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Catholics cross with Madonna

Madonna wasn’t cherished yesterday by Catholics, who blasted the aging Material Girl for dangling on a cross and wearing a crown of thorns during an L.A. concert over the weekend.
“Why would you take the place of Jesus Christ and do something like this?” asked Leana Lorenzana of Jackson Heights, Queens, outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral.
Lorenzana answered her own question, saying the 47-year-old pop star was grasping for publicity when she stunned a Los Angeles crowd by singing “Live To Tell” while suspended on a mirrored cross.
“All Catholics should protest,” said Evelyn Bonilla, 28, of Suffolk County. “She shouldn’t do this in New York. I don’t know how L.A. permitted this.”
Anthony Quinata said there was no message to be learned from Madonna’s actions.
“I think she’s doing it for shock-value purposes,” said Quinata, 29, a Catholic from Irvington, N.J. “If you don’t acknowledge it, it just goes away. I want it to go away.”
source : new york post