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Pimp Madonna’s Ride

The Queen of Pop, Madonna, gets the ultimate in star treatment as MTV pimps her ride! Led by inimitable DJ Tim Westwood, the MTV crew return for a one off special to honour the show’s number one celebrity fan with the ride of her life, exclusively on MTV, Sunday February 19th at 9.30pm.
Once she’s received the Pimp My Ride UK treatment, Madonna’s brand new ride will be paraded in the video for her latest single ‘Sorry’, which comes fresh from her sensational album ‘Confessions on the Dancefloor.’ She’s been dubbed a human chameleon thanks to her numerous image revamps over the years, but which of her enigmatic styles will be the inspiration for her latest getaway accessory?
Having applied the finishing touches to Madonna’s ride, Westwood and the whole crew will be back on MTV for a new series in April. Viewers have already contacted MTV in their tens of thousands hoping to be have their cars pimped.
Madonna is about to become the envy of the showbiz world thanks to Pimp Madonna’s Ride. You’ve heard the rumours, now watch it happen for real in a totally unforgettable Pimp My Ride UK special – “~Pimp Madonna’s Ride’ – a one off exclusive on Sunday 19th February at 9.30pm.
Tune into ‘Pimp Madonna’s Ride’, Sunday 19th February at 9.30pm
source : mtv