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Simpsons win family accolade

TV host Jonathan Ross is perceived to have the happiest home life of all.
Chef Jamie Oliver’s family came second in the happy stakes, followed by footballer Jamie Redknapp, his singer wife Louise and their baby son.
The Beckhams were tenth in the survey of 2,000 Britons, with only one family set-up thought to be more fiery, that of the fictional Slaters in EastEnders.
TV cartoon The Simpsons came fourth, followed by TV chat show hosts Richard and Judy.
The Osbournes, famous for their bust-ups on their MTV show, came sixth ranking above newlyweds Prince Charles and Camilla and the Blairs.
Madonna and her film director husband Guy Ritchie are ninth in the poll, which was carried out for Norwich Union.
1. Jonathan Ross 29.3%
2. Jamie Oliver 21.7%
3. Jamie Redknapp 12%
4. The Simpsons 10.8%
5. Richard and Judy 9.7%
6. The Osbournes 5.1%
7. Prince Charles and Camilla 3.4%
8. The Blairs 2%
9. Madonna and Guy Ritchie 2%
10. The Beckhams 1.2%
11. The Slaters (EastEnders) 0.7%
12. Other

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