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Madonna News - November 2005

Message from Madonna

On the eve of Thanksgiving, I have many blessings for which I am thankful. High on the list are you, my fans, whose devotion and passion have not gone unnoticed. Although my career has been filled with many highs, I do not take having a Number One album for granted. Confessions On A Dance Floor was a joy to make but having it debuted at No. 1 all over the world brings that joy to a whole new level. You may be proud of me but trust me, I could not be more proud and grateful to all of you for your continuous loyalty and support. I wish you all a beautiful Thanksgiving and I give thanks to each and every one of you.

Love, Madonna

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“Confessions On A Dance Floor” Tops Charts Internationally

Madonna has set the world dancing with the release of her phenomenal new Warner Bros. Records album, “Confessions On A Dance Floor,” featuring the smash global hit, “Hung Up.”

A bravura return to the iconic superstar’s dance music roots, “Confessions On A Dance Floor” has swept the planet since its release on November 15th, debuting at Number One on Billboard Top 200 charts and repeating the feat in a staggering 24 other countries from Japan, Portugal, Spain and Australia to France, Germany, Sweden, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, the single “Hung Up” is setting charts everywhere ablaze, rocketing to the top spot in eight countries and ruling American dance charts for four weeks in a row. In the process it has joined the ranks of thirty-five number one dance singles from an artist who has single-handedly defined the genre across nearly two decades.

The MTV Networks (including MTV, VH1 and Logo) have been a huge part of the success of Madonna’s new album. The “Hung Up” video, which reached number one on MTV’s TRL for five consecutive days, while remaining in heavy rotation on both MTV (The Big 10) and VH1 (Gung Ho), further enhances Madonna’s reputation as the premier video pioneer of our time.

It’s a reputation spreading into digital realms as well, with three different configurations of “Confessions On A Dance Floor” currently holding three out of four top downloads spots on the iTunes Music store, while “Hung Up” is lodged at number one on iTunes overall singles chart. Altogether, the iTunes Music store sales represents nearly 10% of Madonna’s overall CD sales. As a ringtone “Hung Up” is likewise making history since debuting a full month before its radio release, prompting millions of downloads across the world.

Racking up sales of over 350,000 units in the U.S. alone, “Confessions On A Dance Floor,” joins Madonna’s two previous albums, “Music” and “American Life,” as her third straight number one debut. With a sound that evokes and embellishes all the excitement, energy and innovation that first set Madonna apart as dance music’s all-time most original innovator, “Confessions On A Dance Floor,” co-produced and co-written by Madonna and DJ wizard Stuart Price, is just the latest triumph from this incandescent superstar. Packing stadiums worldwide with her astonishing stage spectacles, Madonna has made music history with international sales of over 200 million albums. Her enormous influence has spanned six chart-topping albums and 46 Top 40 singles.

It’s hardly surprising that fans around the world have taken the album to heart as a declaration of musical independence and identity. “Madonna has transformed herself so many times,” observed Stephanie Rosenbloom in The New York Times, “that nearly every fan has seen a glimmer of herself, or himself, reflected in her at some point…To see even a part of yourself embraced by her, especially a part that you feel is marginalized, can be a heady validation.”

With “Confessions On A Dance Floor” Madonna has offered glorious validation to our immemorial impulse to “dance for inspiration.”

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Hung Up #7 in US

Hung Up is now at #7 on Billboard Hot 100 chart

1 (1) Brown – Chris Run It!
2 (2) Kanye West – Gold Digger
3 (3) Black Eyed Peas – My Humps
4 (4) Young Jeezy – Soul Survivour
5 (5) Nickelback – Photograph
6 (7) D4L – Laffy Taffy
7 (14) Madonna – Hung Up
8 (6) Sean Paul – We Be Burnin’
9 (8) Kelly Clarkson – Because Of You
10 (9) The PussyCat Dolls – StickWitU

This is Madonna’s 36th single in Top 10, only Elvis Prisley has more (38).

Madonna dances to No. 1 in Canada

Madonna notched another No. 1 album in Canada, but unlike her last effort, the sales figures were very impressive.
Her 14th disc “Confessions on a Dance Floor” debuted at the top of the charts on sales of 74,000, easily surpassing the numbers of 2003’s “American Life”, which sold 18,000 copies in its first week.
Madonna’s previous albums, 2000’s “Music” and 1998’s “Ray Of Light,” also debuted at the top of the charts with sales of 50,300 and 59,900 respectively.
“Confessions on a Dance Floor” surpassed Nickelback’s “All the Right Reasons” (60,000) as the second best debut this year. Coldplay’s “X&Y” continues to be the 2005 champion with first-week sales of 105,000.
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Madonna Dances Straight To No. 1

For the sixth time in her career, Madonna finds herself with an album in the No. 1 position on The Billboard 200. Her latest, “Confessions on a Dance Floor” (Warner Bros.), sold nearly 350,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan, to bow on top of the chart.
“Confessions” is Madonna’s third album in a row to top the chart, with “Music” and “American Life” preceding it. The new disc’s first single “Hung Up” works its way into the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week.
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Madonna’s Confessions Floors Carrie And Carey For Billboard #1

It’s not all that surprising that Madonna’s Confessions on a Dance Floor ” the Material Mom’s first collection of fresh music in more than two years ” opens atop the next Billboard albums chart, but it is something of a symbolic conquest. A top player in the game for more than two decades, Madonna has secured a spot among the most resilient pop-culture icons. But icon or not, bubbly “American Idol” victor Carrie Underwood and sultry diva Mariah Carey weren’t about to just step aside and hand Madonna the Billboard championship belt. She was going to have to earn the win.

While Underwood came close, the latest “Idol” winner simply couldn’t take the heat as Madonna scores her third-straight #1 debut (2000’s Music took the top spot with close to 420,000 scans, while 2003’s American Life finished at #1 with 240,000 plus). According to the latest SoundScan figures, Confessions sold close to 350,000 copies during its first week on record-store shelves, besting Underwood’s debut, Some Hearts, by about 35,000 albums. Carey’s The Emancipation of Mimi – Ultra Platinum Edition boosted the disc to #4 with 185,000 copies sold, right behind last week’s #1, Kenny Chesney’s The Road and the Radio, which slips to third with 191,000 plus scans.

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