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Gossip : Madonna Buys Up More London Property

Madonna has splashed out on a new home next door to her existing London mansion.
The pop tart has spent £900,000 on a house in Mayfair for her staff next door to her £7.5million Georgian Terrace.
Madonna has already bought a Mews property next to her mansion for her manager. She also owns homes in Miami, New York, Los Angeles and a country estate in Wiltshire.
According to the Sun a Neighbour of the singer said: “She loves her home in London but has always wanted more space. Properties here often aren’t as big as the enormous places you can get in Los Angeles.
“She had been after the mews house next door for a couple of years. She asked the banking consultant neighbour who owned it if he was prepared to sell and eventually he agreed. Although I’m told she drove a hard bargain, both sides are happy with the deal.
“Madonna likes the added security she will have owning the house next door. She has had big security problems in the past.
“She plans to move in more of her staff next door now and she said she could do with the extra office space.”
I wonder if she has any jobs going???
source : entertainmentwise