc. (She, her home and her kids are gorgeous in Vogue for August.)
But the once-shocking icon can still get into the groove. And she wants her fans to know it. The album hits stores in November

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Issa Story

Madonna might have climbed into John Galliano and Alexander McQueen dresses and Louis Vuitton suits to appear in the current issue of US Vogue, but there is one London-based designer who is really celebrating the article. “I dreamed of Madonna wearing my clothes ever since I was a little girl,” says Brazilian Daniella Issa Helayel, who designed the flying duck-printed blouse that Madge wore to be interviewed by Hamish Bowles. “Even before I became a designer, I always wanted to make clothes for Madonna.” With Issa dresses spreading like wild fire through A-list wardrobes (Keira Knightley, the Minogue sisters and Paris Hilton are all fans, Camilla Al Fayed is Daniella’s new muse and Sharon Stone has apparently acquired no less than eight dresses for her forthcoming Basic Instinct 2 publicity tour), Daniella has been working on a line of bags and shoes to accessorise them. And after piling the fashion crowd into Annabel’s last season, she’s planning one of London Fashion Week’s biggest dos at the hip new Dover Street venue, Automat, in September.

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Madonna’s New Single Gets A Release Date

Madonna’s new single, Hung Up, will be released on November 7.
The track is taken from Madonna’s new album, Confessions On A Dancefloor, expected a week later.
Hung Up has been produced by Stuart Price, aka Jacques Lu Cont, the musical director on the Material Girl’s 2004 Re-Invention Tour.
A DVD of onstage and behind-the-scenes footage of that tour is also due later in the year.

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