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Madonna and Pitt’s Brad hair days

They are both normally pictures of perfection. But Madonna and Brad Pitt have been looking far from their glamorous selves.
At a Paris fashion show yesterday, all eyes were on Madonna’s apparently receding hairline.
An audience member with a closeup view of the 47-year-old singer said: “The most striking thing was how unusually large her forehead was. Everyone was wondering if years of dying her hair meant it was receding.
“She was all in black which emphasised her recent weight loss. Her cheekbones looked razor-sharp while the skin round her neck and chin looked overly-taut and puckered.”
Pitt, meanwhile, has dyed his famous locks dark brown, with a Fifties-style quiff and sideburns.
The 42-year-old actor’s new look is for his role as 19th century outlaw Jesse James in a film, although some felt it owed more to Elvis Presley.
Pitt’s hairstyle was revealed as he dined out in London on Tuesday night – with Madonna. They were with her husband Guy Ritchie and chef Jamie Oliver.

Madonna and Pitt's Brad hair days

source : dailymail