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Madonna May Play Tushino in Moscow

The venue for Madonna’s Sept. 11 concert in Moscow has not been finalized, Nikolai Kulikov, City Hall’s chief security liaison, told Interfax on Tuesday.
Concert organizers have announced the show will take place on Vorobyovy Gory, but Kulikov said the city had security concerns about the site.
He added that the city could not meet organizers’ demands to guarantee that students at nearby Moscow State University would not open their windows and enjoy the show for free.
Kulikov said the city had proposed holding the concert in Tushino, an outlying district of northwest Moscow.
Madonna’s local PR manager, Anton Atrashkin, told Interfax on Tuesday that he had heard nothing about a possible change of venue. On Monday, the show’s organizers said they had requested that Madonna give a second show in Moscow.
source : the moscow times