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No 2nd Moscow Concert and more about Madonna’s visit

Despite the information that Madonna wants to meet Russian president in person, the meeting between American pop star and Vladimir Putin will not be held, apparently. Instead the dinner with the president, an extensive cultural program was offered to Madonna. The program includes visiting one of Moscow’s fashionable clubs or restaurants.
According to British newspaper The Sun, Madonna plans to meet with Russian president the next day after her concert in Moscow scheduled for September 11. The newspaper claims that both daughters of Vladimir Putin, Masha and Katya, will attend the dinner together with their father, because they persuaded him to meet their favorite singer. “Such possibility has been considered for quite a long time,”? a source close to Madonna told the newspaper. “She wanted to meet with President Putin, who at first doubted the necessity of this meeting. However, knowing that his daughters are Madonna’s fans, Putin finally agreed.”? “It is unlikely that Madonna will be discussing her disputable body movements on the stage. She will rather talk about peace in the world,”? said Madonna’s friend quoted by The Sun. Perhaps, she wanted to tell Vladimir Putin about the magic qualities of a liquid discovered in one of Russia’s lakes. Madonna, being the follower of Hebrew mystic cult of cabbala, firmly believes this liquid can accumulate people’s positive energy which can neutralize nuclear waste. Madonna even wrote to British government and Britain’s nuclear energy committee about the magic liquid. However, British nuclear scientists were not so enthusiastic about the idea, and said it contradicts the laws of nature.
Meanwhile, President Putin’s administration officials absolutely denied the possibility of Putin’s meeting with Madonna, saying The Sun’s information is only speculations. “Vladimir Putin hasn’t been planning any meetings or contacts with Madonna,”? said Dmitry Peskov, first deputy spokesman of Russian president. Moreover, a Kremlin source said the president will not even attend Madonna’s concert, which means his preferences differ from those of his daughters.
Spokesman of Russian organizers of Madonna’s concert Anton Atrashkin told Kommersant that he knows nothing of such plans of the pop diva, and that all such declarations are simply conjectures. “Madonna never told her tour organizers of her wish to meet with Vladimir Putin,”? said Atrashkin. Yet, he admitted that the singer will have an extensive cultural program. Beside the usual sight-seeing of Moscow’s architectural and historic monuments, Madonna will see Moscow’s night-life. She plans to visit one of fashionable night clubs. “A list of most interesting clubs and restaurants in Moscow was compiled for Madonna. She will make her own choice out of this list,”? said Atrashkin. He did not name those clubs and restaurants, as well as the hotel where the pop star will be staying, due to security reasons. According to The Sun, Russian mafia threatened to kidnap Madonna (Kommersant, August 20).
While Madonna is left to make her choice, Moscow clubs’ promoters are trying to influence it. Opera club promoter Andreas Lobjanidze said his colleagues are even ready to pay for Madonna’s visit to their restaurants and clubs. “Everyone from Dyagilev to Metelitsa compete for Madonna’s visit. I’ve heard the stakes reach half a million. Opera club is ready to pay $300,000, although none of us believes anymore that Madonna will really come.”?
Atrashkin noted that Madonna did not set any unusual or shocking requirements. As to the rumors about Madonna’s second concert in Moscow, Atrashkin firmly denied it as absolutely unreal. “Such possibility was discussed. Yet, Madonna’s representatives confirmed only one concert,”? said Atrashkin.
source : kommersant