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New Book about Madonna

“Popjustice Idols” is a brand new range of illustrated pop biographies created by leading pop website and popular artist David Whittle (Channel 4’s Bromwell High). The first four Popjustice Idols books are published by Friday Books, priced GBP 3.99 and will be available soon at Waterstones, Virgin, HMV and all good book outlets.

‘A Girl Called Madonna’ tells the story of frankly the most amazing ‘n’ important female singer in the history of everything. Among the breathtaking revelations: * Madonna likes to sing and dance! * Madonna was very honest about kissing people and made other people realise that kissing people was a good thing! * One day Madonna drank a special potion called ‘bitter’? it turned her into an English lady! ‘A Girl Called Madonna’ is part of a fairly amazing new series of ultra-concise and brilliantly illustrated pop biographies.
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A Girl Called Madonna Book