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Madonna News - August 2006

Even at 48, Madonna looks like she’s in her 30s!

Anyone searching for the elixir of life should go straight to the queen of pop Madonna, for a new poll has found that nearly 60 percent of people believe she looks much younger than she really is.
According to Contactmusic, 56 percent of the readers of In Touch magazine thought that the singer, who recently celebrated her 48th birthday this month, was only in her early 40s.
37 percent of them also thought that the ‘Hung Up’ singer, who is currently on the German leg of her ‘Confessions’ world tour, was in her late 30s, with only 7 percent of those taking part in the poll voting that the singer looks her age.
source : ani

Demonstrations in Moscow

Police have detained activists of the “Georgiyevtsy!” Orthodox youth organization for distributing pamphlets near the Marshal Zhukov monument in downtown Moscow that call for boycotting Madonna’s September 11 concert in the Russian capital.
Ten people or so, all of them aged 15-16 years, were detained, an Interfax correspondent reports.
The young people, dressed in yellow T-shirts with “Madonna, Go Home!” written on them, told journalists and passers-by that “the concert insults the religious feelings of Orthodox believers.”
The September 11 concert “is blasphemous because it is due to take place on the day when the whole world pays homage to the victims of the terrorist attack in New York,” they said.
The concert comes “as an ideal excuse for certain forces to destabilize the situation in the city on that day,” the organization’s co-chairman Stepan Medvedko said.
The organization’s activists are working in several Moscow districts and hope to distribute up to 10,000 pamphlets, Medvedko said.

Madonna Concert - Protests in MoscowMadonna Concert - Protests in MoscowMadonna Concert - Protests in Moscow

source : Interfax / Reuters

Johan Renck interviewed about ‘Hung up’ Video

Johan Renck was having a crazy enough day as it was, trying to shoot an H&M commercial with Kate Moss just hours after a photograph of the model cutting up lines of cocaine hit the tabloids’ front pages.
Fighting off paparazzi that were climbing a fence for a shot of the scandalized beauty, Renck was at the end of his rope when out of the blue he got a call on his cell from Madonna. The two had collaborated in 1999 on her geisha-inspired clip for “Nothing Really Matters,” and now, six years later, the singer wanted to work with the Swedish director again now. “She was desperate,” Renck said.
Madonna had planned to have photographer/filmmaker David LaChapelle direct her video for “Hung Up,” the first single from Confessions on a Dance Floor, and the pair had worked out a concept that involved incorporating all types of dance techniques from around the world including the krumping style featured in LaChapelle’s documentary “Rize.” But then the two had a falling out and couldn’t come to terms creatively and Madonna was locked into a deadline to “get this thing going, immediately,” Renck recalled. She wanted to know if Renck had heard the song, and since he hadn’t, “she told me to be in the parking lot by the stage in 45 minutes.” Madonna sent a record-label rep over in a truck to play the song for him, then called back to ask again, would he do this?
“I was like, ‘Sure,’ and she said, ‘OK, I have a grain of an idea for this, can I e-mail you the idea?’ ” Renck said. “And then she asked if I could go to Los Angeles to meet with the stylist and choreographer. Mind you, I’m still in the middle of chaos with Miss Moss, so I said, ‘Well, I’m kind of shooting today.’ ‘Good, you can go tomorrow.’ It was all very abrupt.” (Ironically, H&M dropped Moss soon after and later picked up Madonna for an ad campaign).
“I kind of liked that we didn’t have time to over-think this and be too clever,” Renck said. “I like being out on a limb and not know what we’re doing and why. Just deal with it, the mayhem, you know?”
Thrown into the middle of Madonna’s whirlwind, Renck had to hit the ground running, just like many of the dancers cast for the clip. Madonna wanted to use a few performers from her tour, such as Daniel “Cloud” Campos, Miss Prissy from LaChapelle’s “Rize” crew and traceur Sebastien Foucan, a practitioner of parkour, a philosophical French sport that involves moving via uninterrupted motion, whether over, under, through or around objects. “It’s not about the music, but the bodily expression,” Renck said. “We wanted to show the whole spectrum, be it krumping, breakdancing, jazz or disco.”While they couldn’t exactly shoot all over the world, Madonna wanted the video to have an “omnipresent feel,” with the middle section of the song generating a sense of congregation. Renck suggested that they have the boombox be the tool to unite everything, “since that’s the way street dancing started.” So while some setups are meant to take place in London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai and Tokyo, the actual shoots only took place in London and L.A. A London suburb stood in for the Parisian suburb most known for parkour, a restaurant in London’s Chinatown stood in for Shanghai and Compton stood in for the Bronx. “If Mohammed can’t go to the mountain, the mountain has to go to Mohammed,” Renck joked.
All of the dancers’ scenes were shot in early October 2005 in half a day, for a total of six days of shooting, while Madonna’s solo dance number inspired by the John Travolta film trifecta of “Saturday Night Fever,” “Grease” and “Perfect” only took three hours to shoot (Madonna has said the video is “really a tribute to dance and John Travolta”).
Considering that the singer was still recovering from breaking her ribs, collarbone and hand just weeks earlier in a horseback-riding accident, “she was such a trooper,” Renck said. “She just fell off a horse!” When Renck and choreographer Jamie King would say they couldn’t even tell she was injured, Madonna would tease them, ” ‘If you were a real dance choreographer, you could tell I can’t lift my left arm higher than this’ and it was like, what, a 20-centimeter difference?” Renck said. “But when she said it ‘hurts like f—,’ she’d take a break and sit down for two minutes. ‘I have broken ribs, remember that!’ I just can’t imagine dancing like that. Talk about priorities.”
Madonna’s priorities extended to sitting in on the edit so she could help shape the finished product. “She was my edit supervisor,” Renck laughed. “She’d leave me alone for a few days, and then come back and say, ‘Let’s do this and this, get rid of that, do that.’ And then she’d be there all day, more or less. I think she likes the process, how it starts to unravel in front of your eyes.”
Since Madonna had done more videos in her career than Renck, he welcomed her input. “It’s not, ‘My nose doesn’t look good,’ ” he insisted. “She wants her dance to look the way she wants it. She wanted it to be a little more raw, like a documentary feel, which was fine, because it let me portray her realistically, rather than how she’s usually polished and stylized.”
But while Madonna certainly could have made more demands her right, her video, Renck said she was willing to bend a bit. “She says, ‘I’m not a director, that’s why I have a director,’ and she gives you a lot of slack,” he recalled. Not that she lets anything go by uncommented. “She’s a very good client, but she’s tough. I can’t say it’s not tough. But she’s good.” Her toughness paid off to the tune of five MTV Video Music Award nominations, including Video of the Year (see “Shakira, Chili Peppers, Madonna, Panic! Lead List Of Nominees For MTV Video Music Awards”).
Making “Hung Up” was such a “massive undertaking,” Renck said, that he feels like it was a little hard for all involved to come back to reality once it was finished. “It’s like you form this little family that’s flourished and prospered for the month, and then you chop it down like a tree,” he observed. “You come out with a sense of yearning and longing, like, ‘Can we just do that again? Please?’ ”
source : mtv

Famous Prague bridge may close for Madonna

Some Prague officials are “outraged” that the city’s most celebrated bridge is scheduled for a one-day shutdown next month for a private party featuring pop star Madonna, a newspaper said Friday. The American diva is scheduled to belt out a few songs for a fashion-company party on the cobblestone deck of the 14th-century Charles Bridge, a gothic monument in the heart of the city, sources told the Pravo newspaper.
The September 8 gala for French fashion designer Louis Vuitton would close the pedestrians-only bridge after Madonna’s scheduled concerts at a Prague arena on the previous two nights.
The concerts will be the first in the Czech Republic for Madonna, who’s carved an entertainment niche by raising eyebrows and stretching the limits of good taste.
This month in Rome, the singer’s on-stage “crucifixion” stunt drew widespread criticism.
Pravo said some city council members were “outraged that one of the largest Czech monuments will be rented all day long.”
The stone bridge is one of the city’s favourite tourist attractions and frequently crossed by visiting dignitaries.
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Record crowd rides along with Madonna

Madonna makes her first concert in Denmark a memorable one for fans and officials alike in the city of Horsens.
Pop icon Madonna brought her European tour to Denmark Thursday night, wowing 85,000 fans who converged on the town of Horsens in Jutland. It was the country’s largest concert ever.
The Material Girl has been on the pop scene for 23 years, but last night’s concert was her first visit to Denmark and the only Scandinavian stop on her current Confessions tour.
Despite starting the show behind schedule, Madonna took the stage by storm, emerging from a giant disco ball to the sounds of well known tunes, asking the crowd if they were ‘ready to ride with her’.
When the ride finally stopped two hours later, fans said it was worth waiting hours in line to see.
Reviewers, however, were less ebullient in their praise for the 48-year-old, whose 350 million albums sold make her the most successful female singer ever. They had high praise for the shows opening and closing, but said it lost its energy in the middle.
Horsens has made a name for itself by attracting some of rock music’s best known names. Despite the so-so reviews of the music, yesterday’s concert topped them all financially.
‘We’ve got 85,000 guests in our city and we expect businesses to take in an extra DKK 30 million (EUR 4 million) today,’ said Horsens executive director Henning Norbak. ‘Last year we had 23,000 guests for R.E.M, and we took in DKK 5.2 million (EUR 700,000).’
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Authorities refuse to let Madonna perform at Moscow University

Authorities in Moscow have refused to allow the Madonna concert to be held on a hill overlooking the capital in front of Moscow State University, an official said Friday.
The pop diva is expected in Moscow September 11 as part of her controversial ‘Confessions on a Dance Floor’ tour. Moscow authorities said Tuesday the venue for the concert could be changed for security reasons.
“No permission has been given for Madonna’s show on Vorobyovy Gory hill,” Alexei Laushkin of the western Moscow administration said, adding the concert might be held in the north of the city.
Nikolai Kulikov, in charge of security issues in the Moscow government, said Tuesday that security concerns, including a blast at a market place Monday, prompted city authorities to consider an alternate site for the American pop icon’s upcoming concert.
He said the large number of expected fans – up to 250,000 – could mean the concert would have to be moved from Vorobyovy Gory to the more spacious Tushino airfield in northwest Moscow.
However, Kulikov assured ticket holders that the concert would not be canceled under any circumstances, even in light of the bomb attack at a Moscow market that claimed 11 lives.
“Life must go on despite these blasts,” he said, adding that security would be tighter.
source : ria

Madonna may sing three times in Prague

Tabloid Blesk reports that pop star Madonna, who already has two concerts scheduled in Prague on September 6-7, will also sing for guests at the Louis Vuitton celebration in Prague on September 8.
According to the paper, Madonna will sing two or three songs at the event held on the occasion of Vuitton´s birthday on the historic Charles Bridge in the city´s centre.
As a result, she is to stay in Prague until September 9, Blesk writes.
As tickets for her Prague concert sold out immediately, Madonna decided to stage another one the next day. The tickets for the second concert were sold out in a record short time, too.
source : prague monitor

Madonna on Billboard Charts – 09022006

Hot 100 Singles Sales :
13 (13) Madonna – Get Together
38 (40) Madonna – Sorry
43 (44) Madonna – Hung Up

Hot Dance Music/Club Play :
50 (49) Madonna – Get Together

Dance Radio Airplay :
12 (11) Madonna – Get Together

Hot Dance Singles Sales :
05 (03) Madonna – Get Together
08 (06) Madonna – Sorry
10 (07) Madonna – Hung Up

Top Music Video :
29 (22) Madonna – I’m Going To Tell You A Secret

Billboard Comprehensive Music Videos
29 (22) Madonna – I’m Going To Tell You A Secret

Vlad’s Putin up Madge

Madonna has lined up a secret date with Russian leader Vladimir Putin when she plays Moscow.
The singer will have dinner with the president and his daughters, Maria and Katya.
The Queen of Pop hits the Russian capital with her Confessions Tour on September 11. Her meeting with Putin and his girls will be the following day.
A source close to Madonna said: “This has been on the cards for a while. She really wanted to meet him but he wasn’t sure initially. But his daughters are big fans so he eventually agreed.
“No doubt Madonna will want to talk about world peace rather than her raunchy dance moves on stage.”?
Let’s hope Putin don’t preach . . .
source : the sun

Moscow concert of Madonna won’t be cancelled

Organizers of the Madonna Moscow concert are holding consultations about the show terms with the city government.
The show is scheduled for September 11 on Vorobyovy Hills.
“The annulment of this concert is out of the question,”? PR manager of Madonna’s Russian tour Anton Atrashkin told.
Head of the Moscow government’s department for relations with law enforcement agencies Nikolai Kulikov said earlier that the show organizers had been offered to hold the concert in Tushino.
He explained the proposal with a large number of viewers and security reasons. “It will be simpler to ensure security of the concert there,”? Kulikov said.
source : itar tass

Ana Matronic picks on Madonna’s Bikini-Clad Army

Scissor Sisters star Ana Matronic has accused Madonna of starting a sickening trend in stick-thin, model-type pop stars strutting their stuff in bikinis and barely-there outfits. Catty Matronic urges her young pop peers to spend their money on singing lessons and an education and not the latest fashions as they try to copy Material Girl Madonna. She says, “I think Madonna had a lot to do with this. On the one hand, she made it OK for women to be sexual and still be taken seriously. “However, it’s now expected for every woman to be pictured in a bathing suit or her underwear. “I’m so tired of seeing skinny-assed hot whore b**ches in their underwear. Get your f**king clothes on, take some classes, read some books, and learn something.”
source : contact music