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Robbie Williams : ‘Madonna is the girl for me’

British singer Robbie Williams is afraid he will remain single forever, because no girl can ever live up to his ideal woman – Madonna. The Feel singer admits he is jealous of the Material Girl’s film-maker husband Guy Ritchie. He says, “I’ve been in bed with somebody that I’m having a very romantic mini-break with, a couple of weeks relationship with, and then I watch the late shows in America and there will be a girl on there I’d rather be with. “Madonna is the ultimate in our day and age of the grass being greenest. Guy Ritchie is a lucky man. “I do happen to fancy Madonna. She rehearses her a**e off. Goes to the gym every day. She does all that stuff to get it spot-on and then she delivers. I’m in awe of her drive.”
source : contact music