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Madonna News - June 2006

Madonna turnes down millions for sex pill ad

Pop superstar Madonna has reportedly turned down $3.6 million to promote a new diet and sex pill.
The Material Girl declined an offer put to her by a UK firm to advertise the Slimnsexy tablet, which it is claimed aids weight loss while increasing libido.
Company boss James Dixon tells British newspaper the Daily Star, “We thought it wasn’t bad for 10 minutes’ work.
“But it was deemed too raunchy for her new lady-of-the-manor image. “It seems basques and crucifixions are OK but talking about her sex life isn’t.”

source : Pr-Inside

I’m Going To Tell You A Secret – Live Daily Review

If you didn’t get what you wanted on Madonna’s Confessions tour–namely, the old hits–you might want to give this CD/DVD set a spin. The Material Girl delivers the goods with “I’m Going to Tell You a Secret,” which documents the pop star’s Reinvention World Tour of 2004. The collection includes such fan favorites and chart toppers as “Vogue,” “Like a Prayer,” “Music” and “Into the Groove.” The disc also includes a version of John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Unlike some CD/DVD sets, which offer more for the ears than for the eyes, “I’m Going to Tell You a Secret” could be well worth watching. The Reinvention tour was one of the most elaborately staged productions of recent years.

source : live daily

I’m Going To Tell You A Secret – EOnline Review

Madonna may be a record-breaking concert draw, but her album sales of late leave something to be desired. So, the marketing department thought, Why not bring her popular Re-Invention World Tour to the retail outlets of the world? This 14-track CD, coupled with a documentary DVD, focuses on her more concert- and club-friendly material, which should be a plus–but unfortunately, its biggest flaw is its dependency on sub-par material such as “American Life” and “Die Another Day.” Even with a couple of decent oldies get thrown in, this is one Secret best kept.

source : EOnline

More on Madonna & H&M

A partnership between Madonna and global fashion retailer H&M may, initially, cause some to scratch their heads. For many, Madonna has more in common with Versace than H&M’s inexpensive yet fashionable clothing.
But at the busy intersection of music and fashion, Swedish brand H&M has signed on to supply Madonna and her entire touring company (band, stage crew, dancers) with offstage wardrobes during the artist’s already-in-progress Confessions Tour. (Madonna’s onstage outfits for the trek are designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier.)
Madonna and some members of her entourage will appear in an H&M ad campaign that launches in August. At the same time, the retailer will begin selling a specially designed track suit that it created for the superstar artist. H&M stores also will sell her latest CD, “Confessions on a Dance Floor.”
In addition to appearing in high-end Versace campaigns, Madonna was featured in a Gap ad campaign three years ago.
H&M, which has more than 1,200 stores in 22 countries, markets its affordable fashions to all consumers, including couture-conscious fashionistas. Two years ago, the brand tapped Karl Lagerfeld to design a one-off collection for its fall line. It did the same last year with Stella McCartney. This year, Dutch design team Viktor & Rolf will do the fall 2006 honors.

source : reuters

Madonna: I’m not too old for H&M

Madonna has hit back at claims she is too old to represent fashion chain store H&M – her spokesperson insists the 47-year-old has more energy than an 18-year-old.
The superstar was recently confirmed as the face of the Swedish company’s Autumn 2006 range.
The decision has been criticised by advertising experts, who claim Madonna is too old to represent the company, whose shoppers are mainly young women.
Ad guru Jerry Della Femina says: “These kids trade in stars every two or three years, and many don’t know Madonna.”
But the singer’s spokeswoman Liz Rodenberg has hit back, telling “I defy any 18-year-old to do a quarter of what Madonna does on stage. I hope Jerry Della Femina takes a nice pill.”

source : IE

Vogue featured on “Devil wears Prada” Soundtrack

Vogue is featured on Devil wears Prada Soundtrack

Vogue featured on Devil wears Prada

Release Date : July 11, 2006
Label : Warner Bros

Tracklisting :
1. Vogue – Madonna
2. Bittersweet Faith – BitterSweet
3. City of Blinding Lights – U2
4. Seven Days in Sunny June – Jamiroquai
5. Crazy – Alanis Morissette
6. Beautiful – Moby
7. How Come – Ray LaMontagne
8. Sleep – Azure Ray
9. Feelin Hypnotized [Black Liquid Remix] [Mix] – DJ Colette
10. Tres Tres Chic – Mocean Worker
11. Here I Am [Kaskade Radio Remix] – Keenan, Tamra, David Morales
12. Suite from the Devil Wears Prada – Theodore Shapiro

Available for preorder at Amazon

source : amazon

Rumour : Madonna And Lindsay Lohan Planning A Duet

Madonna and Lindsay Lohan are planning to record a duet, it has been claimed.
The two stars have reportedly become friends because of their belief in the Kabbalah and are holding secret talks to unite for a song – and possibly a movie.
A source said: “They’re helping each other. Madonna is giving Lindsay advice on her music career and Lindsay wants to work on film with Madonna.”
Madonna and Lohan are also reportedly planning to visit Israel once the singer’s ‘Confessions’ world tour has finished.
Meanwhile, Madonna has been turned into a cartoon character.
Footage of the 47-year-old superstar recorded during her world tour have been made into a digitally animated model and will be used to promote her new single ‘Get Together’.

source : musicrooms

Madonna on Billboard Charts – Update

Hot 200 Albums :
124 (111) Madonna – Confessions On A Dancefloor

Billboard Comprehensive Albums :
130 (114) Madonna – Confessions On A Dancefloor

Hot 100 Singles Sales :
02 (03) Madonna – Get Together
14 (11) Madonna – Sorry
36 (19) Madonna – Hung Up

Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles
06 (18) Madonna – Get Together

Pop 100
84 (88) Madonna – Get Together

Hot Dance Music/Club Play :
01 (03) Madonna – Get Together

Dance Radio Airplay :
01 (08) Madonna – Get Together

Hot Dance Singles Sales :
01 (10) Madonna – Get Together
03 (02) Madonna – Sorry
07 (03) Madonna – Hung Up

European Top 100 Albums :
46 (35) Madonna – Confessions On A Dancefloor

European Hot 100 Singles :
— (46) Madonna – Sorry

Global Dance Tracks :
04 (04) Madonna – Sorry
20 (33) Madonna – Get Together

source : billboard