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Interview with Donna DeLory at Confessions Tour Site

Hello lovely Donna and welcome to! How are you lately?

I am doing great. It has been a great tour for me, fulfilling in so many ways.

You’re now on the road with Madonna for 4 months and every night, you’re all smiles and are looking gorgeous. How do you make it happen?

Well thank you for the gorgeous part!!! I take care of myself on the road. I am also so happy to be out here performing. I have been doing this touring stuff for a while so I have really learned to pace myself. The energy is always there on stage because we are getting so much from the audience.

You are now working with Madonna for such a long time. Was it your goal when you first joined her on the Who’s That Girl World Tour, back in 1987?

I was so happy to get the job to sing and dance with Madonna on the 1987 world tour! I didn’t think about how long I would work with her. It is pretty amazing when I think about it now. My dream was to sing and travel around the world, to have a successful career and develop as an artist.

You are now a happy mother, just like Madonna. Did it change anything in your relationship with her? Do the both of you spend time sharing advises on motherhood?

I think that we can relate to each other more now both being mothers. I feel an understanding there always. I have gotten some great advise from her because she had her children before I had my little girl. It helps to work for someone who has that understanding and compassion of the joys and challenges of touring with a family.

20 years ago, your were hired as back-up singer but you quickly started to take part in dance routines. How did it happen? Did you take dance lessons?

Madonna actually had me dance as well as sing at my audition in 1987 in Los Angeles. She knew that she wanted to have the singers dance a bit. I think once she worked with me and really knew I could dance and had studied many different styles, then she used me more in the following shows to sing and dance alongside her.

Being on the road is now something you’re so used to. That said, it must ask a lot of organization in order to get some rest and get to spend some time with your loved ones, right? What does a typical day look like when on tour?

Well I try to always get 8 hours sleep; sometimes it is more like 6 on a travel day. if it is a day off, I wake up at around 9am have my green tea and plan the day. I hang out around my room for another hour, open the windows get fresh air and have a light breakfast, do a little playing my harmonium (which I have with me always) or writing then it is off to the gym or out for a walk. On my days off I like to see the city. I’ll usually end up in the park or museum then finding a healthy place to eat. I also like to seek out a whole foods market to stock up on granola, fruit, water, and lavender aromatherapy spray for my room. On a show day, I always get back in my room an hour before I have to go to the venue to get ready and get my things together. After the show I always leave the venue right away; this is known as a “runner.” I like to get back to put Sofia to bed if she is with me or to just start winding down so I can get to sleep at a reasonable hour.

For this tour, you’ve teamed up with Nicky Richards. Is it your first time working with her? How would you describe her?

This is my first time working with Nicky. She is an angel and the best partner to have on stage. She is so supportive and amazingly talented!!!. We have become true friends and I am so thankful everyday for this. We always say we have each other’s backs. It is a blessing for me to have her on this tour. She just put up her own web site…check it out!

Back in 1990, you were part of Madonna’s Blond Ambition Tour. The whole band seemed to have lots of fun touring together. The dancers are not the same anymore, but would you say that it is still the case? Are you having some time out with them?

We all do have gatherings together on nights off and I can say that I have had special moments with each of the performers. We are all very supportive and loving with one another. That makes being away from home so much easier.

As you know, Madonna fans love you a lot! You are one of her collaborators that they love the most. How do you explain that? What do you think of them?

I think that this is because I love and appreciate the fans so much!!!! I always have since the first time we arrived in Japan in 1987, and I saw hundreds of Japanese school girls and fans lined up to greet us at the airport. This is the biggest joy of touring with Madonna, to get to meet so many beautiful people and be a part of something that makes them so happy. I always try to spend time to talk with fans. I play my own shows on my nights off during the tour so I can get a chance to connect with people in a more intimate way than I do in Madonna’s show.

We’ve heard that you have a new album coming out, which is called Sky Is Open. Would you tell us more about it?

“Sky Is Open” is a collection of very personal songs that I have been working on for a long time. I got to work with Mac Quayle(you may know him from his re mixes with Madonna) as a co-producer and Kevin Killen who has mixed some of my favorite CDs (Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Tori Amos). When I found out I was going to do this tour it really inspired me to have it finished to share with the fans and get out and play this material during the tour. I wanted to make a more mainstream CD with the flavors of world, ambient and devotional
music in it. I am happy to say that It is now available at thank you Madonna for the support!! And thank you to all of you for listening.

During Madonna’s past 3 tours, you’ve played your own shows all over the world. It allowed fans to discover more about you and your music. What is the main difference between performing live with Madonna and on your own?

At my own shows I have more freedom to express myself, my music from my own vision and heart. The places I play solo or with my band are more intimate atmospheres than the arena’s and stadiums with Madonna. Madonna’s show is such a different experience. I am there to support her with her vision. Her shows are a big celebration for me where I get to dance, change costumes and be a part of something so great and provoking that can affect so many people around the world. Both experiences for me are positive and uplifting with the same intention of celebrating life and creating more unity and peace.

Madonna celebrated her birthday on stage this year in London and then
attended a private party in a trendy bar. We were not on the guest list but
you were, right (LOL)? How was it? We want to know!!

It was great that night to come out on stage and surprise her on her birthday. I knew the audience would be so happy to sing happy birthday to her. The party was great afterwards, intimate atmosphere, lots of special people and great little appetizers!!!

Okay, even the best things have to end! So we now have to let you go. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions!

Thank you for all the love and support you give to me. It is a pleasure to answer your questions. To all the fans out there, please know that all of your e-mails and words are always inspiring me and I look forward to meeting you all one day. May all beings be happy and free and may my life be a giving to the happiness and freedom for all!

Om shanti-peace,


Before you leave, would you answer our famous 4 questions?

1) What did you have for breakfast this morning?
Muesli that I bought in Paris

2) What is your zodiac sign

3) Bath or Shower?
Both, but I do love my lavender baths!!!

4) If you could change the world in one way, how would you?
Have everyone on this earth realize that we are one, all beings. I would get rid of hatred and fear and put peace and forgiveness in everyone’s hearts.