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Gang counterfeiting tickets to Madonna’s concert arrested

Czech police arrested on Tuesday four members of an organised group who allegedly counterfeited tickets for two concerts of U.S. pop signer Madonna in Prague, Prague police spokeswoman Iva Knolova said.
According to original information, the men have forged more than 300 tickets. Since the suspects are members of the “hard core” of fans of one of the Czech soccer clubs, a riot police unit dealt with them, Knolova said.
During home searches police seized forged tickets, equipment for their production, pistols in illegal possession and the money originated from criminal activity.
“It is about 500,000 crowns,” Knolova said.
The police are questioning the four suspects and they could be charged in the next hours with fraud, illegal arms possession and harming the rights of other people.
According to the police, the group activities were well organised. They produced and sold the tickets for several months.
The police detained the men on August 29 at various places in Prague.
Madonna was originally to give only one concert in Prague on September within her Confessions Tour as her first ever concert in the Czech Republic.
Madonna’s fans bought out the tickets for the first concert in less than two hours. That is why the signer decided at the very last moment to add another performance a day later.
Tickets for Madonna’s second concert, to be held on September 7, were also sold out at Sazka company’s terminals in a record short time of over one hour and half.
source : ceske noviny