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Williamson in Madonna’s awe

British designer Matthew Williamson was so star-struck when he met Madonna he had to take a walk to calm down.
The flamboyant style guru regularly creates clothes for celebrities like Sienna Miller and R&B beauty Kelis, but became a starstruck mute in the presence of the queen of pop.
And he was surprised to discover she is much milder than her fearsome reputation lead him to believe.
He says, “I went to dinner with Madonna at Le Caprice (London restaurant) and I was s**ting myself. I had to walk round the block to get my bearings.
“Afterwards she took me to a private screening of Angela’s Ashes. I was touching her knees !
“She is not this brazen, crazy, over-bearing character. She’s diminutive, laid back but in control, very sharp. And, she remembers everything.”

source : contactmusic