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Madonna News - September 2005

“Isaac” about Kabbalah ?

Madonna appears to have penned a song in honour of Kabbalah. I’m told Isaac is written in honour of a 16th century cleric who developed teachings of the off-the-wall religion.
How Madonna has changed from those heady Material Girl days! Add that to hubby Guy Ritchie’s latest gangster movie Revolver – which has left critics dumbstruck with it’s supposedly “spiritual” plot – and you’ve got a couple that seem to be into the sect a little too deep. Madonna’s new CD, Confessions on a Dancefloor, is out on November 14.
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Confessions on A Dancefloor in Lotus Restaurant

Disc Jockeys from all across the U.S. converged in a small, chic backroom down at 14th Street’s Lotus restaurant last Wednesday afternoon. They were there to listen to three tracks from Madonna’s soon-due “Confessions on a Dance Floor” album, and to meet the CD’s brilliant British producer, Stuart Price. Although it was all very casual, with cocktails and munchies, the music men – and women – listened intently, in their own hectic, head-bobbing way. (And most of them looked like fresh-faced college students! ) M’s sound went over big time, and Grammy-winner Price, only 30 years old, was mobbed. There were at least three dozen people in this confined space – Price could hardly move from all the handshaking, shoulder slaps and hearty hugs. He is worshipped in the dance community and uses another name on some work – Jacques Le Cont. He’s produced for No Doubt and many others.
Talking about the songs, Price, who also has a very naughty sense of humor, said: “When dance music was young, there was a strong vocal, and the beat was underneath. Now, the vocal is not so prominent. Madonna and I wanted to make a dance album for today, which would satisfy everybody – those who want to really hear her voice and those for whom the driving thump-thump is the thing. I think we’ve succeeded.”
Music scribe Maggie Stein, who also writes under the nom de plume Odyssey Jones, said, “This is hopeful dance music. It has a positive message, in that it’s fun. Just fun. It’s what Madonna needed to do.”
source : new york post

Madonna Trivia for Guy

From MadonnaTribe : Guy Ritchie appeared on French TV show “Tout le monde en parle” on France2 to promote his “Revolver” last night. The british movie maker was interviewed about his new gangster flick, but he also answered to a series of classic questions about The Wife – well actually, he almost didn’t answer any. Here’s a summary of this very special “Madonna Trivia”.

Question “What’s Madonna’s birthday?”
Guy Ritchie: “I don’t know…
“What is Madonna’s real name?”
Guy: Madonna… Louise… Ci… (but made it look like as he did not remember the end of her family name)
Q: “How much money did Madonna have in her pockets when she arrived in New York in her early years?”
Guy: “I don’t know…”
Q: ” Wich singer was Madonna a backing vocalist for?”
Guy: “I don’t know…”
Q: “What was Madonna’s first hit in 1984?”
Guy: “Like A Virgin”
Q: “Whose role did Madonna play in “Desperately Seeking Susan”?
Guy: “Susan”
Q: “In which video we find Madonna together with a black saint?”
Guy: “Like A Prayer”
Q: “How many records did Madonna sell?”
Guy: “130 millions”
Q: “Why was Madonna recovered in a hospital this summer?”
Guy: “For a horse riding accident”
Q: “Who is the designer of Madonna’s wedding dress?”
Guy: “… Humm… A French designer… Oops, no It’s Stella McCartney”
Q: “How tall is Madonna?”
Guy: “Approximately 1.60 mt”
And as for the rumor “Is it true that Madonna uses a special jewel stone and medecine to become more fertile?”
Guy answered “No… But I’m only her husband…”

Madonna’s Video Drama

Madonna is moving on. The Insider’s Marc Malkin reports that the music icon has replaced David LaChapelle with Johan Renck as director of her new “Hung Up” video. Production is scheduled to start shooting next month in London, Madonna’s rep confirmed.
“Hung Up” is the first single off her new album, Confessions From the Dance Floor, out November 15. Madonna and LaChapelle reportedly clashed over artistic differences. This won’t be the first time Madonna teams up with Renck. He directed the video for “Nothing Really Matters” in 1999. Malkin also reports that talks are underway for the video to have its world premiere simultaneously on MTV, VH1 and Logo, the new gay network.
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EW : 10 Albums We Can’t Wait to Hear

1. Outkast, Not Yet Titled (12/6)
2. Neil Diamond, 12 Songs (11/8)
3. Kate Bush, Aerial (11/8)
4. Pharrell, In MyMind (11/15)

5. Madonna, Confessions on a Dance Floor (11/15)
Why is someone whose last album contained an embarrassing rap about a roomful of Pilates hotties on this list? Easy: We know better than to underestimate Madonna’s ability to craft dazzling pop. Her latest album trades folktronica for high-octane, hook-savvy dance music, as evidenced by the ABBA-sampling first single, “Hung Up,” a throbbing blend of Giorgio Moroder, New Order, and fun-loving Ciccone youth.

6. Franz Ferdinand, You Could Have Said it So Much Better… (10/4)
7. Ghostface, Fish Scale (12/6)
8. My Morning Jacket, Z (10/4)
9. Fugees, Not Yet Titled (12/27)
10. Depeche Mode, Playing the Angel (10/18)
11. Shakira, Oral FIxation, Vol. 2 (11/29)
12. System of a Down, Hypnotize (11/22)
13. The Mavic Numbers, The Magic Numbers (10/4)
14. Animal Collective, Feels (10/18)
15. Liz Phair, Somebdy’s Miracle (10/4)
16. Ashlee Simpson, I Am Me (10/18)
17. DangerDoom, The Mouse and the Mask (10/11)
18. Alicia Keys, Unplugged (10/11)
19. Fatlip, TheLoneliest Punk (11/1)
20. Joggers, Witha Cape and a Cane (10/4)

source : entertainment weekly (Thanks to Holidayguy)

Confessions On A Dancefloor – Album Credits

01. Hung Up
Written by Madonna, Stuart Price, B.Anderson, and B. Ulvaeus.
Produced by Madonna and Stuart Price
02. Get Together
Written by Madonna, Anders Bagge and Peer Astrom.
Produced by Madonna and Stuart Price. Original production by Bagge & Peer.
03. Sorry
Written & produced by Madonna and Stuart Price.
04. Future Lovers*
Written and produced by Madonna and Mirwais Ahmadzai.
05. I Love New York (Album Version)
Written and produced by Madonna and Stuart Price.
06. Let It Will Be*
Written by Madonna, Mirwais Ahmadzai and Stuart Price.
Produced by Madonna and Stuart Price.
07. Forbidden Love
Written and produced by Madonna and Stuart Price.
08. Jump
Written by Madonna, Joe Henry and Stuart Price.
Produced by Madonna and Stuart Price.
09. How High
Written by Madonna, Christian Karlsson, Pontus Winberg and Henrik Jonback
Produced by Madonna, Bloodshy & Avant and Stuart Price.
10. Isaac
Written and produced by Madonna and Stuart Price. Spoken Word by Yitzhak Sinwani.
11. Push
Written and produced by Madonna and Stuart Price.
12. Like It Or Not
Written and produced by Madonna, Christian Karlsson, Pontus Winberg and Henrik Jonback.
Additional production by Stuart Price.

* contribution by Mirwais Ahmadzai

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Johan Renck to direct Hung Up Video

… Madonna may have found a new director to replace David LaChapelle. The two parted ways, citing “artistic differences”? over her video “Hung Up.”? The buzz is he’s being replaced by Johan Renck, who worked with Madonna on “Nothing Really Matters.”? …
source : msnbc