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Madonna News - November 2005

Madonna to headline MTV Europe awards

Madonna will give the first global live television performance from her new album on Thursday when she appears at the MTV Europe Music Awards, a key showcase for the music industry outside the United States.
The 47-year-old American superstar will sing “Hung Up,” the first single from her disco-inspired “Confessions on a Dancefloor,” which she hopes will reverse a recent slump in form when it hits stores on November 14 after weeks of media buildup.
Sales of her last three albums totaled an estimated 10-11 million copies, a disappointing return for one of the world’s most successful artists with global sales of more than 160 million albums.
Joining Madonna on stage in Lisbon will be British acts Coldplay, whose 2005 album “X&Y” stormed the charts, and Robbie Williams, who has recently released “Intensive Care.”
Rock quartet Foo Fighters, hip hopsters Black Eyed Peas and punk-pop icons Green Day also feature on a night that MTV hopes will combine the strength of traditional live rock performance with cutting-edge technology.
“We have a very strong lineup this year and we’ve been able to bring in a much wider variety of rock acts than we’ve been able to do in the recent past,” Brent Hansen, creative president at MTV Networks International, said on Wednesday.
“The market has been dominated by R & B and hip hop in the last few years.
“For us, this show states each year our belief in live performance and our ability to do something different from other people,” he told Reuters of the annual awards show. “Everybody copies us. We never get to sit back.”
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Madonna regrets selling movie rights to Miramax

Pop star Madonna regrets signing the rights to her 1991 documentary “Truth Or Dare” to Miramax.
According to Internet Movie Database, Madonna had to pay to use footage from the movie and made little money from the project.
She says, “Unless you’re Steven Spielberg, distributors take all your DVD rights. When I sold ‘Truth Or Dare’ to Miramax, I got very little out of it. Just to use a clip of it in my new movie, I had to pay them like $7,000. It was thinking outside the box to have it shown on TV.”
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Confessions On A Dance Floor Music Week Review

Following favourable notices for the single “Hung Up”, Madonna delivers her best album since Ray Of Light. Mostly co-produced and co-written by Stuart Price, it is segued like a DJ mix album, the production is very modern – all squelching synths and gut-wrenching bass – and Madonna’s vocals are on top form. The best cuts are the uptempo Get Together, the sweet Future Lovers and the Eastern-Flavoured Isaac.
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Madonna set for club gig

Queen of pop Madonna is set to thrill fans with a one-off gig at G.A.Y at London’s Astoria on November 19.
With a capacity of only 2,000 it’ll be the most up-close and personal gig Her Madgesty does all year.
She’ll be belting out songs from new album Confessions On A Dancefloor, out on November 14.
We’ve also heard she might bring the giant mirror ball from her stage show for the MTV Europe Awards in Lisbon on Thursday.
No shoving at the back…
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