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Tour Rumours from The Sun

I have managed to obtain the first details of Madonna’s forthcoming world tour.
And if you thought re-Invention was special, this one is shaping up to be even more spectacular.
Her Madjesty is recreating wild scenes from notorious New York nightclub Studio 54 famous for its debauched antics and drug-fuelled dancing in the Seventies.
The Queen of Pop is even learning to krump a cool hip-hop dance based on body-popping and breakdancing.
And I reckon krumping also known as clowning after its inventor, hip-hop dancer Tommy The Clown could be as big as the Vogue craze she started in the Eighties.
The dance featured in Rize, a documentary by film-maker David LaChapelle.
A source said: “Madonna has been practising krumping ever since she filmed the videos to Hung Up and Sorry.
“It started as un underground dance in gangland LA and Madonna now wants to make it her own.
“Madge has ordered a unique spinning platform to be designed so she and her dancers can recreate Studio 54’s extravagant scenes.
“She has also ordered dozens of disco balls to decorate the stage with authentic Seventies lighting.”?
The show will open with a Disco Queen section, featuring girls in sparkling suits, male dancers dressed as pimps and more dancers roller-skating.Another section, American Land, will indulge Madonna’s obsession with horses, with video walls showing footage of her riding scantily clad in the pouring rain.
A third part, Oriental And Eastern, will see Madonna joined on stage by a Kabbalah singer to perform a remix of her brilliant album track Isaac.
One section will have a Parkour specialist the wacky sport on the BBC promotional film with a bloke running across London rooftops. Madge will also showcase some new music, if her label Warner give the go-ahead.
And I have the provisional setlist on above right to prove it.
Producer Stuart Price has been working on Keep The Trance and History, which I hear are both killer tracks, and he has completely reworked Erotica and Who’s That Girl, which are almost unrecognisable.
Madonna has had her wardrobe designed by old allies Jean Paul Gaultier and Dolce & Gabbana, with her jewellery and accessories by Lacroix.
Madge has been locking herself away for 13 hours a day perfecting her routines for her most dance-oriented show ever.
She has also started a strength-building diet and is jogging to get into shape for the gruelling two-hour shows which kick off in LA this May.

Set List :
Hung Up
Where’s The Party?
La Isla Bonita
Love Profusion
Get Together
Nothing Really Matters
Dress You Up
I Love New York
Bedtime Story
Ray Of Light
Keep The Trance (new track)
History (new track)
Like A Virgin

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