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Madonna tours

Madonna is to tour this summer, according to MTV.
Before you get excited – what, you’re not excited at the prospect of paying upwards of a hundred pounds to see some wrinkly ol’ thing bend her body in a few scary ways while mumbling something about feeling like a virgin? – we don’t know where she’s touring, or when, exactly. But the news is pretty poor today, so…
Madonna told viewers of the Ellen DeGeneres show her plans yesterday, saying: “Um, okay, I can’t hide it anymore. I’m going on tour this summer.”?
Ellen, of course, likes ladies for real; Madonna merely likes to get kissin’ with a pair of pop tarts when it suits.
Yup, that’s it. About your business, people (i.e. it’s almost home time, may as well hit the boozer now).
source : drownedinsound