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Madonna News - September 2005

Madonna Didn’t Get Preferential Treatment

Madonna has been accused of receiving special treatment in the hospital where she was treated after she has fell down from her horse.
One month ago, Madonna, 47, was rushed to Salisbury District Hospital A&E, where she was treated by National Health Service staff, who is rumored to have given her a private room.
At that time, the diva cracked three ribs and broke a collarbone and a hand in the fall at her 1,200-acre Ashcombe House estate, where she had been celebrating her birthday with her husband,
Guy Ritchie and their two children, Lourdes and Rocco, according to Madonna’s spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg.
A local resident, Phil Matthews, was furious when he found out the pop queen received special treatment and demanded to meet the chief executive of Salisbury NHS Trust, Frank Harsent, to set the record straight.
“I wanted to know if Madonna had preferential treatment.”
Matthews declared: “I asked him (Harsent) if there were any of her minders taking up space. He denied it. My point is everyone should have the same treatment under the NHS and I was determined to see if this happened with Madonna.”
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Ring, ring, ring goes the telephone

from Newsletter : Get Madonna’s brand new single, “Hung Up,” as your ringtone now before the track hits radio next month! In the US, the ringtone is available exclusively at and this week (and coming soon to International customers should please check with their local carriers for details.

Madonna defends Ritchie’s “Revolver”

Singer Madonna defended her husband Guy Ritchie’s latest film “Revolver” on Tuesday, when the couple attended the London premier after a series of damning reviews.
The film stars Ritchie regular Jason Statham as a man out to get revenge on a mob killer played by Ray Liotta.
It is the director’s first film since the ill-fated “Swept Away” in 2002, which starred Madonna but went straight to DVD in Britain.
“I love it,” she told Sky television, referring to the new movie. “I think it’s a very brave film, a bit macho.”
Ritchie has not had a hit since “Snatch” in 2000, which followed his popular “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” two years earlier.
Ritchie said he had not read the reviews and said the film was made for the audience and not the critics.
“Ritchie’s new film lands on cinema-goers’ collective head like a sack of wet sand,” was the Guardian newspaper’s comment.
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Confessions on A Dancefloor – Tracklisting

Speculation from excited Madonna fans has produced tons of rumors about the new album track listing. Fans, Madonna has heard you and now wants to share with you the line up for Confessions on a Dancefloor! The final version of the Confessions on a Dancefloor album tracks are available right here!

Confessions On A Dancefloor
1. Hung Up
2. Get Together
3. Sorry
4. Future Lovers
5. I Love New York
6. Let It Will Be
7. Forbidden Love
8. Jump
9. How High
10. Isaac
11. Push
12. Like It Or Not

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‘Hung Up’ over a vid

Madonna and photographer/filmmaker David LaChapelle won’t be teaming up on the video for her single “Hung Up.” The pair confirmed to us yesterday that “artistic differences” foiled the collaboration.
Just Wednesday, at an H&M/Interview party for his film “Romeo and Juliet,” LaChapelle told us, “It’s going to be major. It’s just the hottest Madonna song.”
Yesterday, his rep explained that LaChapelle “wanted to approach the video in a documentary style, like he did in ‘Rize’ [his movie about ghetto dancers]. Madonna didn’t see it the same way.'”
Some claimed both talents turned diva. “Madonna had to control every little thing,” said one tipster. “She wanted to be shot so she looked very young.”
The 47-year-old goddess certainly looks youthful on the Steven Klein-shot cover of her new CD, “Confessions From the Dance Floor.”
But her rep, Liz Rosenberg, insists Madonna bears no grudge against LaChapelle: “She loves him and said she would work with him again in a minute.”
Her Madgesty was in New York last weekend. Besides having doctors check out her riding injuries, she had dinner Sunday at Blue Hill with Christiane Amanpour.
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Madonna shoots over to Paris for hubby’s ‘Revolver’

Madonna is to scoot over to Paris from her London home to accompany husband
Guy Ritchie to the French premiere of his latest movie, “Revolver”, the film’s press people told AFP.
The US entertainer, who last week travelled to Canada for the movie’s showing at the Toronto film festival despite recovering from an August horse-riding accident that left her with several broken bones, was making her appearance in Paris as a supportive spouse, not a sultry superstar singer, they stressed.
“We can confirm that Mrs Ritchie is expected. It’s in that capacity she will attend the screening,” one of the publicity employees said.
“Revolver”, starring Jason Statham and Ray Liotta, exhibits Guy Ritchie’s trademark style mixing dark humour and gangster violence, though festival audiences have been cooler towards it than with his previous works such as “Snatch” and “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”.
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Vodafone customers first to get ‘Hung Up’ on Madonna

Madonna fans can express themselves big time today with a sneak preview of her new single before it is globally released to radio on October 17th. It’s a ringtone, it’s only on Vodafone and only Vodafone customers can hear it first. Yes first!
Vodafone customers will be the first in New Zealand and among the first in the world to wrap their ears around the first single from Madonna’s 13th album “Confessions on a Dance Floor” which is due for release in November.
The ringtone of the single – aptly titled ‘Hung Up’ – will be available exclusively from Vodafone live! from Monday 19th September. It’s the first time Warner Music in New Zealand has launched a single exclusively as a ringtone prior to its official release to radio.
“It is such a massive endorsement of mobile music that the world’s must powerful female artist is launching her album in New Zealand with Vodafone,” said Vodafone’s Kieren Cooney. “This gives further evidence of mobiles becoming a prefered way of obtaining the very latest in music.”
More than 100 Madonna singles are among the 300,000 full music tracks currently available on Vodafone’s MusicStore. Full music tracks from “Confessions on a Dance Floor” will be added to the Madonna collection on Vodafone’s MusicStore for fans to download, buy and listen to directly on their mobiles when the album is launched commercially.
“Customers are going crazy for Vodafone MusicStore because for the first time they can buy their favourite music whenever they want, wherever they are straight from Vodafone live! onto their mobile.” Says Cooney, “The way people consume music has gone to another level.”
“Thanks to our partnerships with big players in the music industry we have made some major ground in this space,” said Kieren. “I can’t think of any other place you can get all your music needs met – you can download your favourite songs, watch music videos, be ahead of the game on the latest music news and gossip, and kit your phone out with the best ringtones and backgrounds.”
The increasing number of subscribers to the Vodafone Backstage Pass service – which delivers daily alerts with the latest offers, competitions and industry news – represents the growing number of people looking to their mobiles for their music needs.
“Mobile phones are an ideal channel to build the level of demand for a single across a large audience,” said Head of Warner Music NZ Jerry Lloyd. “The Crazy Frog phenomenon is a perfect example of how a ringtone can work its way to number one spot on the charts.”
Vodafone customers can download the ringtone by going to the Music and Tones section of Vodafone live! The 30 second long ringtone costs $3.50 and can be downloaded onto a mobile phone which can play ‘realtone’ ringtones.
Go to Vodafone live! or for instructions on how to win two Motorola 3G mobiles which are up for grabs for Madonna fans.
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