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Madonna News - September 2005

Q Magazine & Madonna celebrate John Lennon’s Music

On Oct. 1, Q Magazine will hit stands with a special tribute to John Lennon. In addition to the magazine, a special CD will be released featuring Madonna’s cover of Imagine. Madonna first performed this song live during her Re-Invention Tour in the summer of 2004. She later reprised the performance in for the Tsunami Benefit in January 2005. Be sure to pick up a copy of Q Magazine!
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The 25 Most Important Pop Culture Moments

…Before there was Must-See TV, there was MTV. The all-music network planted its own flag on cable television in 1981 and changed the music industry forever.
The network became so popular that even politicians couldn’t pass up a chance to appear on it.
And while video may have killed the radio star, plenty of pretty-faced musicians skyrocketed to fame when their videos went on heavy rotation on the fledgling network.
The Material Girl herself got a boost from MTV.
Madonna really caught our attention with her controversial tune “Like a Virgin,” which held the coveted top spot on the music charts for six straight weeks.
The song prompted a Madonna craze in the mid-1980s and made the songstress a household name.
“What Madonna did with that song was to make the visual sell of the song maybe even more important than the song itself. And that was a revolution that has lasted for 20 years and counting,” Entertainment Weekly editor Mark Harris said…
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Madonna Will sell rokr cell

Motorola has signed up an all-star cast of musicians, led by the Material Girl herself, to promote its Apple iTunes-enabled Rokr phone, a Motorola spokesperson confirmed yesterday.
The long awaited phone has been the subject of intense speculation after pictures of it were leaked on the FCC’s Web site, following the agency’s approval of the phone.
The Rokr is set to debut next week, on Sept. 7, and operate on the Cingular network.
Punk legend Iggy Pop is also set to star in the spot, the spokesperson confirmed.
Motorola is also in negotiations with The White Stripes…
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Re Invention DVD News

“What I can confirm is that both the tour documentary and Live dvd will be released but that the doc will be released first (by the end of the year). You know, Madonna has worked like crazy on the doc and she’s so excited about it. So releasing it first sounds logic to me. No release has been confirmed for the live dvd yet, but it will see the light of day, believe me!”

Said Johann, ICON editor and webmaster of awnsering questions about RIT DVD release date.

Madonna signs L1 million mobile ad deal

Madonna has signed a L1 million deal to advertise mobile phones. The Material Girl has already starting filming the commercial for mobile phone giant Motorola, alongside a galaxy of stars including rock legend Iggy Pop.
The ad will see a number of musicians squeezed into a phone box, to promote Motorola’s phone with built in iPod. A source said: “There’s talk of the White Stripes, the Bravery and Alanis Morissette being part of the ad as well. It will be very trendy and keep Madonna at the cutting edge. ”
The shoot was Madonna’s first engagement since her horse riding accident last month. The blonde singer, who suffered cracked ribs and a broken collar bone in the fall, turned up to the studios with her arm in a sling.
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Madge Shows Off Her Sling

Madonna has returned to work, just two weeks after falling off a galloping horse.
The newly ladylike Madge looked sleek and stylish in an ‘Allo ‘Allo-style black suit – with a matching black sling. Slings are all the rage, don’t you know?
The 47-year-old was on set at Shepperton Studios in Surrey, where she is shooting a television commercial for Motorola.
Madonna suffered three cracked ribs, a broken collar bone and a broken hand in the fall, which happened at her country estate, Ashcombe House in Wiltshire.
She had been celebrating her birthday with husband Guy Ritchie and children Lourdes, eight, and Rocco, five, when the accident happened.
Madonna was treated in the accident and emergency department of Salisbury Hospital after the fall and was released later the same evening.
source : skynews

Madonna Making ‘Spontaneous’ And ‘Unapologetic’ Dance Music

Madonna’s so psyched about her upcoming dance album that she can’t wait to see how fans will react to it. “I want people to jump out of their seats,” she said.
Though a few lucky clubgoers have already heard a taste of Confessions on a Dance Floor ” since Madonna’s DJs and remixers like to test out unreleased tracks on actual dance floors ” the rest of us will have to be patient. The 12-song album is due November 15, while the first single, “Hung Up,” hits radio October 17.
Madonna hasn’t released a track list yet, but she recently confirmed the title of at least one other song, which is called “I Love New York,” a city she once spent a lot of time in.
“The reason I don’t spend more time there is because my kids are in school [in London] and my husband likes it in London and, you know, I’m being a good wife!” she told MTV News. “But I get him to come to New York. We make it happen in the Big Apple, don’t you worry.”
Just as Madonna can’t escape New York, she also can’t escape her dancing days ” she did make her living with her feet first, after all. “She has a dance halo over her head,” her co-producer and DJ Stuart Price (a.k.a. Jacques Lu Cont) said. “It’s in her blood.”
Price, who previously lent his electro-pop sound to American Life by co-writing “X-Static Process,” did “a lot” of work on Confessions with Madonna. He said they started “without any preconceived notions” and ended up making “unapologetic dance music” (see “Madonna Returning To Dance Music On Her Next Album”). “It was straight from the gut, unencumbered, not over-edited, very spontaneous,” he said.
Madonna also worked on her 10th studio album with Swedish producers/songwriters Bloodshy & Avant as well as French producer Mirwais Ahmadzai, who collaborated with Madonna on both Music and American Life.
“It’s all about having a good time straight through and nonstop,” Madonna said.
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