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Gossip : Madonna Runs up £2500 in Parking Fines

Superstar Madonna could find herself on the wrong side of the law, as she has managed to notch up over £2500 in parking fines… while she goes to the gym.
According to witnesses, she arrives for her twice-weekly visits to fitness specialist James D’Silva’s London studios in a chauffeur-driven car, which then waits for her on a single yellow line while she works out, earning its owner a parking ticket. The star had started mountain biking to the gym to avoid the tickets, but following her recent riding accident, she has been forced to use her car once again.
She has apparently been ticketed over 50 times, racking up at least £2500 in fines. Westminster City Council have defended their actions, saying that anyone who parks illegally will be fined.
source : sofeminine