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Never a dull moment

Madonna knows what people are thinking.
She’s well aware that plenty of eyes roll, or glaze over, every time she talks about politics or war or her parental duties or, most of all, her spiritual quest through the kabbala. But since she has insisted on addressing these subjects so often – both during interviews and in her music – the media have come to consider the grown-up Madonna to be as “preachy” as the younger one was thought to be “dangerous.”
“What do you call ‘preachy’?” Madonna asks. “Having an opinion?”
“Guilty as charged!” she then proudly announces.

As Madonna holds forth in her Manhattan hotel room, she’s obviously in no mind to go back to playing the party girl of old. She may be here to promote her new CD, “Confessions on a Dance Floor,” which returns her to the rousing beats and frothy exuberance of early hits like “Holiday.” But she says her motivation for recording such an album wasn’t simply to make fun music again, or even to shore up her wobbly recording career.

Instead, it seems, she wanted to, ahem, help mankind.

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