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Madonna News - October 2005

Madonna pledges tour stopover

Madonna has promised patient Australian fans her next world tour will come Down Under.
The superstar’s last two tours (2001’s Drowned World and 2004’s Re-Invention tour) have both bypassed Australia. Her last visit was 12 years ago for 1993’s Girlie tour.
“I had a really great time last time I was in Australia, but I know it was a long time ago,” Madonna, 47, said in London yesterday.
“It’s just that Australia is so far away and for the last two tours I had to cram everything into my children’s summer vacations. But I really don’t want to pass Australia by next time.”
Madonna, who has sold four million records in Australia and 200 million worldwide, is planning a world tour for 2006, once again around daughter Lola, 9, and four-year-old son Rocco’s schooling.
The club-oriented tour would be “about discotheques and disco balls”, she said, and came on the back of her return-to-dance album Confessions on a Dance Floor, sequenced without gaps between tracks to simulate a DJ set.
The album will be released on November 14.
Tour dates are reportedly already locked in for Japan.
“If I go to Japan I’ll go to Australia, I promise!” Madonna said.
Confessions on a Dance Floor follows American Life, the lowest-selling album of Madonna’s career.
Meanwhile, Channel 10 is in talks to screen Madonna’s new documentary I’m Gonna Tell You A Secret in Australia later this year.
The film discusses her devotion to Kabbalah and her marriage to film director Guy Ritchie.
“Marriage is challenging but that’s what I want,” Madonna said.
“Marriage isn’t easy, but I don’t want easy.”
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Stuart Price is right !

Ladies and gents, it’s Stuart Price! He’s the technical wizard who’s been producing Madge’s new album, ‘Confessions On A Dancefloor’, and knock us down with a feather if he didn’t call us up for a chat the other day!
Aside from spilling the beans about Madge, he told us all about his favourite tracks on the album, one of which he had nothing to do with and the other of which he had plenty to do with. Over to you, Stuart!
‘The last track, ‘Like It Or Not’, is my favourite of the songs I had nothing to do with. I like it because, as the title suggests, you can’t sit on the fence about it. It’s a pretty honest statement from her and one of the good things about the new record is she’s not complaining about anything. This song is someone baring their soul and saying: ‘You’ve just listened to what I do and this is who I am.’ It’s a good sentiment to end a record on. Musically, the reason I like it is because it sounds like an old folk Pentangle record with that acoustic guitar. It could’ve almost been in ‘A Mighty Wind’!
‘My favourite out of the ones I produced, aside from ‘Hung Up,’ is ‘Forbidden Love’. The whole album was done in my flat and mixed by someone in a commercial studio but ‘Forbidden Love’ wasn’t. It was started in the loft and we finished it and mixed it there. It was really home-baked! That one will always be special for me.’
Aw! Isn’t he sweet!

Madonna Myth 1: She’s a religious nutter!
‘That’s absolutely false. I’d just describe her as an extreme intellectual. The girl has got far too much going on in her head to be passive to religion and spirituality. She’s always looking for answers, she’s a big questioner of life.
I’m not surprised people call her a religious nut, but actually she’d be the first to say that her Kabbalah is not a religion, it’s a study. I’d quash all that religious bollocks in a second ’cause I’ve never got that from her. She’s quite pushy, she’ll say: ‘I think you should read about this because I think it’s good for you.’ But on a personal level that’s her being a friend rather than being a saleswoman.’
Madonna Myth 2: She’s past her sell-by date!
‘Bollocks! Whatever her age, it’s immaterial. When you sit in a room with her working on stuff, she could just be some 18 year old singer. Albeit an 18 year old with a lot of experience! She’s got this inherent understanding of dance music and pop music and she more than belies her age.’
Madonna Myth 3: She can’t actually sing!
‘Also bollocks. The first thing that impressed me about her, when we were in the rehearsal studio before the tour, was how well she could sing. We were doing that song from ‘Ray of Light’, ‘Substitute For Love’, and there’s no studio trickery. I just thought: ‘Bloody hell, she’s brilliant.’
Madonna Myth 4: She doesn’t really produce her own records!
‘All my answers are ‘bollocks!’ I was hoping there was something I could agree with! She’s more like the old school producer. With modern producers, you expect to see them behind computers and keyboards, but the best thing about the way she produces is she never touches anything. She sits there on the couch at the back, pores over everything and tells you where it’s going wrong.
I can stay up till three or four in the morning working on a song, thinking that I’m re-inventing the wheel. By 11am I realise it’s the biggest pile of bollocks I’ve ever made, but she can come in and tell you what the good bit is. I think that makes a good producer.’
Madonna Myth 5: She smells of horses!
‘I don’t think I’ve ever detected the odour of a horse on her. And it’s quite a distinctive smell isn’t it? Not that I’ve hung around that many stables or anything. I’ve never detected that kind of musky odour on her. I’m sure I found a long horsehair in her jacket once, though.’

Well, we’re convinced. Thanks Stuart! What a lovely fella. He knows Madonna, you know!

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Madonna in Liz Smith’s Column

‘Gee, It’s nice to get out of the house!” That’s what Madonna, wife and mother of two kids, said around 3:30 a.m. Saturday night at the Roxy.
A Column’s-eye view of a pop icon’s last dance! To say that Madonna is working hard to make her coming “Confessions on a Dance Floor” CD a hit, would be putting it mildly. She has done everything asked of her by Warner Records, and even more – she has cantered down the streets of the city on a horse with David Letterman (her first equine experience since that terrible fall in England [as pictured Friday on Page Six] ). And Saturday night, she put in a surprise appearance at the Roxy [as pictured yesterday in The Post], the famous downtown disco where it began for M more than 20 years ago. The Roxy will close next year.
The star materialized in front of several thousand screaming weekend partyers. Wearing a blue dress that looked transparent under the strong lights, she carried a 12-inch vinyl record of “Confessions” to hand to the DJ. “I can’t believe I’m back here after all this time, with 12 inches” she said, deadpan. And then she danced and danced and danced. She pulled stunned and thrilled boys up from the floor and writhed like a teenager herself. (When her new songs “Sorry” and “Hung Up” blasted out, the place went crazy!) She lingered for hours after, chatting informally with everybody who approached. The star left at 4 a.m. looking fresh – looking in fact like the night was only beginning.
Everybody, including Madonna herself, said it was just like the good old days. For a few hours it was.
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Madonna gets angry once again

Rocker Jon Bon Jovi has been criticising Madonna for bringing her children up in the public spotlight.
According to Bon Jovi, Lourdes, 9, and Rocco, 5 are taken to film premieres and routinely feature in magazines such as Heat, which he thinks is unacceptable. “I’ve been in this industry for 22 years,” the singer said. “No one has any idea what my four kids look like. I keep my private life private and I always have.”
However, Madonna’s spokeswoman says this is not true, saying that “Madonna has never brought her children to a movie premiere. He can rest assured (Madonna’s) kids are cherished, adored, well fed, respected and are extremely loved and well protected by their parents.”
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No truth to Madonna gig rumour – venue

Rumours of a return to Camden Palace by the Queen of Pop have been quashed by the club’s new owners.
Marylebone resident Madonna made her first ever live UK performance at the legendary venue in Camden High Street in 1983 and was this week said to be planning a repeat performance.
But a spokeswoman for the club, which has been relaunced as Koko, said: “There is nothing confirmed from this end so don’t believe it until there is. Someone in Italy stuck it on a fan website and since then we’ve been inundated with Italians phoning up asking for tickets.
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Madonna DJs at New York club

Madonna has made a surprise guest DJ appearance at a New York club to debut songs from her new album ‘Confessions On A Dancefloor’.
The star appeared at MisShapes party at the club Luke And Leroy in the West Village on Saturday (October 22).
Madonna did a 30-minute DJ set with her Producer/Remixer Stuart Price, aka Jacques Lu Cont. She was also accompanied by Maverick Records chairman Guy Oseary, her publicist Liz Rosenberg and close pal Lenny Kravitz.
Madonna told the packed crowd via microphone, “You all have to relax and have fun and we’re going to play you some really good songs!” which was followed by the small audience’s thunderous applause.
Also with Madonna was one of her remixers, DJ Junior Sanchez, who said, “Madonna DJing MisShapes was inevitable, with such a refreshing, young, cutting edge new album, she had to expose it to the most refreshing young night in New York.”
As Madonna and Price played records and danced in the DJ booth, Sanchez went on to say, “Getting her to connect with today’s and tomorrow’s nightlife is where she needs to be because that is where she has always been.”
The MisShapes, Geordon Nicol, Leigh Lezark and Greg.k, are as well known for their weekly event and as a DJ team as they are for the myriad of celebrity guests that have chosen to DJ the party.
Those who have spun discs there include Kelly Osbourne, Brandon Flowers of The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Jarvis Cocker of Pulp and Dior Homme designer Heidi Slimane.
‘Confessions..’ is out on November 14.
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Madonna, as usual, leader of the pack

First things first. If Madonna released her “American Life” single and video today, instead of two years ago, it would have been huge.
She was so forward-thinking with her anti-war sentiments and her complaints against excess that the American mainstream is only catching up to her now. Of course, now that most of the country is on the same page that she was, Madonna has jumped to a whole new book entirely.
“Hung Up,” the first single from her forthcoming “Confessions on a Dance Floor” (Warner Bros.) album, is pure escapism, a throwback to the late ’70s, a time when Americans turned to disco and debauchery to forget about inflation caused by high gas prices and failed foreign policy.
It’s catchy, riding a sample from ABBA’s “Gimme Gimme Gimme” for nearly the entire song, and it floats by effortlessly, with barely a thought in its airhead, as the chugga-chugga beat pounds on.
The song’s success is essentially a sure thing, but the real question will be how many similar-sounding dance acts will Madonna – and her collaborator, Stuart Price, known for his work as nu-disco king Jacques Le Cont – take with her up the charts.
Juliet is a good bet, since Price produced her debut “Random Order” (Virgin). “Random Order” is packed with intricate, dance tracks like “Avalon” and “Ride the Pain,” which are more memorable for their beats than her vocals. Cut Copy is another good possibility, since the Aussie trio isn’t ashamed to show off its love for the dance stylings of Le Cont and his pals Daft Punk on its debut “Bright Like Neon Love” (Ada).
And maybe with Madonna’s help, nu-disco pioneers Daft Punk and Basement Jaxx will finally get the American audience they deserve.
source : newsday