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Whose Retro Madonna Tribute?

Madonna has worn this lass’ name on a t-shirt in the past, so at a post-Christmas trip to the sales she repayed the tribute.
But just who has put Madge’s name across their ample chest?
Of course, it’s Britney.
We bet you’ve never worn the name of one of your mates across your boobs, but then in showbiz-ville a bit of mutual back-slapping is par for the course.
Madonna wore a rhinestone Britney t-shirt for her 2001 live gigs and then the pair shared that onstage kiss at the 2003 MTV awards.
They teamed up for Britney’s single Me Against The Music and rumour has it Madge has got Britney interested in Kabbalah.
It looks like the self-love is set to continue too as thrifty Britney hit the post-Crimble sales with a stretchy, Madonna sweater over her generous post-baby boobs.
She must have snapped up the pink top at retro store as it comes from Madonna’s 1985 Virgin Tour and Britters would only have been four at the time.
But what did Brit snap up in the Malibu sales? More Madonna memorabilia?

Britney Spears wearing Madonna T-Shirt

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